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  1. No argument from me. Molestors are inhuman. I was molested by my grade-school teacher, a woman claiming to be a faithful Presbyterian and a decent wife. I don't enjoy hating anyone, but looking into her eyes, I saw Shaitan clearly for the first time in my life. He exists and he is wily. Don't worry though. All you need to say is "Insh'Allah." He is infinite and infinitely wise. He sustained me through that. What is a shame is that so many children are raised wihout Allah. Allah is the only true friend I had at that time in my life. Allah is, LITERALLY EVERYTHING. It is a crime not to praise His Name. Bless you, brother, Me
  2. I hope they do. They will see that the only truly good people in this world are the Peoples of the Book. I am so sick of secular atheists who pretend to be righteous and spew hatred at me for believing that paganism is not the right way. They make us defend ourselves for believing. Who are they? Nobody was an atheist in the time of the Qur'an. How far all three peoples have fallen. Would one of you please tell me what Muhammad had to say about this?
  3. Do You Like Fox News?

    To like FOX news, you have to be either a) Heartless or b) Stupid. They have no room for charity in their hearts. Rupert Murdoch shames all of Scotland every time one of his "reporters" opens his or her mouth.
  4. [Fatwa]Pork & Wine In Foods?

    As a vegetable-korma devotee, I wholeheartedly agree! Ghee is one of the most marvelous inventions ever. Of course, butter in any form makes me smile, so maybe that's just me...
  5. Muslim Tries To Bomb Airplane, Kill Dozens

    I think, where al-Quaida is concerned, you can stop the question at "Did al-Quaida think?" And then remember that this is a ridiculous question: Of course they didn't! There were Muslims in the World Trade Center, and the coward, Usama bin-Laden, who used his well-to-do family's generous provision of an education in engineering to maximize the death toll and ensure that the Towers' very skeleton would collapse (only a low-ignition-temperature hydrocarbon like jet engine fuel can burn hot enough to weld-melt steel) to commit anti-Islamic acts like these. This is what happens when you let some rich, powerful man's decadent son run your political enterprise (George Bush, Senior, will doubtless be his rommate in Hell.). Rich, powerful men tend not to care what Allah will think of what they do and they certainly aren't, as a rule, very good at submitting to anything or anyone, in Heaven, or on Earth. Which leaves only one being to submit to, and that being adores seeing Allah's servants licked by flames. I think we all know that foul creature's name. Don't think that bin-Laden is any different from the Hashishin. For more on them, I found an excellent link to a piece by one Amin Malouf The Crusades Through Arab Eyes. It's a book review
  6. Getting Ready For Hajj 2010

    Congratulations on your Hajj :sl: A friend of mine's grandmother told her a miraculous story of her husband's Hajj. He was on the way to Madinah, was very old and arthritic, and he fell into a pit of sorts. Just before noon, he heard the wind whisper a certain hadith (he kept which one it was between himself and the wind :sl: ) whose meaning he had studied particularly intently as a youth. He instantly recalled the meaning and realized that to extract himself from the pit, he need only scale the sandy soil walls of the pit sideways and diagonally. He soon rejoined the group and continued trekking. This is the power of God. May you, like my friend's grandfather, be able to turn each obstacle in your path into a lesson in His power.
  7. The Protocols ARE a fabrication. "Elders of Zion" meant "Old Jewish Men" back when it was written. It did NOT mean "ZIONISTS." I am a Westerner and a Jew. So I don't claim to be able to analyze the poetry of Farid ud-Din Attar, even in translation. I am nearly without any real knowledge of the Quran, Old Persia, the attar trade, the Persian Romantic Tradition, or any kind of Persiana of that glorious age of rose-perfumed coffee-chats betwixt our three peoples. But as a Westerner, I can, and will, tell you that you are out of your depth trying to understand this document as what it really is. Perhaps a kind Brother or Sister of yours who has done any kind of European History course or European Literature course can help you to see the error of your absolute faith in the genuineness of this document. There are many literary and linguistic subtleties that a Westerner can discern, the knowledge of which come through living in Western culture. I am going to take a wild leap here and hazard that you are neither an imam, nor have you discussed this document and your theories thereabout with any imam. No man charged with uncovering the Truths of the World would be so cavalier or so vengeful about the written word. Are you absolutely certain that Shaitan did not place this piece of filth in your way as a stumbling-block on your Path?
  8. If Americans Knew

    If Jews control everything, why can't I get a job? You'd think I'd get hired first, since I'm a Jew in New York, wouldn't you?
  9. Gas Chambers, Anti-semitism And The Truth

    It is well-known that the Catholic Church attempts to cover up the truth about its actions against both Islam and Judaism. Remember, my brother and sister human beings, that the Nazis (who had under-the-table Catholic approval) and the Italian Fascists (who were publicly blessed by the Pope for their efforts to rid Italy of "outsiders" and "the Unfaithful" (meaning us -- Jews and Muslims) attempted to devour Egypt, the Muslim-inhabited parts of the Balkans (where they made many white Muslim men don the uniform of the Schutzstaffel (the SS) or face death in the Concentration Camps -- because they refused to believe that white men could truly be Muslims), and many other lands of Islam. It was also Hitler who finally strong-armed Palestine into allowing more Jews to emigrate to Palestine, and he provided money from the Reichsbank to buy up a great deal of the land there in what is regarded as a seminal land-grab and cement in the foundation of the State of israel. I don't have a non-zionist website source for this, but if some kind brother or sister has access to the Deutsche Bundestag, I believe there is a Volkische Beobachter (the Nazi official newspaper) archive there. The sources on the website I read are all Nazi news stories showing how proud they are of their move to deceive the world about their true intentions towards Judaism. And believe me, friends, when I say that they had terrible intentions towards anybody who wasn't of "pure Teutonic stock" according to their charts of eye color, skin color, straightness and size of nose, oiliness of skin, curliness of hair... I believe you can draw a picture of what they had in mind for the Fertile Crescent and her neighbors. And they called the persons in the camps whom they had starved to the point of being ready to gas/shoot/poison "Mussulmann"s ("Muslim"s), as a way of poking vicious fun at the famine their war had created in Islamic lands. Their thinking was that the starvation of Muslims was funny because we mostly-darker folks were subhuman and worthy only of death. And once the war was over and the Allies had won, the Church smuggled these evil men to South America.
  10. Hello. I Am "ilovesufis."

    ...but is it permissible to learn Arabic from a Muslim for better understanding of Islam, but not for the purposes of conversion, if I am not a Muslim? I am an American Jew and I am tired of hearing violent rhetoric from both sides of our various debates. This looked like a good place to ask this question as I can never get my question in before the limit for the day is reached at other sites.