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  1. Assalam Alaikum friends! I am a recent convert to Islam. I am weak and submissive. I hope I could be strong and assertive now! I find it difficult to practice Islam because people alienate me and keep away from me when they suspect me of practicing Islam. I am from India. There are lots of Muslims; but the percentage of Muslims in colleges is very low. I really don't know what to do. I am very tolerant guy but I don't want to leave Islam. But neither do I want to fight someone for practicing my personal beliefs. How can people be so intolerant?! Hope you could suggest something for me! I live in a college dormitory with many other people. We have single rooms and long corridors. Should I hide my Islam and stop practicing it for some days? Maybe till I graduate and take job!? waiting for your valuable replies!
  2. Assalam alaikum I think, aviv1978 is a fake, either he is a born muslim or he is simply lowering the importance of Islam
  3. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. Dear Muslims and non Muslims assalam alaikum I am new revert to Islam . Now I am in Islam for 8-9 years. I was browsing net for Islamic stuff when I reached this site. Hope you all fine and wish you all mercy of Al-merciful Allah I am 26, management consultant , from India and am a simple, average size man around 5'10". I love to read and I perhaps respect women :sl: and definitely men. Actually when I entered teens , I was very moral and never talked to non-mar-ham girls so I don't have experience of talking to girls, but definitely I will respect very much the girl of my life. In this forum, I am actually searching for a Muslim girl from India revert or non revert who is well educated at least diploma or bachelors but more importantly, she should be beautiful and pious in Islam. I can easily get any girl if I try crossing the limits of Islam which Allah forbid I dare not do. My yearly income is around 50,000 $ or 25,00,000 and once I shift bases to investment banks in England, it will be around 2 lakhs dollars. So obviously I am not looking for money/dowry. My parents are still non-Muslim so the girl should respect that. Also Allah-willing, I am planning to open Islamic centers in UK , so it will be added advantage if my life-partner is highly knowledgeable in Islam. But, SUPERSEDING, all this; my girl should be caring, loving, romantic Islamic and beautiful any girls with these five qualities ( from indian subcontinent preferably) contact me my mail is Islam.iit[at]gmail(contact admin if its a beneficial link) ( please don't spam ) wish you a great day Allah Almighty knows best.