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  1. Blessings Of Allah(swt) Are Descending On Somalia

    Allah(Swt) does not fail to shower His bounties on those who believe in and and fear Him alone. May Allah(swt) increase His blessings and bounties on them and the entire Muslim world.
  2. Jokes Of Prophet Muhammand (s.a.w)

    ^ Because this is the way Allah(swt) made humans.
  3. Jokes Of Prophet Muhammand (s.a.w)

    Although not absolutely necessary, it's still not inappropriate. It is just witty. The point isn't that every one of the Prophet (SAW)'s jokes meant to teach a specific lesson but that they were always of a clean nature, and not in violation of Islamic values. That is not to say we should not take it as a lesson that it is only allowed to joke in the same manner as the "best of mankind". The Prophet (SAW) was wise to know that it is beneficial to lighten the mood up every so often with some humor as opposed to being serious all the time. Allah(Swt) made the phenomena of 'laughter' a part of human nature and science has proven that laughter is one of the best medicines. The Prophet (SAW) wanted to make his followers aware to partake in a balance rather than staying serious 24/7 which can lead to emotional and even physical disturbances.
  4. I Have A Strange Problem

    I should still make it clear though that the main chronic and debilitating issue is the extremely heavy weight in my head, face and on my shoulders which in turn makes me constantly dizzy, and get frequent but mild headaches. My limbs also feel stiff and I always feel tired, despite how much rest I get. I'm glad the weather just got warmer though. I do better when its hot. The reccuring rash may not be related, according to the doctor I saw today. Hmm. He still wants to see me and talk again tomorrow. Still not really helpful though.
  5. I Have A Strange Problem

    Assalamu alaikum Abubakar, Thanks for your comments and suggestions. To answer your question, yes I do exercise. I consider walking as exercise lol because I walk a few miles a day just on campus alone i.e. from/to car(a fair distance) and to get from class to class which are often located in different buildings. I don't do aerobics as often as I used to because of the pressures increasing and hurting my head as I move which makes me feel very dizzy and sick. I even try to put a limit on how much I actually walk throughout the day as that alone is enough to exhaust me to the point where if I engage in too much physical activity one day, I will not be able to get up the next day and go to school. I get so easily exhausted that I have to pray sitting a lot of the time. Its weird, I know. I eat fruit (about 3 servings a day). I think more than that would be too much for my stomach and not to mention a bit expensive. 7-8 servings a day? Not with this economy... lol. I think there is a common myth about how much water, fruit, or vegetables one should drink or eat. Every person is different and needs an amount proportionate to their individual needs. Otherwise its just pushing it and can cause more harm than good. Don't you think so.? Even from an Islamic point of view. Gluttony is not good. :sl: As for how I feel emtoionally, generally no...nothing is missing except my health and wellbeing. I try to detach myself from the material world and am trying to be as sincere and devout a Muslim I can be . As for allergies, I'll give it a try, I just don't now what I could be allergic to as I eat very basic whole food. I actually saw a physician today lol... and told him about all this (yes another one, once again). And he was honest, and said he did not know but he knew what things he could rule out for sure. He started talking about how medical science does not always have the answer to everything , etc. He still wanted to see the rash for whenever it flares up again (it only last for 2-3 days and comes every month or two). But said we should talk more about it and I should get counselling (lolz). I don't think I need counselling as I've been dealing with this for quite some time and have coped and adjusted.
  6. Whats Up

    Assalamu alaikum I replied back sister. Can you give me the name of the movie. That is really amazing he ahd a similar problem. Are you from India? I travelled to India last summer. Beautiful place and people. :sl:
  7. Qur'anic Verses Appear On Dagestani Baby's Body

    Assalamu alaikum, Are you sure? Can you give more information supporting that allegation. According to Sheikh Imran Hossein, in many books of tafsir , it is recorded that a Khalifah sent an expedition in the 15th century to locate the barrier built by Dhul Qarnain (as). The expediiton returned with the news that the barrier was lying in ruins. It was located in a pass between the Caucusus Mountains. Moreover, in one of the Prophet(SAW)'s hadith, the Prophet woke up one morning and said "A hole has been made in the barrier" .. According to such info, it can be assumed that Gog and Magog were unleashed many centuries ago and are certain tribes of White Caucasians.
  8. Need Help, Girl Problem?, Attention To Sisters

    hey, assalam alaikum maybe she got engaged? or maybe she doesn't want rumors spread about her anymore (that she likes you)
  9. I Have A Strange Problem

    Assalamu alaikum In war with me :sl: Jazakallah for the reply. As I explained to MercyonMankind, I have analyzed a great deal and done a lot of research on it for many years. (Yes, that's how hopeless I am). I have heard and read about sihr, although I do not know if sihr is what I am suffering from. Imams have tried to help me in the past, and they diagnosed me with things ranging from a jinn in love or with sihr. Why am I the only person I know of that is like this then? Moreover, none of the treatments helped at all so that is why I am led to believe its not that. From what I have read, I have not seen any Islamic scholar mention that the symptoms I explained are related to or caused by sihr. You saw a movie about something similar? Can you please give me the name, it sounds like something I'd like to see. weird how he suffered from something similar.
  10. I Have A Strange Problem

    Assalamu alaikum MercyonMainkind I do not take any medications and my family and I always eat whole food (no junk), I also take like vitamin c and multivitamins (when I rememeber). What is somac by the way? I did a google search and I think it says it is an SSRI for depression. I wish it was as simple as changing the clothes I wear. It is actually a physical problem from within you know what I mean? Like a debilitating, chronic condition that I really suffer a lot of pain and discomfort from. I often have constant mild headaches and feel very dizzy and weak, not to mention in pain because of the severe weight and pressure The weight is concentrated mainly from shoulders up. My head feels as if a giant air bomb exploded in it and I feel an immense weight upon my shoulders. The strange thing is though, that despite I feel like this 24/7, no one notices and I prefer not to talk about it either because I'm sensitive to you know people saying insulting things and not believing me. Yet this is something that has been going on every second for a good 6 years + a few months. I have analyzed a great deal over the years about everything, but I just can't seem to find any answer. I was hoping perhaps someone else knew of someone like this or, better yet, is suffering from something similar and can explain what it is. I also really appreciate even feedback lol which is what you gave me, so thank you...I appreciate it. Thanks for the Ayah. Although, seeking treatment/sound health is encouraged in Islam, I think its important for me to also accept that since I have an unheard of condition and have not been able to find answers for so long, maybe its just my job to be patient and accept it? I don't know. Jazakallah khair.
  11. I Have A Strange Problem

    Okay, first I'll begin my greeting everyone : Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Baraktuh ! :sl: Next, I'll give you a brief intro to the problem I suffer from. But before that, I just want to note that the reason why I'm led to ask people on an internet forum is because many doctors have been unable to shed light about my problem. For the past 6 years, I have suffered from this strange problem. I have a lot of physical pressure within my head and face. I also have an extraordinary amount of "weight" on my shoulders espeically, and back in general. By weight I don't mean like pounds of fat (lolz) but I mean a very heavy "pressure". It is extremely bothersome for me. I also am very sensitive to the cold. Moreover, I get like a bad rash on the same spot on my back like every 1 or 2 months. The doctor said it might be eczema, however I respectfully disagree as I don't have any allergies to soap or shampoo and why would my whole body not get eczema?. My head and neck constantly feels a lot of force within and on top of it. It feels as though a very dense air is trapped inside my head, face, and neck, shoulders--that's where it's concentrated. My shoulders however, not only feel extreme weight but like a tearing pain many times (but not all the time). In my arms and limbs and rest of my body, I still feel that feeling of pressure as well (just not as extreme as in my head, face, neck, shoulders). I am only 20 years old and the problem intitiated when I was around 14. Over the years I have been checked by a neurologist, family physician, maxillofacial surgeon, psychiatrist, and even acupuncturist. I have done bloodwork for everything imaginable, EEG scanning, a CAT scan, and an MRI. The doctors can not diagnose me with any condition . Everything is always normal and fine and they just send me away thinking I've lost my mind. But that is not true! One thing I noticed that helps me to an extent is lying down. The pressure is alleviated to a degree. However, as soon as I get up (in a few seconds) I feel the same way again. OTC painkillers do not make any difference. I feel this unbearable physical pressure 24/7. It causes me fatigue, lethargy/weakness, constant dizziness/vertigo, anxiety, and an extreme intolerance to cold. Apart from all this, I live a normal life. I attend university, am one of the best students, am social, friendly, I pray salah, etc. No one knows about this except of course my family and the different doctors/professionals I have seen about it. When I was younger, I was really miserable because of the problem and it caused me much greivance to the point that it affected me socially. However, now I have taken a different approach wherein I don't ponder and lament much over it, rather I try to focus on the priorities which I have at this point in my life which is to be a good Muslim and complete my education successfully in order to be...financially independent. I anticipate your insights and advice regarding this.
  12. Whats Up

    Asslamu alaikum Hey, it's me weirdo6. I hope you're all well. I don't know what else to say? Will you let me post my topic now? lol :sl: