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  1. I'm not so sure it was 'telling" him to get out, so much as "encouraging" or "suggesting" him to go to Afghanistan and live in the conditions mentioned above. But interpret it as you will I guess.
  2. The Quran Is Not The Word Of Man

    Meh, just seemed like you had taken a keen interest in me. Whatever. On a more positive note, constantly replying to you did make me break my previous record of how many posts I've ever had! Great!
  3. The whole quote in context says that I can't tell what these people are thinking, so I judge them on how they come across. Clarification is key, but sometimes I admit I am hesitant to ask.
  4. The Quran Is Not The Word Of Man

    Good. Although I think all the discussions so far has been positive, I don't really care what your view of how my discussions have gone so far are. I do note that you seem to have taken an acute interest in me, so maybe you should be a mentor of sorts and set the example for how I should act around here. First, a suggestion: Stop being so judgmental of the virtual poster whom you do not know. Of course you'll try to counter and say blah blah blah I am, but I have a tangible example here of you being Mr. Know-it-all with me and trying to force your views and opinions on me which hasn't worked.
  5. The Quran Is Not The Word Of Man

    You still can't be completely assured that when it was being handed down it wasn't tampered with by some troublemakers. Or maybe the pagans they were fighting got their hands on it. You can never be sure with these type of things, it could be modified and it could be not.
  6. 1) I know that, but how does that apply to what I said. 2) But you implied, or said, sure, that I should keep it to myself when it comes to who should decide what for him and all that jazz. Sure, it's an internet forum, but the assumptions of hypocrisy were based on what he wrote and how the west was scrutinized while the Taliban were heroized. Why should I keep it to myself either? I'm free to add my 2 cents, my constitution allows me to do so and this forum even says I can do so.
  7. No nobody here, that was on Youtube and was a profile I happened to stumble across. The mindset and motives may differ. I understand your point about the radicals and moderates, but you can't really tell what these so called moderates are actually thinking miles away behind a computer screen. I'm judging them based on their profiles and how they come across.
  8. The Quran Is Not The Word Of Man

    I'm more of a to the point type of person. I just like to get right down to it. I understand what you mean, but usually when I post on forums, I've always posted a few posts (or maybe 20 max) and then left. I'm not the extra slow, let's get 10,000 posts type of poster, but I get what you mean and you may have a point when it comes to this website. I've read the Quran, and talked with Muslims before. But that's all. I'm not that skilled in internet discussions and all that, although I have debated many religionists before in person.
  9. Well if he didn't say that in the first place I wouldn't have had to interject. Why doesn't he just keep things like that to himself then?
  10. The Quran Is Not The Word Of Man

    Yeah, but you said "make friends" and "influence people". I said, "learn" and be "used for debate". I don't know everything, but I do know that I didn't come here to make buddies with anyone or win over hearts and minds.
  11. I know. My beef isn't with Islam; let's make that clear. It's with the Muslims who constantly toy around with it based on their own interpretation and make others suffer violently because of it. Islam is peaceful, Muslims are not always. The "brick wall" bit was in reference to the Quran NOT being the word of Man, in another thread. So that has nothing to do with this here. I realize there are other radicals as well, and I have tried seeing it from their side, but when they say things like "Abu Hamza is right, we must behead all infidels, INSHALLAH!!!!", then I start to get second thoughts. I'm sorry, I'm human.
  12. I'm just suggesting that he goes where his heart desires, so to speak. They speak of us non believers being hypocrites yet they are the biggest munafiq on this planet. I have no problem with people constructively speaking their minds and debating to make a certain nation a better place for all.
  13. The Quran Is Not The Word Of Man

    What scientific and emprical evidence is there? I have seen absolutely no valid content, that's for sure. What is it saying? Isn't it saying that the Quran is the one true book from God? Hmmm? No proof has been given to me so far. None. It could be tampered with. Islam comes prepackaged in all sorts of flavours. You cannot say for sure it has not been modified, and many muslims in Dawah say that to loop in uneducated, ignorant and gullible kaffir into converting to your religion. I exist because I am typing to you right now and replying to your posts. I exist because I am consciously aware of myself right now as I am typing this. Prove your God exists and your religion is the right one. Go.
  14. The Quran Is Not The Word Of Man

    I came here to post, not to make friends or influence people. If they wish to dismiss what I say and persist to bask in their delusional fanatasies that Islam is a man made fallacy just like any other religion and they refuse to accept that we are all food for the worms after we die, that's their fault. My post stands as a solid, unmovable brick wall until someone can provide some scientific or empirical evidence to knock down that wall. Until then, all I'll see is "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah........". . .
  15. Of course, I'm going to notice the fanatic wannabe jihadists instead of the moderate ones. I know I know. But it doesn't renege the fact that they are still there. The other Muslims posters who previously posted here also do a disservice for the reputation and image of all Muslims and Islam. They are just feeding this media machine with more negative stuff to spew out, and then they have the nerve to say that they are unfairly targeted by the western media. Look in the mirror!