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  1. Mawla Ya Salli Wa Sallim

    Assalamu allaikum I luv this song
  2. How To Make Harira?

    If you don't want th soup to get lumpy, you should take a bowl - putt in the flower - some water on top and mix with a fork. Keep adding water an mixing till it is smooth. After that, take a large spoon and stir the soup while you pour the batter mixture in it. Make sure that you keep stirring for a minute.
  3. Dutch Soup

    Does anyone know how to prepare delicious Dutch tomato/vegetable soup?
  4. Assalamu allaikum, Ik hoor ook bij de Nederlandse groep.
  5. Business Opportunies Sell Abayas

    Please people don't be fooled. I checked his/her IP and he/she doesn't come out living in the UAE. Address is in California (US), besides shipping 10 Abbayas really doesn't cost 100 euro
  6. New Members: Read This!

    Assalamu allaikum, I find it annoying because you can't respond to someone in private, but I think it is the best way to keep away people who don't belong here. Jazak Allah, Sister Samy
  7. Friendship

    Assalamu allaikum wa Rahmatoellahi wa Barakatoe, My name is Samera (29 y) and I live in Manchester (UK). Further I am married and have two children. I seek contact with muslim sisters in and outside my area who tries to live upon the Sunnah for friendship insha-Allah via msn etc. Jazak Allahoe Gairan.