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  1. Can You Guess The Riddles?

    Hammerhead, you didnt post the solutions. i'm guessing but here goes: 1. wife had already spoken to swear so then he spoke then she spoke 2. pride LoveFatima 1. sponge 2. hole/air 3. shadow 4. tissue paper i think 5. easy - breath 6. the steps or the railing?
  2. i thought we were allowed to do wudu during menses?
  3. [Fatwa]Pork & Wine In Foods?

    just some speculation: alcohol (ethanol) evaporates at 78 deg celsius. food is cooked at much higher temperatures i hope, especially if it's chicken. "Since not all of the alcohol evaporates to begin with, it is not permissible because consumption of alcohol in any amount is unlawful in Islam. Regardless, alcohol makes food impure and it does not become pure even if you cook it again and again until all of the alcohol disappears." if it was so specific that we are not permitted even a drop of alcohol in our blood, this would mean we are not allowed to disinfect our wounds with dettol or even eat bread (look up the fermentation of yeast in bread baking if you don't believe me). however, butter curry tastes best anyway so throw that wine out and get some ghee
  4. Hellow

    hi i'm dovey