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  1. Offensive Jihad And Spread By The Sword

    You're living in a state that never benefit you where you have a house, You must pay taxes, it gives you three options: (1) resist and die (2) pay the tax which is so high every time the state demands it from now on, if you can't do it you hand over your house 3) join the state to be a corrupt birocrat Keep in mind they aren't "forcing" you to do any of these things. it's a must for a good civilian. It can be found in many books across the world, that you must be loyal and serve your state, "dont ask what your country can give you, but what can you give to your country.
  2. Why Atheism Doesn't Make Sense

    what are the ancestors of human? point them from the one closest to human till the most far and what changes? how about their distribution?
  3. Who Do You Want To Judge You

    Looks good, but I prefer the wrong to be have their punishment, You know, opik has feeled what it's ike to live in a society with no laws, where every wrong doing isn't punished or at least criticized you feel good for a time, but when you realize it, by then, all has been in disorder, especially when you change a punisment or law in a way everyone likes
  4. God...yes Or No?

    Hmm, because we believe, sometimes, when your mind doesn't reach it, when you have no data or information, when logic has all gone like when yu suffer, threatened, feeling insecure, doesnt know what to do, or we cannot understand it we use our heart, our feelings, we believe in sometihng general, and because science is always developing, and sometimes the science today maybe will be proved wrong in the next day Don't be so sure about the eye, what will happen when it is at front(don't mind it, I'm only assuming): -Can't be repaired and the broken ones can't be removed quickly -Can't be shielded from Physical and chemical stresses
  5. Why Atheism Doesn't Make Sense

    Surely? well, how if opik say it's just a spesies of tiger? just like birds with teeth, ism't it just a sub class, not a brqnch or staircase? well, those transition forms are changing very rapidly are they? haven't seen a fossil with a slow change, did Saber Tooths loose their long teeth at once or did it shorten slowly? opik will be glad if opik can grow wings in opik's back if opik felt like it
  6. Why Atheism Doesn't Make Sense

    no, they haven't there hasn't been any results from those who died they havent told us anything, whether whose god is right or are they just became dust and that quote from Einstein, it just shows the ego of human you'll know when you're weak and don;t have any place feeling loss and don't have anything well, that's why, opik say it like this "god appears only when you need him" you maybe don't believe in him now but when you suffer. you'll see what opik say well, theories huh, if a lot of evidence and data can't make a theory proven, what can? what does it mean to be sceintific? come on, opik believe in vodoos, blac magic, and those "jins, ghost or, whatever name" why? because they exist, and there are many cases in the world that prove it it doesn't need to be scientific, because there are some places that are not yet reached by science
  7. Why Atheism Doesn't Make Sense

    belief,,, that's the most logic answer for something that looks irrational' but in our heart we know it's true hmm, let's see are we proof that god's exist? does the nature itself prove god exist? well, opik sees, people like you can't accept until you've sense god then wait untill you die and you will know the truth but muslims, as their job, da'wah will always send Allah's message for every people to embrace Islam well, beliefs are saomething you embrace with your heart whatever proof are meaningless if your heart is closed but, when Allah wishes it, then it will be
  8. God...yes Or No?

    I want, I feel, I think....belief for long huh??? Define how long it is USA did last long, Uni Soviet did last long, Soeharto regime lasted 32 years(Indonesia) and also many dictators remember Rasicm in USA, opik Think it lasts untill now, but did USA society vanish and destroyed after a short time? NO they kill for their interest, for what they want, and to get that, you can kill....thats what they think. Maybe, we all are murderers, Our state forbids killing, but outside the state and the looks from the citizens, they do and legalize it we eat from the money that are gained from killing just how many did our GNP came from selling weapons and other military devices? and we last for along time did we? and those who didn't kill or want to kill will be killed
  9. God...yes Or No?

    that's it! you and I can eat cows, Hindu's forbidden them, and recognize them as holy what do you think will happen to me if i cut a cow to eat in front of them? you can eat and drink food n drinks with alcohol, I can't there are people here in my place that think's putting up the middle finger as a "not ethical" and horrible thing, but it can be forgiven, it also means i don't like what you've done while in other places, doing the same thing is same as dead. and there are any other examples, difference on specific points can be bothersome ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- well ,can you say what have you learned and get to form your ethical system so you can sat Killing is forbidden?
  10. God...yes Or No?

    opik question the last because there hasn't been any experiment to prove it and there hasn't been anyone questioning and doubting about it all say murder is bad wellTHATS WHAT ALL OF US ARE TAUGHT and answering by ethical system it seems you are the same as believers we all apply rules and many of them are received witout deep thinking and that's faith, because we know it's right but we can't explain it god gave us something n our heart that tells what is right or wrong it maybe can;t be explained why, but you can feel it and wattle, the worild is full of colors not only the beutiful ones, but also the gloomy ones let's see this one: "A man’s ethical behaviour should be based on sympathy, education and social ties and needs; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death.†- Einstein. " if man thinks blood splattering is beautiful, artistic, can he do it? he learned that people population has overgrowth and peoople is greedy, so the earth will not long last, except there are many of these greedy people die. He knows forest are burning and taken down, he knows polution has corrupted earth, he knows the smokes from europe and north America has caused the great dryness in Ethiopia(see BBC Global dimming). Without drastic measurements on these population, and especially those greed , earth will collapse. etical system can broadly are similiar, but the belief it contains can be different and is the difference is fundamental and cannot be bargained thab a clash will happen
  11. God...yes Or No?

    opik point is the answer of the questions yes or no, and the reason you're not abeliever aren't you you should be able have a free mind and answer not based by rules(law, act, syariah, etc)
  12. God...yes Or No?

    well3x Many person can say the same about their beliefs There are tons of books from many religion that explain it and there are many books from those which Wattle mentioned that have the same things of the religious books and can opik remind Wattle the question "Can I Kill?" [using large font size is not allowed]hasn't finished I Need money, and I Can get it by selling organs there are many people out there that need it "Can I Kill people to get it?" [using large font size is not allowed] I cannot live without someone who donors their organ to me and now, there's no one who wants to do it "Can I Kill them?" [using large font size is not allowed] I Can't get into a position or gain something without killing someone "Can I Kill?" [using large font size is not allowed] if not, why? ---------------------- le's doubt of everything, b freethinkers, an original one, not only those who defy gods tell opik, we were told since we were small about what's good n bad kiling is bad, rape is bad, stealing is bad. but suppose, if we were teached what bad now as good,and good as bad what is the result? you know, there's a saying people are 50-50, bad n good mixed with them then why half of the people aren't going bad nature? or teaching?
  13. If you refer from when Muhammad SAW began his task as a prophet it is 1400/1500 years, but Islam is the religion that has been taught and passed down from each prophets from Adam AS till Muhammad SAW it means, from when human being exist, that Islam is their religion other beliefs are a deviation from it, and that's why Allah sent prophets to mankind to remind them, to call them back to the original faith and bow down to Allah SWT, the one and only god
  14. God...yes Or No?

    it's not misleading, it affects both, wattle only sees it from wattle's point of view, but that question also has the questioner point of view even if you love life, how about someone need an organ of you that cannot be given by you unless you die? why, in normal situations, there's no human 'farm' that specialize in raising human to get parts of their body? thats why opik wrote this: Human-ape-cow-chicken-worm-slugs-ant-tree-grass-bacteria-virus-stone we know, we get it in the society, we are now living in a system we're told killing is not good, we're told robbing is not good, and many thing's who first teach what we haven't asked till now? who teached these tings that keep our race good till now? opik is sure that our ancestors were given guidance by god, how to live, how you must act towards human, nature, god, etc and in death, where will we go, opik believe waatle as an atheist will say to earth isn't it? no judgement, no paradise, no hell so why do we have to good things? why do we must not do bad things? it isn't fair, why do we have to do somethings if there's no reward? why we musn't do someting if there's no punishment?
  15. hmm, my lecturer once observed exercise activity and concluded, for normal people exercising about 30 minutes three times a week with your pulse about 70% max pulse(220-age(year)) is enough combine with good diet, please eat enough, don't be silly and eat nothing eat rich carbohydrate food for energy, and it's best that in the 2 hour's after exercise, you immediately eat, because that is the time your muscle storage is developing rapidly (the glikogen)