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  1. I'll Do It!

    Thank you everyone this is great.
  2. I'll Do It!

    I've done it. Thanks guys for supporting me. I'm ready now to start my new life with Allah YAY!!!
  3. I've just decided! I am going to accept the word of Allah and become a faithful Muslim. I've decided because i've been teetering on the edge of conversion for quite some time that just a few seconds ago when I was reading the stories of other converts that I said "Screw it! i've been sidestepping this for far too long just jump in!" And so thats what i'm going to do. When i'm back i'll be one of Allah's people. Wish me luck.
  4. Some Questions For Non-theists

    I don't refute Islam in fact I am considering to convert myself but before I got interested in Islam I was an atheist (suppose I still am) but anyway I used to be catholic but I could never see the point to Catholicism. The bible is so full of holes and contradictions and other crap. There was other things like how there was no actual evidence beyond the bible. Also there was just something about it that I could never believe I suppose I was more of a scientific person than a religious person. So that's how I became an atheist.
  5. Hi

  6. What Does Islam Say About 2012?

    Actually that's a common Mistake that people make. You see the Mayan calender does not stop at 2012 it only seems like that because there were two cycles in the Mayan calender one which lasts a good couple of thousand of years and another that lasts another couple of thousand years. So at 2012 one cycle will stop and another cycle will begin it just seems like the calender stops at 2012 because people didn't know about the second cycle until recently.
  7. Hi

    Hi everyone. Well my name is Antonis. I'm from Ireland and I'm currently an atheist but I have a deep interest in Islam and i'm thinking of converting to it. Well that's all for now. Bye!