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  1. I've Been Thinking

    Joel, a very significant 'sign' pointing to the Resurrection is the season of Spring (Fall). Every spring we see that hundreds of thousands of species of plants that had withered and died in autumn are resurrected from their dead traces left in the ground. This proves to the heart that as easily as Allah creates the Spring, He will create the Hashr (the Resurrection) in the afterlife. "In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Look, then, to the signs of God’s mercy — how He restores life to the earth after its death — verily He it is Who quickens the dead, for He is powerful over all things." (Quran 30:50) For further reading on this topic read the 'Tenth Word' of the book 'The Words' by Said Nursi: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetwordvision(contact admin if its a beneficial link).au/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=45&Itemid=121"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetwordvision(contact admin if its a beneficial link).au/index.php?opt...&Itemid=121[/url] Selam.
  2. Infinite Punishment For Finite Crimes

    Brother, You are quite right when you say that Allah has no need of our belief. Indeed, He has no need of anything whatsoever. But the fact that He has no need of our belief, does not mean He will not punish unbelief, or any other transgression for that matter. For example, He has no need of us to refrain from murder, but will punish the murderer none the less. You are again right when you refer to Allah's infinite Mercy, Compassion and Love. The love you feel for Allah's creation, including the love you feel for your fellow humans, is a manifestation of this, as Allah gave you the ability to love. Allah's love is pure, divine love. The love we are able to feel and display can not approach the magnitude of Allah's love. But Allah is also the Most Just (Adl). His justice is infinite and based on perfect knowledge. Allah will manifest His infinite Justice, at the same time as His other attributes such as Mercy. A being can not be considered a God, if He can not demonstrate perfect Justice. Allah is Justice! And He will manifest His perfect justice whenever required. You might disagree with Allah's justice, but you would be absolutely wrong. Allah is indeed Rahman and Rahim and He has stated that He may choose to forgive all sins, with the exception of Shirk. Unbelief is a type of Shirk. Allah has perfect knowledge, and He knows better than us that unbelief is the greatest of evils. It is perfect justice that the unbeliever should remain in Hell for eternity (for reasons I have outlined to you in earlier posts). But as you say, Allah is also Rahman and Rahim. In His infinite Mercy, He has chosen to allow even the unbelievers to remain in existence in the afterlife. Yes, Allah brought us into existence when we were nothing. If He wanted to, He could annihilate us - remove us from existence. But He has promised that even the worst offender, the worst criminal, will remain in existence in the afterlife. But in keeping with Justice, their abode will be Jahannam. Again in keeping with Justice, Jahannam has infinite levels. The worst offenders will reside in the lower levels, the lesser offenders in the higher levels. So as you can see, Allah's Mercy does extend to even the unbelievers. He does not forsake them, so therefore you should not despair of them. Brother Pashazada, your compassion for your fellow humans is commendable, may Allah reward you. But I can assure you, come judgment day, the unbelievers you despair for will themselves accept Hell. They will see Allah's manifestations without veil and will understand the gravity of their sins. They will accept their punishment. They will feel absolutely worthy of it - such will be their shame at having denied Allah's existence. Since they will accept their punishment thus, and since they will be thankful to at least continue to exist, you too should accept it. And you should praise Allah for the beauty of His Justice and Mercy. Selam aleykum.
  3. Infinite Punishment For Finite Crimes

    My valuable brother, You should be commended for your desire to love Allah, as this is the purpose of all our lives. It seems to me that your difficulty here lies in underestimating the seriousness of 'not believing in Allah'. You say for example that your friend does good, apart from disbelieving in Allah. Brother, know that there can be no greater transgression than this. If a person, for example, commits murder and rape, but then does nice deeds like giving charity, can the person be considered good? Obviously not. Well, denying the existence of Allah is an infinitely greater transgression than a murder. You should not downplay this. I'll quote again from the Risale-i Nur on this matter: A Question How can incarceration in Hell for an infinite duration in return for unbelief for a short duration be justice? T h e A n s w e r : Reckoning a year to be three hundred and sixty-five days, the law of justice requires for a one-minute murder seven million eight hundred and eighty-four thousand minutes imprisonment. So, since one minute’s unbelief is like a thousand murders, according to the law of human justice, someone who lives a life of twenty years in unbelief and dies in that state deserves imprisonment for fifty-seven billion, two hundred and one thousand two hundred million years. It may be understood from this how conformable with Divine justice is the verse, They will dwell therein for ever.(you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetnur(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/en/intro/nurlibrary/m_risale?id=22&page=374#NOTE1"] 1[/url] The reason for the connection between these two numbers, so far from one another, is this: since murder and unbelief are destruction and aggression, they have an effect on others. A murder which takes one minute negates on average at least fifteen years of the victim’s life, so the murderer is imprisoned in their place. While since one minute of unbelief denies a thousand and one Divine Names and denigrates their inscriptions, violates the rights of the universe and denies its perfections, and gives the lie to innumerable evidences of Divine Unity and rejects their testimony, the unbeliever is cast down to the lowest of the low for more than a thousand years, and “dwells†in imprisonment. S a i d N u r s i Brother, the only way you can cure yourself of this vesvese you are experiencing is to read. Read and come to know your Lord. Then you will, inshallah, see His Majesty and understand what it means to deny Him. I wish you every success in your studies. Selam aleykum.
  4. Infinite Punishment For Finite Crimes

    Brother, It is absolute justice that a person should receive an infinite punishment for what you call a 'finite crime'. We should not be looking to the length of time it takes to commit a crime, but instead, to the magnitude of the crime. It takes me only a few seconds to kill a man, yet I am justly imprisoned for 25 years for the crime. It might take me only a moment to assault a man, but again, I could be sentenced to 12 months 'community service' to repay my debt to society. In most countries, if I assault a someone like a police officer, the punishment is even harsher than if I had assaulted a common man. Similarly, a person who commits a sin such as denying Allah, in a finite time commits a crime of infinite magnitude. And moreover, he commits this crime against the One who is Most High. Therefore, he deserves an infinite punishment. From the Tenth Word of the Risale-i Nur by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi: Also let nobody ask: “How can one earn eternal torment in the course of a very brief life?” For unbelief seeks to drag creation, something as valuable and exalted as a letter written by Allah, down to the depths of meaninglessness and purposelessness. It is an insult to all being, since it denies and rejects the manifestations and impresses of Allah's Sacred Names that are visible in all being, and it seeks to negate all the infinite proofs that demonstrate the veracity and truthfulness of Allah Almighty. Hence, unbelief is a crime of infinite proportions, deserving of infinite punishment. See following links for more reading of the Risale-i Nur online: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetnur(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/en/intro/nurlibrary/m_risale?id=20&page=74"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetnur(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/en/intro/nurlibrary/m_r...=20&page=74[/url]
  5. Book's On Muslim Apologetics

    Brother, The Risale-i Nur (available in English online: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetwordvision(contact admin if its a beneficial link).au/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=45&Itemid=121)"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetwordvision(contact admin if its a beneficial link).au/index.php?opt...amp;Itemid=121)[/url] is highly commendable. It is a treatise comprising several books. It is a non-classical Tafsir of the Quran, a book on Marifetullah (Attributes of Allah), a book of Tawhid and a book of belief. The Risale-i Nur speaks to not only the reason, but also the heart. It elucidates the reason for the existence of the universe, as well the purpose and duties of Man. The Risale-i Nur has strengthened my faith and the faith of millions of other readers. It is highly regarded in academic circles (see the following article, as one example: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetwordvision(contact admin if its a beneficial link).au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=89:the-risale-i-nur-a-revolution-of-belief&catid=44:general-articles&Itemid=55"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetwordvision(contact admin if its a beneficial link).au/index.php?opt...s&Itemid=55[/url] Parts of the Risale-i Nur, particularly Isaratul Ijaz (Signs of Miraculousness), on the miraculousness of the Quran, are actually on the syllabus at Al Azhar University. I would recommend you commence reading it from the book known as The Words. The first eleven chapters are quite short and make for a good introduction. I wish you success in your studies brother.
  6. The Five Essential Conditions For Protein Formation

    Yes, the mistake emanated from that article, but is clearly just a typing error. The article even suggests the total number of electrons in the universe 1079. Again, this is clearly meant to mean 10 to the power of 79. Nobody would suggest that the probability of a protein forming is as little as 1 in 10210. A cursory google search clearly indicates otherwise. So I repeat, the original poster meant 10 to the power of 210. If this figure is correct, the poster is right to say that the probability is virtually zero.
  7. How Do You Know Religion Is True?

    Brother, your questions are valid and you have every right to seek answers to them. Never consider that you are a Kafir or Unbeliever just because you have these thoughts. A believer is one who believes in Allah and the Prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him). You have said you accept the Quran, that you find it miraculous. You are believer, no doubt at all. It seems that there are several questions on your mind. These can generally be categorised as relating to Justice. You rightly assume that Allah ought to be Just, which He is. But if He is Just, why do we see things that seem unjust? The key to understanding this is to know that what seems just to us, may in reality be unjust. What seems unjust to us, may in reality be totally just. Allah is Adl, The Most Just, and His justice is perfect. But human justice is imperfect. It is tainted by self interest and imperfect knowledge. For example, a judge in court makes a decision on the basis of the evidence available to him. An alleged thief, for example, is tried on the evidence of a certain witness. That witness is somehow discredited in court, so the judge acquits the accused thief. Has he acted justly? Maybe not. The judge can only decide on the basis of what evidence the police can gather. Allah, on the other hand, sees and knows all things, all at once. When He deals justice, He does so on the basis of perfect knowledge of all the relevant matters. The fact that humans experience pain or suffering in no way means that Allah is unjust. The reasons for human suffering are numerous. Primarily, hardship is a means to knowing and loving our Lord, and a way of building character and maturity. How do we come to love Allah through hardship? When we are sick for example, we wish to be healed. When Allah heals us, we come to know His Name of Shafi (The Healer). If we are aware, as we should be, that Allah is the One who heals us, we then come to love Him. If there was no sickness, we would not understand the value of being well, and would not know Allah's attribute of being The Healer. If there was no cold, we would not understand the value of being warm. And so on. Remember that Allah has honored us humans with a rank above even the angels. The angels do not experience the hardship that humans do. Through enduring hardship, we come to know our Lord more comprehensively, and become strong and mature. It is a rule in nature, isn't it, that all achievement comes through striving, through enduring difficulty? If you wish to score well in an exam, you must endure hard study. If you wish to get fit, you must endure hard training. Similarly, if you wish to develop good character, you need to endure difficulty. Allah tell us in many places in the Quran (such as 29:2-3) that we will all be tested. We are tested with illness, poverty, stress, doubt, temptation. Allah wishes for us to pass these tests. When confronted with the temptation to do something forbidden, Allah wishes for us to resist that temptation. It is through the endurance of this kind of difficulty that we gain character. Difficulty should therefore be embraced, not despised. Brother, I pray that Allah guides and assists you to maintain your faith, and assists you to endure all difficulties. If you would like us to try to answer any other specific questions or doubts you may have, please let us know. Peace.
  8. Do Intelligence/law Enforcement Agencies Read This Forum?

    You have a point Aviv. But I guess we can rest easy, however, as I'm sure the members of these forums would never involve themselves in anything that would draw the ire of those kinds of agencies. The rules of the forum clearly forbid even discussing, let alone advocating, the sorts of matters in question. I think the content of these forums is testament to the fact that the vast majority of the world's Muslim are not the kind the people who those agencies would be worried about. And I'm not just referring to the 'T' word. Us Muslims are preoccupied with the afterlife, more so than this life. To those who want to own and control this world, we say, "You have this world. Our wish is to own the Akhirah." Peace
  9. I Think I May Have Made A Big Mistake

    My friend, before you do anything drastic I was hoping to share some thoughts with you... The situation with being a part of the Islamic faith is quite unique. There aren't really any official entry or exit procedures, a person simply chooses in their heart and mind to either accept Islam, or reject it. A person accepting it simply has to believe in their heart that there is only one true deity, being Allah (or God in English) and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) was Allah's final messenger. We then proclaim this belief verbally through the shahada, which I'm sure you would have done. As for exit, this occurs simply when a person truly believes in their heart that either Allah does not exist, or that Muhammad (pbuh) was not the final prophet. There is no official procedure - it is a procedure of the heart. Having said all that, let me ask you: Do you no longer believe in Allah and the prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh), or is it simply that you are not ready to perform all the practices of Islam? You see, it is belief that makes a person a Muslim, more so than their level of religious adherence. So a person could be a Muslim, without currently performing all their religious obligations. (Of course, they would be well advised to resume these obligatory practices as soon as possible). So brother, ask yourself whether or not you believe in Allah. Remember, Islam loves and accepts the Jewish tradition, and reveres Moses (peace be upon him). We only say that the final prophet is Muhammad (pbuh). Islam perfects and completes the three Abrahamic faiths. This is Allah's will, and Allah knows us and our needs better than us. My wife is a convert to Islam also. I know all too well the cultural and social difficulties a convert is faced with. Often, a convert is disappointed not with Islam, but rather, with the Muslims who mis-represent Islam. When a Muslim does not treat a new Muslim with the love and respect they deserve, that new Muslim has every right to be upset and angry. But this anger should not be projected upon the religion itself. Islam demands that we treat our fellow Muslims, and even non-Muslims, with every respect possible. Brother, if there is anything we can do to assist you, please tell us. There are many members on these forums who I am sure can offer you the support need in your journey on the path of faith. In the meantime, I urge you to maintain your faith, even if you can not maintain the obligatory practices. Peace.
  10. What Is The Reason ?

    This should read: Since the purpose of the activity and beauty in the universe is so that Allah may behold that beauty Himself... Estaghfirullah...
  11. What Is The Reason ?

    I'll have a shot at answering this sister... The unceasing motion in the universe, from the vibration of particles at the sub-atomic level, to the flight of photons, to the orbit of planets and the rotations of stars, to the expansion of the universe... All these point to the infinite, unceasing Power, Activity, Will, Beauty and Perfection of Allah. Since the universe is place of manifestation for His Names, and since His Names are enduring and unceasing, their manifestations in the universe will also be unceasing. Allah's infinite Power requires infinite activity, therefore we see unceasing motion and activity in this universe. Since the purpose of the activity and beauty in the universe is so that Allah may behold Himself, and since He is Enduring and infinite in His Beauty and all of His attributes, He wishes to constantly renew the manifestations of His Beauty in the Universe. A beautiful flower is therefore replaced with a new flower. Stars die, are cleansed from view and are replaced elsewhere by new stars. But since this life, this universe, is a temporary abode, a finite place, Al Baqi - The Enduring One - will necessarily create a new abode, an infinite place, where His Names will continue to be manifested. That place is the Hereafter.
  12. To Infinity And Beyond

    I think you are right. As with most philosophical issues of this nature, the arguments, counter-arguments and responses to the counter-arguments are all freely obtainable in the literature. I feel that there is little to be gained by simply re-stating these well known points. You will necessarily side with the non-theistic view, while I will naturally take the theistic view 'and ne'er the two shall meet'. In case other readers are interested, I will simply re-post the link which supports my position, as well some additional references. 1. William Lane CRAIG's article on his version of the argument, with responses to counter-arguments: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetleaderu(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/truth/3truth11.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetleaderu(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/truth/3truth11.html[/url] 2. Islamic Thought on the Existence of God by Cafer YARAN (on Google Books) - Chapter on Kalam Cosmological Argument: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_books.google(contact admin if its a beneficial link).au/books?id=aEwG7DHrDAIC&pg=PA165&lpg=PA165&dq=kalam+cosmological+argument+ibn&source=bl&ots=NL8V93fpfH&sig=UeciJ9j_j2zDl0X9Ugln-IVxomA&hl=en&ei=lj7rStqbI9aIkQXizoSKDw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CAsQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=&f=true"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_books.google(contact admin if its a beneficial link).au/books?id=aEwG7D...p;q=&f=true[/url] As a postscript, I might just take this opportunity to mention the deficiencies of the Wikipedia entry on this topic, and of Wiki in general. It should never be thought that the Wiki entry on any given topic represents a comprehensive and unbiased view. The Wiki entry on Kalam, for example, states the various objections to Craig's argument, but doesn't deal as comprehensively with Craig's responses to those objections. While some of the entries on Wiki are fantastic, others, by Wiki's own admission, require quite a bit more work before they come up to scratch. The Kalam entry is a case in point.
  13. The Second Word

    Allah razi olsun Multezem abla (May Allah be pleased with you sister Multezem). Thanks for putting this up. This Second Word nicely encapsulates what Bediuzzaman Said Nursi would refer to as Nazar. Nazar can be roughly translated from Turkish as one's View, Perspective or Worldview. Nursi saw the believer's Nazar - the believer's way of viewing the world - as being the key to happiness in both this life and the next. Personally, I have found great strength and inexhaustible optimism in applying a believer's Nazar in my life. Such a Nazar has enabled me to see beauty in all things and to maintain hope in all situations. My ability to see the world through the eyes of the second man in Nursi's comparison has saved me from the grimness of unbelief. For this I can only say, "Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alemeen" (All Praise is due to Allah, Lord of all the worlds).
  14. To Infinity And Beyond

    The comment was made with tongue in cheek, but without malice. I hope no offence was taken.
  15. To Infinity And Beyond

    Sad Clown, I really feel that you should read the article. Craig deals with various objections that have been raised by contemporary philosophers to the argument. I've cut and paste an excerpt below. If you really feel that you have something new to offer to the debate, perhaps you should submit it for publication. At this point, we might find it profitable to consider several objections that might be raised against the argument. First let us consider objections to (2.11). Wallace Matson objects that the premiss must mean that an actually infinite number of things is logically impossible; but it is easy to show that such a collection is logically possible. For example, the series of negative numbers {. . . -3, -2, -1} is an actually infinite collection with no first member.[10] Matson's error here lies in thinking that (2.11) means to assert the logical impossibility of an actually infinite number of things. What the premiss expresses is the real or factual impossibility of an actual infinite. To illustrate the difference between real and logical possibility: there is no logical impossibility in something's coming to exist without a cause, but such a circumstance may well be really or metaphysically impossible. In the same way, (2.11) asserts that the absurdities entailed in the real existence of an actual infinite show that such an existence is metaphysically impossible. Hence, one could grant that in the conceptual realm of mathematics one can, given certain conventions and axioms, speak consistently about infinite sets of numbers, but this in no way implies that an actually infinite number of things is really possible. One might also note that the mathematical school of intuitionism denies that even the number series is actually infinite (they take it to be potentially infinite only), so that appeal to number series as examples of actual infinites is a moot procedure. The late J.L. Mackie also objected to (2.11), claiming that the absurdities are resolved by noting that for infinite groups the axiom "the whole is greater than its part" does not hold, as it does for finite groups.[11] Similarly, Quentin Smith comments that once we understand that an infinite set has a proper subset which has the same number of members as the set itself, the purportedly absurd situations become "perfectly believable."[12] But to my mind, it is precisely this feature of infinite set theory which, when translated into the realm of the real, yields results which are perfectly incredible, for example, Hilbert's Hotel. Moreover, not all the absurdities stem from infinite set theory's denial of Euclid's axiom: the absurdities illustrated by guests checking out of the hotel stem from the self-contradictory results when the inverse operations of subtraction or division are performed using transfinite numbers. Here the case against an actually infinite collection of things becomes decisive.