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  1. I Have An Exam Tomorrow

    Sorry the link doesnt work. However, if you just go to google and search dua for studying, it will come up. It should be the first result that appears. Insha'Allah your exam was fine. Search that on Google and save it for the future.
  2. I Have An Exam Tomorrow

    I sent a private msg to you that has duas in it.
  3. I Have An Exam Tomorrow

    Read these duas. you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetduas(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/student.htm
  4. 50 Signs Of The Day Of Judgment

    Considering half of those have alread taken place, it makes me wonder when the next 25-26 will occur? Makes me wonder suppose 5 of those happen in one year span, or if it will take longer...something along those lines. Insha'Allah may we all be safe and working hard to strengten our position in this life and for the hereafter.
  5. I Lost My Way From Allah And Islam

    THe links I posted are not showing up, but some other forums which are good are: gawaher 7cgen islamic-life dot com ummah dot com understanding Islam Try to search those forums when you get a chance.
  6. I Lost My Way From Allah And Islam

    Assalaamu Alaikum I hope all is well with you. As I said previously, I have been down that road although our experiences may differ. I went through the phase you did in my 4-5 years of college. At this stage it was a lot of pressure being exposed to all kinds of people and many different scenes. I was at a cross of being religious and saintly to liberal and devilish. I started going to a lot of parties and hanging with girls. Not to mention I even hooked up with girl. At times I would pray, but it was robotic; simply getting up there to get it out of the way but my heart was not in it. There were also times I just would not pray and simply convince myself to do these Ka’zaa prayers; I would write down these prayers I missed and make them up some other day I was making up rules or bending them along the way. Just like you I started to question if Islam was the real way of life, is it meaningful? All these situations I was exposed to made me realize things and started to grow up. Before college, I was definitely saintly and religious…but then I realized I was like this only because it was what my parents wanted me to do, but I did not realize the meaning of Islam. I realize that parents are just parents and it is only their job to tell you, but they really cannot control how you live your life. They probably realize that themselves. What I am trying to say is when I got to college, I was exposed and did not know how to act and be Muslim under pressure. Sometimes I feel like Allah puts certain people in these situations to realize things. Perhaps Allah put you and I on this boat to fall back on Islam, and take advantage of it. I think these mishaps we have had, we use that as an opportunity to become better as a person and learn through our mistakes. When I got away college…I got away from certain people, scenes, and simply the books. Once I got away from all these things, I spent a lot time to myself reflecting and see where things went wrong or what could have been better. At the same time, I took the good with me (good people, habits, hobbies, etc) and I built off of that and never looked back. I stopped going out and meeting people. All these bad friends and stupid girls I used to talk to and chill with, I stopped calling them and missing their calls on purpose. I even deactivated my Facebook account, so that people could leave me alone at the time. Either they understood and got the message, or either they disapproved of how I didn’t want to party anymore. People are always going to talk or not approve of the way you do things, but you got your own program and do what you gotta do. So when I took time off from the world, lol, then I started taking time to learn about Islam diligently. I started reading Quran and its meaning, but I started off slow and tried not to do so much at once. I started spending more time in the masjid and making effort to pray at least once a day there. I tried to go to lectures at the masjid or Islamic events or at a college campus. Even if efforts were minimal, I took advantage of it and try not to indulge it all at once. This is what you have to do and you have to be honest with yourself while you are at it; realize you can only do but so much for yourself within your boundaries. I have come a long way, but I am still going at it and not looking back. A little goes a long way. All these things we can do strengthen to our Imaan. Another thing is that I started to surround myself with good people. Sometimes you need a good influence to get you that push, over the hump. Obviously we all take our parents for granted, so it is best to find some other people to surround yourself like a Muslim orginzation or people who may attend the Masjid on a regular basis (of course do not abandon your parents, lol). While you are at it, abandon that atheist GF of yours. I honestly think she is jst a part of a phase you are going through, and is not doing any good for your life or contributed to it in any positive way (think about it??) If she asks what is up, just be straight-forward with her and tell her that you are trying to get your life on track. Don’t worry about her getting her feelings hurt or if she is going to hold a grudge against you…she will simply understand. I think another thing you could do is whatever issues you may be having in your life, try to read about it in an Islamic context (what Islam says about pre-marital sex, benefits of praying and consequences of not praying, relationship with parents, etc). You might surprised what you learn from doing it this way. Islam is a way of life and covers all basis. One thing you must do is do talk to an Imam and tell him what you are going through. He will tell where to start, how to overcome problems. Sometimes to get out of a funk, it helps to get away from certain places and maybe try to go elsewhere. This opens things up. All this stuff you said on this forum, I think you have to tell people in person because this will be more genuine to you. There are other forums however you can post this in. • you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yet7cgen(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php? • you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetislamic-life(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/forums/ • you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetummah(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/forum/index.php • you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_uiforum.uaeforum(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php There are other forums, but I feel like these are the best ones where other users will read and listen to you, rather than bash you and make you feel like crap. Gawaher is also good, don’t be mistaken. You are still young and I don’t think you should feel bad about yourself. The fact that you are realizing things is the first step, and you are headed in the right direction. Try keep yourself busy in what is good in life, and always be productive. You have goals to accomplish and aspirations to reach. I hope you find this post useful, and I keep you in my duas, insha’Allah.
  7. I Lost My Way From Allah And Islam

    I read your post and I can say that I have been down that road myself. I can relate in some ways. However, I will get back to you insha'Allah on this.
  8. Need Help, Girl Problem?, Attention To Sisters

    This sounds like a pretty good approach, but I think I will give it more time. We will see...
  9. An Interesting Series Of Unfortunate Events

    you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetsoundvision(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/info/peace/stresstips.asp I hope this works.
  10. An Interesting Series Of Unfortunate Events

    soundvision(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/info/peace/stresstips.asp
  11. Need Help, Girl Problem?, Attention To Sisters

    Who knws if she likes me? If she liked me, why would she be rude to me and avoid me for the last six months? This is all too strange. I have thought about and I dont think I did anything to her, so what could it be? Do girls just stop talking to the opposite sex for random reasons? Follow up on this...
  12. An Interesting Series Of Unfortunate Events

    Continue to make dua as we will for you. Things will only get better and more. Allah puts us through these tests and rough times to see how we cope with it all. You know oru Prophey did not live the best of lives as everyday was a struggle for him. The stuff he went through, I dont think a lot of people out there could cope with what he had if not most people. This should be an example for all people and Muslims. Try to read more about his struggles when you get a chance iA, as this will always strengthen your will and Perseverance. From the original post and the post right before this one, it seems like you have made some progress. You did have a job, but now you do. So you are moving up. These things or anything in life, it all happens once at a time and not all at once (e.g. first you get a job, then you get a place to live, then you make money at your job, etc). You should be thankful that you do have a warm place to stay and some things to eat, and Alhumdilliah you are thankful for it. I found this useful article that you may be able to check it when you get a chance iA. It is a good article dealing with stress and daily life. you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetsoundvision(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/info/peace/stresstips.asp
  13. Need Help, Girl Problem?, Attention To Sisters

    When you say interested, are you saying to be in a relationship? That is not my intention. My concern is that I dont want to be hated.
  14. This question is specifcally for the sisters (and brothers if they can be helpful) This girl I know who I used to be friends with, has completely turned on me. We have known eachother for 2 years. We used to work together in the Muslim student association, participate in study groups, play sports, and hang out together as a group of people every now and then. We always used to help each other, give advice, had lunch a few times, and chat once in a while on the internet. However, its not like we saw eachother or talked to one another on a daily basis. I have even heard from other people that she used to have a crush on me (maybe she still does)? Then again, it could be a rumorOur families actually live in the same neighborhood and are friends with one another. One day I bumped into this girl and her mother back in July at the grocery store. I walked up to them and said hello. When the girl saw me, she said hello to me very unenthusiastically, dropped her shoulders, rolled her eyes, and walked right out of the grocery store. I texted her to see if she was okay, but no response. I became afraid and did not contact her again until 2 months later (September). In September, I saw her twice. I bumbed into her family at a store again. I said hello to her and she saw me and gave me a quick hello and jumped into her car. 2 weeks later on Eid, I saw her on Eid with her family. I said hello to them as they said hello right back. When the girl saw me, she rolled her eyes, turned half way around, and said hello in a very stern voice. I sent her an email back in September telling her what I was up to and to seek if she was doing okay. She did not respond. I texted her 2 times after that within a 2 week span, but still no response. I even texted her saying Eid Mubarak back in September. From that point on I laid off again, but November came around and I texted her Eid Mubarak again, but still no reponse. I did that because her brother texted me saying Eid Mubarak, so I texted both of them right back. I talked to my other friends about this of her. They said that she would contact them, and text them saying hello or Eid Mubarak. These friends are also her friends. However she might be having personal issues because these friends have said that her tone and attitude have become nasty, unexpectedly. She even quit her Facebook. Nonetheless she acknowledged them at times to say hello or whats up, except me. I just don’t understand why anyone would do that. If I did something to her, my guess is that she would have let me know. It has been six months since all this has happened, and I have laid off for the most part because I figure she may need her space and time for things to clear up. Based on all this, the not responding to me and the nasty hellos, I know for a fact she is avoiding me, but why would she do that? What should I do from here on out? Should I contact her again? Should I tell what she did to me in an email and see if everything is alright? Or simply should I just lay off more or perhaps just not bother anymore? I am afraid because I don’t want to get in trouble by Allah if I have done something to her, and if I did anything to her, I want to apologize and be better. WHAT SHOULD I DO? DISCLAIMER: I know it is wrong to mingle with the opposite sex, but I learn this the hardway. I know some people might put this out here, but I would still appreciate some constructive feedback.
  15. Hello

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone!