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  1. You should read [Atheist Books Removed] Its quite strange that when i recommend these books to any person with theistic beliefs they usually refuse without reason... Also i came along this website the other day, turns out that, Ancient Greece knew of many of the AMAZING scientific facts within the Quran a couple of hundred years before Muhammed was even born.... especially what the Quran says about Embryology. {Moderator note} This post has violated forum rule #3. Action taken. For more details, please read our (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?act=boardrules"]Forum Rules[/url].
  2. Muslim Man Has 84 Children

    I think it is extremely irresponsible to be honest
  3. Being an Atheist does not necessarily mean you believe in evolution, it is the rejection of theism. It is the absence of belief in the existence of deities. Us Atheists can believe whatever we want, we just share one thing in common which is that we do not believe in a god. This doesn't mean that we claim God does not exist, it simply means we believe there is not enough evidence. You cant use the fact everything exists as evidence for god, Man created god in the image we aspire to be. If your God is Omniscient then he must be quiet careless knowing how much bloodshed religion would cause in the long run. Maybe it would have been better if he had just not revealed himself to anyone...
  4. No, this is something that you don't understand. I do not believe that there isn't a god, there is not enough evidence for me to believe in a god. How many people in history have believed in their different gods with exactly the same attitude as you. Can you disprove Ra, Hades, Helios or Zeus? the list is endless of previous gods, who are you to say your god exists and these other ones do not? Google Flying Spaghetti Monster and DISPROVE it. It is not for me to disprove something you claim exists, if i were to tell you there is a Tea Pot orbiting around mars it would be my job to prove it to you, Oh also, this Tea Pot is invisible. But it definitely is there...
  5. Born Transexual, Intersex, Etc. Etc.

    I am saying, although it is not the way nature intended, it can happen to anyone/anything. It is not necessarily to do with how they are brought up.
  6. Indeed. Unfortunately my 8 year old cousin got my 5 year old cousin to have "sex" with a 5 yr old girl.... My 8 Year old cousin knew the basic idea of what they were doing but not the magnitude of the act, As for the two 5 year olds, they just thought it was funny apparently... All i can say is, WOW they got in alot of ####. Learnt their lesson!!!!!
  7. Born Transexual, Intersex, Etc. Etc.

    Well, there have been cases of many animals displaying homosexual behavior, I highly doubt the upbringing of these animals caused them to start becoming homosexuals...
  8. Oops double post! That is such a silly question..... how can you prove that which does not exist? Apparently, God is a supernatural force... its like me telling you to show me scientific evidence prove the existance of ghosts... You claiming there is a God is like me claiming that tooth fairies exist. I Believe god exists in the sense that he is real for those who believe in him, likewise, if i believed in tooth fairies they would be real to me, but not to you.
  9. Ok... I believe in evolution because there is Evidence for it, it is Scientific Theory. Scientific theory cannot be a scientific theory if it has any contradictions, I believe the universe started because their is evidence to say that the universe it constantly expanding, therefore it must have a start.... What if there wasnt a start? I can accept that as a possibility... what if the universe has been here for an eternity? You say God has but why can you apply that arguement to the universe? Do not assume that all Atheists believe the same thing, Atheism is the absence of belief in the existence of deities, that is all we have in common. It is scientific theory that everything must have a start, there is no contradicting evidence, therefore i believe that the universe must have a started as somepoint in history.I do not claim to 'know' that this is the truth, evidence is in its favour so i think it is the most justifiable answer.
  10. Born Transexual, Intersex, Etc. Etc.

    What does Islam say about Hermephrodites?
  11. Hamza... It is a simple answer, i do not know and I do not claim to know. That is the difference between me and you. I just read 'The God Delusion'. I highly recommend it... Also, i dont have any issues with my faith as i am an Atheist, i do not have faith. faith [feɪθ] n 1. strong or unshakeable belief in something, esp without proof or evidence. The Evidence that is the basis of scientific theories removes my need for faith.
  12. Took the words out of my mouth....
  13. So why is everyone so willing to just accept god has been there forever? Everyones arguement is that for us to exist we must have had a creator... But.... For god to exist.... Nope. Hes been there forever.... so where did he start? flawed theory.
  14. As i cannot post Links.... Google: how does my digestive system work? Again... Where did god come from? who created him?
  15. Well, from all this... I am deffinately an Atheist. I wish there were a god, but there isn't enough evidence to prove it. Initially i did think i was missing something.... but i realised i only wanted to convert for my girlfriend who i truely love and care about but because i do not want to lie to her, i have confessed that i will never believe and as i do not want to make her try and change her beliefs we have now ended our relationship. Some people need faith to help them through their troubles but i did it on my own. It boils down to the Question, Where did god come from? If everyone stopped believing.... he would cease to exist. Thus, i think Religeon and God are man made... Sorry.