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  1. I've decided to stay with the faith on a provisional basis. I'd like to reserve the right to officially return to Judaism at any time. What I do now is a compromise between the two: When I say my prayers - although I speak of the Prophet (pbuH) - I picture Moses in my head. I figure that if I do this, I am playing it safe, either way.
  2. What are you thoughts as to whether or not intelligence or law enforcement agencies (i.e. FBI, CIA, MI6, etc.) read this forum? Before my reversion, I used to read the blog Jihad Watch, which posted links to various topics on the Ummah Islamic web forum; in which the members would sometimes praise jihad. I would read the comments, and many of the other viewers of the blog stated that they had "sent a link of that topic to the FBI." The zionists... they are tricksters. They have eyes everywhere. They are very crafty creatures and I would not put spying on our forum beyond their capabilities.
  3. What Happened To Yasnov?

  4. Marrying Another

    I'm sure that your wife will be flattered and pleased when you mention that you want to marry someone else.
  5. I converted to Islam several months ago. I am israeli and was originally Jewish. I then transitioned to a period of agnosticism and atheism after I joined the army. My Palestinian friend got me interested in Islam and I finally converted several months ago. However, after having gone to Masjid in the NY area regularly for 2-3 months, i've found that I really don't care much for Islam... the practices of your faith, I mean. It is not what I thought it was going to be. I was wondering if there is an official way that I can leave the faith and perhaps re-explore Judaism? ...or is this just something that I should do unofficially and under the table? Thank You
  6. Hello

    My name is Aviv. I am from israel. I have recently been discharged from the israeli Defense Forces and now work at a pizzeria in Tel Aviv. My primary reason for joining this web forum is to find a bride. Having served a lot of time in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, I got a chance to be around many young Muslim women. They are like tigers. I would very much like to meet one on here and marry her. My daughter, Hadassa, needs a mother. :sl: