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  1. Hello to all, I am new to this site and i think it is an awesome site for good information regarding Islam. I will get to the point with my dilemma here though. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses (JW) baptize in 1989, so i have been one for quite some time. I have been very active as a witness, going out from door to door and spreading the christian kingdoms message. I have given bible lectures before over a hundred in the congregation and is an advent student of the Bible. THough i have prospered so as a JW, for most of my service i have found myself interested in Islam. In the beginning it started off as a casual interest, moreso in the cultural practices of the Islamic community (late 80's to mid 90's), but as i grew and so did my mind, i find myself intensely drawn to the religion, an intensity that i cannot understand. I feel as if i am drawn to it. I have done much research and study on Islam in a serious manner within the past two years, and the more i read the more beautiful it becomes to me. The many facets of it that seems alluring (the five pillars). those that are of my faith JW's, that is my family, i dare tell any others, but my family continues to think i am lost and have said disparaging things like "You have the truth, why are you searching for something else," or they say "You should know better than this, you are going through a phase". Its very hard on me seeing that my whole being and life and worship has been molded as being a JW. Though JW's can drink moderately, i can truthfully say i have never drinked alcohol of any sort, nor smoked nor did any drugs since coming out of my mothers womb (thanks to my strict way of living, upon myself as well). So the religion has done good for me, but i am so perplexed as to why i am constantly being drawn to Islam the way i am. I hear bad about it and see bad on tv, though that doesnt move me, nor does it effect my desire. i know propoganda and those that practice falsely when i see it. I am even at the point where i would like to convert. but if i convert i will lose all my friends and most of my family, with the exception of my parents and sister and brothers. the scarey thing is i could also lose my WIFE, for she is so engrained in our JW religion that whenever i speak to her about Islam arguments errupt between us. She is so dead against it, even though she is palestinian and was raised by a muslim father, though he wasnt practicing right 100%, he allowed her and her sister to study with JW's and after he sadly died from a heart attack she than converted to JW. I am lost here, i can go the easy route and just drop my interest and stay a JW, constantly thinking back to my inquiries, or i can convert and lose so much i have built up. I am told that the muslim communitiy is not as loving as JW's, and not as brotherly. hmmm...not sure about that, i just need some advice and some answers. I know the final decision is mine, and i mean not to put a burden on no one, i just would like feed back from any who have understanding in this matter, who may even perhaps know about my dilemma as a JW, anyone who can just be of assistance. Thanks,
  2. A Pleasure To Be A Part

    This site is wonderful, especially for a chap like me :sl: I am presently a christian, but i have been drawn to Islam for quite some time now (over 2 decades). I have joined so that i might get more insight on the Islamic community. I am a simple man but love history, language (preferrably arabic), nature and art. I am looking for in getting to know all involved. thanks