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  1. Boycott israel? Why?

    Salaam It is mandatory to fight injustice. I totally agree with brother freedslave, above. >>> inminds.co.uk/boycott-israel.html
  2. What Do You Like About Islam?

    Salaam Internal and external peace... justice for all... equality for all... the intellectual aspect, learning and knowledge... only via Islam everything makes sense (without it nothing make sense)
  3. What Does A Muslim Do At The End Of Times?

    You mean the number of natural disasters, mixing of gender roles, mass conflict, majority of 'ummah' being docile and being savaged on a daily basis, Muslim accusing Muslim of untruths etc etc... Yes does seem like the world is not in a healthy state. But a test is a test. You assume I have not read the Quran... not yet in Arabic (working on that) but have learnt the meaning first.
  4. What Does A Muslim Do At The End Of Times?

    Salaam Have a Cuban cigar and chill... just kidding :sl: . Hold onto the rope of faith as you will be easily mislead... and say salaam to everything that moves.
  5. Muslim (men) Going To A Mixed Gym?

    Salaam What is the point in going to a gym... waste of money. Carry your mum and dad up and down the stairs, until they give in and insist that you go to the gym... then say noo! it is haram (figuratively speaking) :sl: . Gyms are cruising places just like bars and clubs... they are a disgrace to humanity in general.
  6. I Have A Strange Problem

    Salaam I used to suffer from laziness and fatigue... I think pressure problem is related to this (as it was with me). A few suggestions that worked for me: 1. Honey, real honey (not fake :sl: ) 2. Highly Iron diet (Iron is found mainly in red meat)... if you are vegi then try spirulina (some sort of sea algae) which is very high in Iron 3. If all else fails hit the Black seed capsules (why hit and miss... if you have something missing go you the jugular :sl: ) I found lack of Iron was the main culprit finally. Iron has much energy, as we all know, but not many know that it is fundamental in the functioning of the energy system within.
  7. Islam in England

    From Manchester. Racism does exist in England, but is in no way exclusive to England... the kind of racism I have seen is hidden and not visible to the eyes and ears. For example, Muslim brothers with beards and brothers & sisters with head covering... no matter how much more better they are compared to the competition, would stand little chance of getting the top jobs/promotions/selection for interviews. That's just a fact. My ancestral country is even worse, even if you are the wrong shade of brown its detrimental to your career (what little chance of a career you have there actually). My experience with Arab, mainly UAE, this racism is the worst... if you come from Europe and are not dark skinned you will get the top jobs... but if you come from Europe and have a background like me you will be largely ignored even though I may have better experience and knowledge. People will do a lot better if they follow the fundamentals of Islam.
  8. Will Humans Exist In Life After Death?

    Salaam Not sure where I got this information from, but I have heard that we will be restored to our youthfulness and all defects and deficiencies removed.
  9. Writing Fantasy Stories

    You have been given a talent of imagination, like i imagine all humans have. Nothing wrong with using it but is it wrong in communicating it? I don't see why not, all humans have the ability to communicate... somehow this is just another way to communicate. Would be good to add messages in the stories to educate perhaps. The choice is for you to decide, and not someone issuing fatwas, because you will be judged on your choices.
  10. Salaam

    Salaam reception lounge Falsehood by its very nature is bound to perish (la falsedad por su propia naturaleza está destinado a perecer). [surah 17 verse 81] where is my drink? :sl: I would like an apple milkshake please... :sl: with strawberry ice cream Salaam!