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  1. Honor Killings

    Taking the life of another person is only allowed in the three situations I've described. Even then, in the case of murder, compensation can be given instead. I think there are more rules surrounding all three situations but I don't know them all. As far as I'm aware, killing is not prescribed in a situation where for example, a Muslim marries someone of a different faith. Islamically, men are allowed to marry Muslim/Jewish/Christian women as they recognised as 'people of the book,' in the Q'uran. Women can only marry Muslim men as children from the marriage will be brought up with the father's faith and therefore, they should be Muslim. Men cannot marry women who are non-Muslim/Jewish/Christian because of ensuing faith/spiritual issues. There is a problem here that Islam has to face up to. These punishments as noted above are illegal in western countries. There will be no compromise in this. Islam is going to have to update it's thinking. Any Muslim who thinks that he can kill in the name of his religion in my country is going to find himself in prison for a very long time. JamesYaqub
  2. Honor Killings

    Honor killings are no more than ancient cultural baggage that Islam has never yet cleansed itself of. Christians and Jews no longer pay any mind to the edicts of Leviticus which are just as scary. These two groups have changed with the times. Islam in much of the middle east has not. Islam has lived in isolation for far too long. It will take lots of time and patience. I can say one thing for sure as a Muslim of European descent born in America. Muslims wanting to be Americans will have to change their ideas about law or go to prison for their misdeeds. The good news is that Islam is about to begin a long overdue renaissance. Because of mixing now with the modern world the old cultural ways that have tainted Islam for far too long will begin to be set aside. This new Islam is the one that I have declared Shadada with and joined. Never will I condone violence against anyone no matter the reason. Honor killings and other terrible inhumane ignorant methods of "justice" are no more than the display of foolish male vanity and pride. If Islam is to survive all those things have to GO. JamesYaqub
  3. Darwinism Refuted

    Brothers and Sisters, Anyone who seeks an answer to the question of how living things, including himself, came into existence, will encounter two distinct explanations. The first is "creation," the idea that all living things came into existence as a consequence of an intelligent design. The second explanation is the theory of "evolution," which asserts that living things are not the products of an intelligent design, but of coincidental causes and natural processes. How many of us are tired of this mindless argument? The great difficulty lies in the fact that the above definition is not accurate. Science theorizes nothing regarding the origins of life. There are many hypothesis but nothing firmly established enough to be called a "theory". The opponents of "evolution" tend to simplify everything. They are intellectually lazy so they fail to recognize any "nuance" in science. They also commonly mis-define the word "theory". It has a common usage and a much more rigid scientific one which is missed or ignored. Conservative Christian minds do not readily reach deeply into a topic to discover what is hidden. They simply adopt an opinion and stick to it. Science is pretty firm regarding evolution. Darwin is so often maligned. The poor man said nothing about the origins of life. He wrote about the origins of species. See how the two are mis-interpreted? Science has established that there was a moment of Creation. Sure this is what they mean by the Big Bang. In other areas of research, using colliders, attempts are made to discover the smallest primordial material particles. These will help to "flesh out" the story. Science often refers to something they call a "God particle". Hasn't anyone ever heard of this? The famous Einstein is known to have said, "I want to know God's thoughts.... The rest are details". So where are all the atheist scientists that the Christians rant and rave about all the time? Pardon me now Brothers and Sisters for being so plain spoken about all of this but I am so sick and tired of the ignorant few ruling the minds of so many. "Evolution" begins with the Creation which is the result of the Will of God directed upon spiritual mass which is all there was before there was any physical universe. God's Mind directing God's Energy, Willfully upon Spiritual Mass. Here is the essence of it. The Spirit Mass "slows" and takes form. This action is what science is trying to discover with those big expensive circular thingies called colliders that some Christians know nothing about. A major byproduct of this transitory action is gravity. This is the force which moves all else. "Time" is no more than a dimensional component which, like length, breadth, diameter and velocity is inseparable. The "Intelligent Design" of God directed that the beginnings would be the simplest physical particles. They then group together in vast amounts and form light stars which, in turn, produce the heavier of the elements. When the point in evolution was correct for biological life to begin, it does just like God planed it to do. From those processes everything that we see today is derived. Simple to elegant..... Intelligent Design. None of this is by chance. The religious opinion that claims otherwise is a fearful one that is motivated only by a fierce desire and heartfelt need to protect the story of creation in Genesis. That is what is behind the whole controversy. If any part of the Bible can be proved wrong they are afraid that the whole platform of their belief system will be jeopardized. On one hand is the God given human mind and ability to reason and on the other is the denial of God given mind which is replaced by fear. Creation and Evolution are perfectly compatible. The two dovetail revealing God's Intelligent Design. At the moment of Creation science meets Religion. See how perfect this is? The Genesis story is wrong. Those Bible stories existed in verbal form from the time of Adam for thousands of years before they were ever recorded. Can't we see the human element here? Is there no chance for error? Sure there is. Get over it Christians. Stop mis-defining "evolution". Here is an area ot the Torah which is corrected by the Qur'an. I will not apologize for what I say. Ignorance by those who shape young minds is inexcusable. It is my belief that the authors of the book cited in this post also err in their definition of "evolution". Brother Yaqub
  4. The Greatest Challenges Faced By Muslims

    Human life is precious to Allah. Killing is the greatest of sins, no matter the religious edict or none at all. Haram... JamesYaqub
  5. Deceptive Anti-Islam Practices By Christians

    Sister, Your personal messenger is turned off but you may talk to me at jpncsimmons[at]earthlink(contact admin if its a beneficial link) JamesYaqub
  6. I Am Depressed. Need Help. Can' T Go On

    Sister, I am an old man who has learned much in my life. I have also the experience of many joys and sorrows. If you will allow I will be a grandfather to you. I am a Muslim revert who lives in Southern California. Though I am an American of European descent I do understand those cultural requirements which so often result in measures of distress. Should you not object to sharing with a 68 year old man who has no grandchildren of his own I will be very pleased. I have a story to tell which you might find of interest. The ways of Allah are mysterious to us. Each of us has a part to play in the human story. None of is of less importance than another nor are any of us ever alone, separated from God. I will give you my personal email address should you accept my offer of parental friendship. Blessings to you sister, JamesYaqub San Diego, Ca. USA
  7. Seriously, Isn't The Source Of The Qur'an In Doubt?

    Brother, Why do you trouble us with these kinds of posts? Do you try to win converts to Christianity? Are you serving God in some way? We have heard all these sorts of things before, many times. In Islam there is no requisite for believing without first coming to a measure of intellectual understanding of that which is given in scripture. We read the Qur'an with our hearts as well as with our minds. Those of us who doubt the Qur'an and go to Christianity will perhaps, after a time, doubt the Bible in the same way. No one on this site has any interest in planting seeds of doubt in the minds of Christians concerning the Bible. This would not a Godly or charitable thing to do. Your inquires into Islam are not sincere. You have no interest in discovering but only in "messing with Muslims". Are you a real Christian who follows Jesus (pbuh)? It does not seem so. Before any of us may know God we must know ourselves. To this goal the highest standards of personal integrity are necessary. May God Bring You Understanding and Peace, JamesYaqub
  8. Deceptive Anti-Islam Practices By Christians

    I agree that humility is something that is missing in many faiths and with a lot of groups that call themselves Christians. It is the hurdle that we must cross, that is just a line in the sand. It is extremely hard for humans to accept “charity†especially when the giver must make a huge sacrifice to be charitable. We have a hard time accepting a unconditional, undeserving free gift, because that requires humility. We want to pay the giver back somehow and come up with ways we think we can do it or we set up requirements to be somehow deserving of the charity, or we view ourselves as at least being more deserving then someone else. God is offering forgiveness and all we have to do is accept His forgiveness and “…he that is forgiven much will Love much…†Indeed God offers us forgiveness always. God offers this unconditionally? No. We must repent and there is still restitution to be met. We gain forgiveness but do not evade responsibility for our transgressions. What religious followings are required by God? None. We may choose our spiritual paths as dictated by our hearts. We may have no religion at. Forgiveness is still held out for all. So where is the 2,000 year old debate between the world's three chief religions? Unresolved of course. But resolved or not the dead continue to be redeemed. This is quite true and always has been. Each of us must stay in our religions and become the best representative thereof. In this way the troubles between peoples will stop and the stage will be set for His return. Blessings to all, JamesYaqub
  9. If you need any of these explained, I'd be happy to. [/b] Brother, If your path is to be Christian then be the best possible Christian. Follow the example set by Jesus' life. God asks no more of any of us than to follow Him. Blessings, JamesYaqub
  10. Our discussion here is indication of the very same process that those faced so long ago when they had to debate and decide. But God was with them. At no time does God "dictate" or decide what a man will do though we so often hear otherwise. An impulse is received but it is translated in the small mind of a man always. Are the testimonies of others of the original 11 surviving Apostles to be judge as being "off center" just because we don't understand what it is they contain? Did Jesus ordain the 12 only to lose one and dismiss the efforts of 7 allowing only 4 to convey His words? Can this possibly be? It is poor counsel, I think, to disregard any scripture of those times. The early Christians did not but we do? Why? Because some men say so? I believe that, in the grand scheme of things, that God might well think it was time later for a bit more to be given. What an opportunity then to do this in such a way as to achieve two goals at the same time? When I consider that in all the scriptures of those times, or rather through all, the entire group of Semites is involved. Is there no wisdom in an effort to bring people together? And, in that effort, must it be that one group is allowed to stand unaffected while others come to it? It is entirely human to expect that others must join in our beliefs. But none of us possesses God's Word in it's entirety. It may well be that we err when we claim that their are errors of omission which our text corrects. It may be simply that God wishes to bring us all along the path together in His own time hold back some things for later. The earlier Moasic period in religious history might be thought of as the time of "God's Law". Then Jesus begins a new era in teaching "God's Love" for humanity. Later these two merge in synthesis as "Knowing cooperation by Humanity with God's Purpose". See how three steps might be taken? Three steps which when thought of separately do not reveal any but a conflicting design but when brought together suddenly allow the mind of man to realize the greatness of God's methods. Are we to move forward to the "Kingdom of God" without the proper foundation? Put another way: The Will of God Moses Obedience The Love of God Jesus Belief Abraham Noah Adam God Knowing Synthesis Muhammad Application I present here a perfectly plausible scheme by which God might allow us to discover for ourselves what we need to be doing in order to achieve the ultimate purpose. The Kingdom of God is a nice sounding name that implies nothing less than humanity united in the Spirit of God. This unification is misconstrued when it is thought that all must become only one religious expression of purpose. To realization of God's plan for all of us cannot become reality until we all come to the realization that only together, everyone arm in arm, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, will the Door to final resurrection open to us. So far we teach in separative terms with selfish demands that everyone abandon two of the three paths and join in only one of them. Nothing will be achieved this way unless we want to see more hatred and division, more war on earth. Jesus occupies a special position as He is personally responsible for God's plan to be fully implemented. He cannot return to earth in openness until we ourselves finally arrive at the conclusion that is it we who must make it happen. God will not do it for us. Believing is not enough. Cooperative inclusive action is needed. The next, and final, step is our responsibility. This great need is the very reason that we have been "in training" by God in different ways for so long. We have to stop with out selfish demands that only one religion is the "correct" one. This thinking is what holds humanity back and it is this divisive course which fuels the constant wars that we see today. We cannot change the world unless we first can change ourselves. The way, then, is to start reorganizing our own thinking. It will spread like the wind to the entire earth when it starts with one person. conclusion.... I guess what I am saying is that none of us, Muslims included, will ever understand by using our minds alone. We must learn to use our hearts. And, as long as emotions run rampant it is they that rule, not the mind or the heart. Perhaps it is then for the scholars and thinkers to lead the way. When humanity blends all the three sundered brothers and sisters we will know God. Until we do that we fight each other like children. What do you think...? James There have been certain great misapplications of scripture in the past that hold us back now. Next topic.
  11. Islam in America

    Salam, An excellent point. I am a 68 year old American man of European descent who has recently reverted. But..... mention things like brothers beating sisters and I will say "If I see such a thing I will ask the brother if he would like to try beating another man who, perhaps, is bigger than he is instead of a woman who cannot defend herself". Violence is violence. It is a sin, haram... We Americans have great respect for our women. They are not to be mistreated for any reason. And, brothers have no authority over sisters unless they have legal custody of them. Period. So. Islam in America will have a new face. Islam yes. Ancient cultural mores disguised as religion, No. JamesYaqub
  12. In my research of the Bible and Quran … I can’t understand why Muslims insist the Bible has been radically changed. This doesn’t make any sense to me because … Allah is talking about the Bible (which Mohammed “held in his hands”) Brother Truth Seeker, There is no intention to claim that Bible was re-written in the early days of Christianity. Go back earlier. Much earlier. Beginning in the time of Adam the stories and memories began. They were told orally generation to generation long before the first writing was known to man. As time passed the tales grew to include events more recent. At the time of Noah there was still no formalized or universally recognized recording of history available to man. And history is what we're talking about. The history of the earliest memories. After the flood only those parts of what went before that were known to Noah survived to be again passed down father and mother to daughter and son. It was a very long from then to the day of Moses when we find the compilation of the Torah for the first time. Add to this body of knowledge the old stories and now was the beginning of the Old Testament in it's accepted form. Yet much of it was still not formally recorded due to prohibitions of the time. To this day there is much discussion regarding the authenticity of any of these old texts. Scholars of every bent have opinions. The general consensus is that the Torah as it exists today is the very best that we probably will ever know. It is important though to be aware of history before declaring any scriptural inerrancy. Mind you the scholar and the emotional devotee will often disagree in this. Now consider the components which were to become the New Testament. During the first two plus centuries of Christianity much more was available to men than is recognized today. When the Bible was first codified decisions were made regarding the content. Four gospels it was decided were sufficient, for instance. Much more scriptural material was omitted. These decisions were not made by God but by men. However well intended these men were they did, in fact, pick and choose everything that we see in the Bible today. It was to be the very first Bible. Beyond that time, excepting the small variations due to translations to other languages, the Bible remained intact until the reformation when some books were deleted (different story). And, were there any other changes? There remains many who argue this way or that. Who is right? Who is wrong? Beware the man who makes blanket statements. Any uneducated person can do this. So a few hundred years later here is Muhammad the Arab, a well traveled merchant by occupation, at a meditation retreat in the desert. He was a godly man. Pure in the manner of his life. He was known for his honesty in all dealings. The rest of the story is a matter of easily detectable history. The history of the Qur'an is firmly established as opposed to all the works that went before. Of course there was knowledge of the religions of the day. Judaism, Christianity and the array of gods that the people of the deserts held onto so fiercely because they were so tightly interwoven into the dominant culture. Muhammad may have held a Greek Bible in his hand as someone suggests but he did not read it. He did not know how to read. Attempts by "outsiders" to "tame" these warlike nomadic peoples failed. A man who was "one of them" was needed. And even then the task was almost defeated. What was this "task"? To bring monotheism to these people. A prophet OF that land was needed to do the job. God choose Muhammad. More ahead now to the present and be aware of the claim of Islam that the Bible is "corrupt". Well that is a somewhat harsh word in these times. What is meant is that the books do not reflect sufficiently the original meanings. The Old Testament, in it's entirety is argued about even now. For a very long time writing it was forbidden. Here is a human factor which has nothing to with God. It probably was thought that should the Word of God be recorded on "paper" and then something happened to that "paper" a sacrilege would be the result. Note that Jews today will write God as G-d for this very same reason. Regarding the New Testament remember that so much was never included. Where is the information now that was used by the earliest Christians? How about the testimonies of the other remaining apostles that went to eastern lands and to Ethiopia? Consider also the man Saul who arrived on the Christian scene some years after the passing of Jesus. I do not doubt his mission to the gentiles was authentic but much of Paul the man is in his letters. Compare to John the man and Matthew the man and note the differences in style of writing. Include in this debate the existence of so many other "books" which are commonly eschewed by Christianity today. Who is to say that this is a proper action? Do we claim to know better than God regarding scripture? Apparently many of us do indeed make that claim. When we claim that the Qur'an is the latest of that which is given by God to man all these other considerations must be allowed. We do not claim that the Bible was ever changed and thus corrupted. We claim that it was never a complete representation of the Word of God in the first place. The ministry of Jesus is best told by what he said in His sermon on the mount. It is this, in the main, and His manner of life which which we hold in reverence and not so much of what came later (the Bible). We do not believe in any triune God but neither did early Christianity. Over the years there was much heated debate regarding that. We do not believe that Jesus is God. Judaism teaches that God does not have a corporeal body. Only a minority of Christians today believe that Jesus is God. I fail to understand why this would be so. For every passage in the Bible that seems to support this conclusion there are others which seem to deny the possibility. Here is the mind of man in action. Most Christians are satisfied in believing that Jesus is the Son of God. We believe that Jesus is a Prophet of God. His was a principal mission to the Jews. There is nothing in any of this which would seem to cause such great divisions in men. Or is there? Where humans are concerned anything is possible. Certainly there is much similarity between the Bible and the Qur'an. Why, if it is the Will of God to correct, would this not be so? It is my belief that we will find in the Qur'an information which compliments and enlarges upon what is seen in both the Old and the New Testamenst. There are also some corrections. It is so unfortunate that this is seen and interpreted as plagiarism by some Christians who "knee jerk" to the possibility of God giving the world some corrections to accepted scripture in the form of the Qur'an. It is my opinion that the reason for the scientific information included in the Qur'an is God's way of telling us that "yes" it's real. I need not remind anyone of the impossibility of Muhammad being so acutely knowledgeable of the manner of deep ocean waves that have only been discovered in recent years that he could sit in the sands of the desert and expound upon them. Quite impossible. These scientific inclusions in the Qur'an are meant as "authentications" for us today. Nothing like them was ever included in scripture before Muhammad's time. The Prophecy is valid. In conclusion study all available scripture and become a scholar. You will find though that even this is not enough. Read with a critical eye and a discerning mind and find that you will be lead to the recitation of the last recognized Prophet of God. You need not become either Muslim or adopt any middle eastern culture in order to gain benefit from what it reveals. If it is your path in life to be a Christian then remain so and be the best of all Christians. In your studies do not let yourself to become bogged down by nit picking details. Remember the hand of man in scripture always when making statements regarding God. This fact is the reason we take such care to not ever allow the Qur'an to be modified. We consider Islam to be the closest practice to the intent of God that is present on the earth now. No one should ever tell you that there is a perfect religion. We try our very best to have one but we are men only and we often fail. Judaism, Christianity, Islam.... When these brothers unite in God the world will know peace and Satan will be defeated. Not before. May the Heart of God Guide us all, JamesYaqub
  13. Deceptive Anti-Islam Practices By Christians

    Peace to you Truth Seeker, God will bless you as you follow your path to Him.... JamesYaqub
  14. Deceptive Anti-Islam Practices By Christians

    There are many Christians who will say that only "born again" Christians are the real ones. I have heard these good people declare that if one is of another kind of Christianity and not "born again" that there were really not a Christian in the first place. Of course this rationale is most unfair to the vast majority of Christians in the world who do not adhere to the "born again" philosophy as it is interpreted by some minor but vocal protestant denominations. What I am getting at is that I have been told that "you were never a Christian in the first place" by some people who seek only to assert their own definitions into the mix reinforced with (one of many) interpretations of scripture. No. I was not a born again Christian. My church did not believe nor teach that "kind" of Christianity. My reasons for reversion to Islam had nothing to do with any dislike of Christianity however. They were more personal than that. Much more so. One thing in particular is the act of praying in Islam. Touching the forehead to the "ground" is a sublime act of humility. After 62 years of Christianity I had learned all there is to know about that faith and I felt it was time to move on to another group of God's children. Does God have a religious preference? I say "no". God can see into our hearts and here are things hidden from the world of men. God knows more than we do. I trust in God and will follow my heart. I am Muslim and will not go back. Assalamu, JamesYaqub
  15. Muslim (men) Going To A Mixed Gym?

    The answer to this seems clear to me but then, I am 68 years old and have had much experience in the ways of the world. Something which seems to never be mentioned is the state of maturity of the man in question. We are not all the same. Some brothers remain children all their lives. Some attain wisdom early. Look at yourself in a mirror. Which type are you? Am I a man who has control over my base instincts or not? Are all men to be judged as though they are no more than sex starved animals? No. This assumption would be both untrue and unfair. Brother if you are inclined to see and to think about "sex" when you go to a mixed gym then stay away until you are older and more mature.