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  1. Fastest Growing Religion In The World...

    :sl: Sister, I don't particularly care for such statistics. We ought to be more concerned about the number of people who stick to Islam and who hold on to the rope of Allah till death. The number of people who accept Islam means nothing really. The Truth is not measured by the majority of people following it. There was a time when only a handful of people followed the religion of Islam. The majority of people during that era were polytheists. So it isn't at all a numbers game. It proves nothing.
  2. Very nice. :sl: I too wouldn't particularly wish to be friends with someone so shallow as to reject me because of my religion.
  3. New Convert Questions

    :sl: Alhamdulillah! I'm so happy to hear about your acceptance of Islam. I can also understand your fears. But take heart. Those tattoos are things of the past. They were the result of your ignorance. And with your acceptance of Islam and your testimony to the Truth ALL your sins were washed away. Just like that! Isn't that a matter for rejoicing? :sl: So if anyone sees the tattoo and give you strange looks you can simply tell them that you had got it before Islam. Explain if you must. But you don't really need to provide a justification for anything. You don't owe anyone any explanation frankly. Let it be sufficient that Allah is aware of the truth about your tattoo and that He has forgiven you for all things you did before embracing Islam.
  4. Asalamu alaykum. I've tried to reply to some posts here but am getting error messages.
  5. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu respected brothers and sisters, here in this forum. I had joined this forum quite a while ago and never had got around to participating in its discussions. For more than 3 years I've been pretty much offline. I had sort of disappeared after the publication of my book The God of All Things. The chapters of that book were posted here in this forum under the name of The Far-off Event. I had written the chapters of its sequel, Boot Camp in Sacramento but it is still not complete. Hence, I sent word that the posting of those chapters be halted. I have been away a long time. And now I'm back... Alhamdulillah! I hope to be able to engage in lots of great, meaningful discussions here in this forum.... and get help and support for my da'wah efforts. Jazakallah khair.
  6. Assalaamu alaykum! My name is Rajasa Robbins. I am a revert to Islam. My husband who was formerly a Christian is also a revert. We are both Americans and we have three beautiful children. Alhamdulillah! I would love to get to know more Muslims. :sl: And I would also like to know how to wade through this forum, seeing how new I am to it.