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  1. Arabic Language Course

    Aw, thank you so much for posting that Dot! Your such a great help!
  2. Arabic Language Course

    Asalamu Alaikum, These seem great, but maybe you need a pretty extensive background in Arabic already? He writes things on the board, and there is writing in the books; but no guide as to how to actually read Arabic...how do you determine how to say a word by looking at it in Arabic? I guess that's the problem I am having. It seems like you already have to know these things. He writes the word, says the meaning etc...but how can I learn to read Arabic without someone telling me how to pronounce the word and it's meaning first. Maybe these are not for people just starting?
  3. Having Major Surgury, A Few Questions

    Thank you Dot, that information will really help! The stone will be a great way for the first few days. I apologize that most of my responses are so short, it's just hard to concentrate today, I am extremely nervous with surgery and just getting the call this morning has me in a bit of a chaos state. Best wishes, and thank you again for your advice and knd words, Alice
  4. Having Major Surgury, A Few Questions

    ahh! Thank you sister :sl: sorry, I am just cluttered in my head today :sl: I apologize!
  5. Having Major Surgury, A Few Questions

    Thank you thank you thank you Brother! This is really helpful information! I can do at least a few of those options and hopefully I can progress as I heal. I will be sure to let the doctors know a head of time of the nurse request, I just hope they are respectful. Do you think I need to wear my headscarf while in bed? I would like to, but I am not sure if the doctors will let me. Be well, Alice
  6. Assalamu Alilkum, I have found out I am going to need an emergency surgery on November 10th (very soon) and it is going to be pretty major. I am extremely nervous as I have get very squeamish in hospitals and I'll have to spend 14 days in the hospital before I can be released to go home. I was wondering what I am supposed to do? I will be unable to bend etc to pray, and may not even be able to get out of bed for the first three days. Can I pray without doing movements in the bed and will it still count? Also, I will be prescribed a lot of pain medication, and will also be required to have an IV for three days of pain medication; is this okay? It is an intoxicant, but I don't feel there is anyway I would be able to recover from this surgery without pain medication..I hear this is going to be a very very painful recovery *nervously bites fingernails*. I am younger than almost everyone who has this surgery :sl:, but I have been told that because of this I should recover without issue, so at least that is good news. (I'm sorry but the nature of the surgery is pretty embarrassing and I am still having a lot of problems accepting that I need to have this done, so I most likely will not share what it is for in the general forum. Am I allowed to use the private forums of the Sisters thread to ask a question? Not sure of the rules regarding that...). What should I do? I am new to Islam and I would really like to start on the right foot, but it seems like this surgery may put a little bump in the road of me fully practicing :sl:. If I had an option I would not get the surgery, but sadly I have no choice. Also, the doctor is male performing the surgery..is this a concern? Should I feel awkward asking only female nurses to come into my room? I wouldn't ask this question normally, but due to the nature of this surgery I feel it's pretty important to ask. In medical issues does the male and female separation still apply? I'm sorry I have to ask a question like this so soon, but I was not expecting this surgery to have to happen for a few more years; it's not in my control though :no:. Best Wishes, Alice
  7. Reverted Last Night

    As Salaamu Alaikum Brothers and sisters, Thank you all so much for all the help you have offered and your encouragement. Brother Rahimi, yes there were tears :sl: I have only seen my husband cry on a very few occasions, so it was nice to see how much this means to him. We are both working on memorizing our prayers, we have been randomly "testing" each other though the day so hopefully we will have them really soon. This site has a lot of amazing information so we have been trying our best to work though all of it, and better understand Islam. I will be sure to ask any questions I may have, it is nice to know everyone is so willing to help us understand :sl:. I hope you are all doing well, and we will continue to remember you all in our prayers.
  8. Telling My Family Of My Conversion

    Thank you Sister for you encouragement, I am glad to know your family is accepting of your choice; it inspires me to keep an open mind to my family and try not to prejudge their reactions. We reverted last night, as well; I have never felt more at ease or peace with myself it's a wonderful feeling :sl:. Again, thank you for your inspiration; it will encourage me when we visit them for thanksgiving.
  9. Reverted Last Night

    Thank you both for the encouragement, today I've been pretty busy studying :sl: so hopefully soon I'll know at least the basic knowledge I need to practice properly. I've heard from my husband, but it seems he landed too late to sign today so sleeping nervously till tomorrow. At least he landed safely. I will remember you all in my prayers, and this forum in general. I'll be sure to let my husband know as well :no: I am more than happy, it's the least I can do for all I have learned from this site and all the help you all have given me. I do have a question, I sure hope it's not silly to ask; would you mind explaining the greetings and other phrases commonly used for me? I am just starting the Arabic course linked on this site; but I'm not very far yet :sl:. Thank you all so much again, you have all made me feel very welcome.
  10. Making Up For Prayers Missed Before Conversion

    I understand what you are meaning Rahimi regarding over doing everything. I am trying my best to memorize my prayers today, but have been distracted with my husband and Ohio; hopefully I will have my prayers by memory soon. I will ask him to take a look at the site and nudge him to post his story, but it most likely will be in a few days when he gets home :sl:. I am surprised to hear that families converting together is so rare; it just made the experiences even more meaningful to me. Thank you all for your kind words, advice, and encouragement. (I am still not sure on greetings, so I apologize if I am making mistakes. Still learning :sl:)
  11. Assalam alaikum, My husband and I reverted last night when he came home from his shift. I am so happy this morning, and I feel better than I can ever remember feeling. I lived a very bad life in my past (as well as my husband...I'm just so glad we found each other...I feel I would have been lost without his guidance..he lived through a lot of what I went though in our early relationship.), and I am very happy to put it behind me. I really don't wish to go into much detail, as it is embarrassing; but drug use, married young to someone slightly (three years...not that bad?) older against my parents advice(the only thing I feel I have done right until last night), and drank to the point of addiction. I have made many mistakes and feel truly blessed to have this opportunity to begin again; Islam offers me not only spiritual fulfillment and happiness, it also gives me a clear discipline to follow and embrace. Something that I have been missing my entire life. I feel as if I was intended to live through those times so as to appreciate Islam more deeply once finally shown the way. This has been a decision my Husband and I have been considering for a long time, but were unable to quit our drinking; we did not wish to start our journey unable to uphold even the simplest requests. We are both sober four months now, and we both finally felt able to live the correct way; we feel so blessed to have been brought to Islam as we feel we may have been totally lost if we continued down the path we were headed. My husband has been offered a job in Psychology, his degree, in Ohio and can finally leave his job as a police officer; this makes me extremely happy because now I don't have to worry about him all day at work. We will be moving back to my home state of Ohio where he will be working as an assistant to a doctor! He's even been offered the option of finishing his masters and doctorate, and his new job will allow me to not work and attend college; something I have always hoped to do but never have been able to afford. Ever since even considering reverting our lives had become truly blessed. I will start my studies this January, and I am extremely excited! I will be majoring in both Islamic Studies and Arabic with a minor is Theological Philosophy; I know it's pointless since when we have kids we've decided that, if we can afford to, I can stay home with them (something I have always hoped to do, I just don't think I would feel comfortable leaving my children with a sitter or daycare when I can be home with them) , but I am just excited to learn as much as I can about this great religion; and I hope those degrees will help make me a parent better prepared to educate my children in the ways of Islam. (I'm only 21, so it's a few years off..but I can't wait to be a mom!). Anyway, that's my story; nothing to interesting, ha. Again, it is nice to see life finally becoming filled with hope! He's going to fly to Ohio today to finalize the purchase of our new home, so I"m very excited today :sl: I never thought we'd have a home! I'm just a little jittery until I hear he's landed safely (I'm absolutely terrified of flying...) so sorry if I've rambled on to long in this post. Just felt like sharing my story... Best wishes, Alice
  12. New To Islam, Seriously Considering Converting

    Thank you very much Dot. We did revert last night, and I am very happy indeed; sadly we fell asleep before I had a chance to post on here as he gets off patrol very late sometimes if it is a busy night; San Diego has a lot of crime so they keep him rather busy. I appreciate your advice, and am very glad that I can make due with what I have! I will be sure to post in other forums from now on now that I have an understanding of the organization of this site, and thank you Brother Dot and Sister Elachi for your help and guidance with my questions. I can not wait to learn more!
  13. Telling My Family Of My Conversion

    Thank you both for your kind replies. Dot you have been more than helpful, and I really appreciate all you have to say and have contributed to this forums. Redeem, thank you for your encouragement; I truly hope to use this as an opportunity to help others understand this great religion, and of course the hope of them choosing to revert will always be in my heart. I am excited about attending university after embracing Islam. I tried to study before, but I was distracted by exactly what I should have avoided. I feel Islam will not only make me a better person and wife, but a better student as well. I will post as soon as we revert, my husband should be home in a few hours and we will be reverting together as a family. I can not wait. Best wishes, Alice
  14. New To Islam, Seriously Considering Converting

    Thank you very much for all of your information Dot, I really appreciate your taking the time to respond to my posts. Elachi, thank you very much for your kind words of support and encouragement. I will be saying the Shahada tonight when my husband gets home from work! We would like to make our declaration together as a family. I am extremely excited, which to me is an amazing feeling as I have not been excited about much these last few months. I am very appreciative of all the tutorials on this forums, they have been extremely helpful and informative. The prayer tutorial was especially helpful as I was confused by only reading the instructions, the video was a great resource. I would love to have my tattoos removed, but I'm afraid currently money is the obstacle since we are moving across the country; it is in my future plans, but until then I feel the gloves are an amazing idea. Thank you so much Dot for the recommendation. My heart is truly touched by the friendliness I have found from the Muslim community; and I am very excited to become a part of such a wonderful culture and family. Everyone, in person and on this forums, has been nothing but helpful and loving; everyone seems excited to help me better understand Islam. The love is very inspiring. I hate to have to ask another question, as I understand this thread is for introductions and not discussions; but are there any posts describing the customs and procedures for women? I understand the covering, and am actually excited by the idea; it will be nice not to be stared at or treated in an undesirable manner, but I would really like to not offend anyone by making a mistake regarding how I should behave. Any help or links would be very much accepted. I was also wondering, because of our moving my sewing machine is packed away and our money is very tied up at the moment what I should do about wardrobe. When we move to Ohio my husband says we should have enough money to help me purchase an acceptable wardrobe, but until then is it unforgivable to not be covered? I can dress modestly, I'm sure I can find something that will work, but I guess I was wondering if there is something I can do to counter the problems going uncovered for a few weeks may cause. One last question I again apologize for asking so many, I can repost somewhere else if you would prefer, would it be acceptable to donate my "old" clothing that I will no longer wear even though the items go against what I believe to be acceptable clothing? Would that not be encouraging others to dress inappropriately even though it benefits them to at least have clothing? Would I be better to try and use the fabric to make new items? Thank you again for all your help and thoughts, I will post once I have reverted. I can't believe it's so close..I am very emotional over this, I sure hope that's not weird. I have never felt this conviction and warmth from a religion...that is how I know in my heart I have found the one true religion. Best wishes, Alice
  15. My husband and I have decided to revert to Islam, but I am worried about the reaction of my family. They are all very devout Greek Orthodox and I am afraid of the reaction I may receive. They also, sadly, have a very "Americanized" view of Islam, to the extent of extreme prejudice and hate, and so I am worried about how they will treat me once I tell them. I will not let their views keep me from my faith, but all the same I would like to not loose my family. I wish to start dressing properly as well, and I am worried about the reception I will receive from my family and students when I enter university next January. I will be dual Majoring in Islamic Studies and Arabic, so I am not worried about my classmates; it is the rest of the student population that scares me. I will be attending Ohio University in Southern Ohio, although it is in Columbus which tends to be a very liberal city, I am still worried. I am only 21 years old and others in my age range tend to be rather cruel to anyone deemed "different" than them, I am worried about this as I have a low self esteem to begin with and am worried that it will only be made worse if I become the target of their ignorance. Does anyone have advice on how to handle this situation? I pray that I can be given the strength I need to make my conversion, but I am worried I may be diverted because of these worries. My family has yet to find a local support group since we are still living in California and just starting our relocation, so I am very grateful for this forums as there are a great number of inspiring stories and resources. I hope this is okay to post a question like this, I am still new to this forum so I apologize if I have posted something not allowed. Best wishes, Alice