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  1. Belied.

    Salaam, Allah knows who is in the right and in the wrong. The truth WILL come out eventually. N
  2. Reverted Recently

    MashAllah.... Welcome sister! :sl:
  3. Frustrated

    Salaam, Well this is my story and i just want advice to do whats best Basically I am 17 years old who Alhumdulillah who now understands what an noble honour it is to be a Muslim. This all happened after a serious car accident which left me seriously doubting the way I lived my life. I just have so much frustration, as i want to learn about Islam in a structured way full time. I currently attend a so called Islamic college where I am learning psychology, sociology, English language and literature and critical thinking. Alhumdulillah for my fist term I received good marks. The college does not provide religious studies, nor Arabic nor anything that I really want to study. My parents well my mum did not allow me to attend the local college as it is mixed, and as I have to pop down there sometimes as it is main campus I still get looks, wolf whistles and i just whip myself out of there even when I am just there for like 20 minutes! Astagfirullah! My own college is not that good either, although the girls wear hijabs and abayas they still go out with boys, show disgusting disrepectful attitude to the teachers who are not Muslim, and now they have a negative image of Muslim girls which I try my best to combat. I try my best to find any sisters gatherings in my area to learn, there is not much which I am looking for and even when i do get tought about Islam it usually one off event. Today I went to classes to learn about tajweed and seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon Him)- i came a bit late so I have catching up to do but my classmates are 5- 6 year olds! It was an eye opener as I am so thick when it comes to Islam. The only way I can get to learn is if i move out but I am not allowed. If I want to go to University I have to be married- My mum wants me to marry a revert, as the Muslim Asians in our area are like sheep to the West and she has had very much bad experience with them. However, there are very few in our area and i feel progress is not being made. I just cant sit around wait to learn until I am married, I want to do it now......
  4. Airport Scanners

    Salaam, I have heard that the airport scanners are going to be implemented permanently. How can we as a Muslim Ummah protest against this to voice our opinion?
  5. ~ Touched ~

    MashAllah May Allah keep you on the right track Ameen.
  6. Right Age For Marriage?

    Salaam, What is the suitable age for marriage in Islam today? is 17-18 young?
  7. I'll Do It!

  8. New Revert :)

    Asalamu alaikum may Allah make it easy for you. MashAllah
  9. Weekend Course In Manchester

    :sl: Its cancelled!!!!!
  10. The Greatest Challenges Faced By Muslims

    There is no compulsion in religion. You can not force someone to convert to Islam. So these so called 'Muslims' are not really practising the religion correctly. Sex outside marriage is forbidden especially rape. What you are arguing against does not represent Islam. They may be called Muslims but their actions go against what Islam tells us.
  11. Weak Willpower

    Salaam, Admitting that you are weak is a very brave and strong thing to do. Allah through his mercy allowed you to see and recognise- some people are just heedless. And you do NOT have a diseased mind! As you could see what you were doing is wrong. Maybe, put money for charity at the same amount you would use for petrol- just do it.... Fasting is a good way of restraining one'e impulses and teaches self restraint. MashAllah, Allah knows best. After reading your post, I do not really believe you are weak, but you are very very strong..... BUT do not let the devil get the better off you. Maybe instead of spending an hour driving, just watch an Islamic lecture such as on Youtube, dont believe you can not do it as Allah is much more powerful then the devil and if he wants to guide his servant then no one can misguide him. Hope that helped :sl: Salaam.
  12. The Greatest Challenges Faced By Muslims

    Salaam, I think that the biggest problem is heedlessness.
  13. The Best Of Stories - Surah Yusuf

    InshAllah I will be going....... Cant wait!
  14. Weekend Course In Manchester

    Salaam, I have heard about this from my class mate and I am very interested and hope to go,. The link is not found, how do I enroll?
  15. Asalaam Alaikum

    Salaam, I am from Blackburn and I have heard of this before. I am very interested in this as I find it very beneficial and I am more than willing to help you in this worthy cause.