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  1. The Greatest Challenges Faced By Muslims

    Hi Canacolin I see where you are coming from but don't really agree. If we look at Islam it is practiced in many different ways according to cultural norms and interpretation but Islam itself remains the same. An example if I may: Rajm (stoning to death) for zina (illegal sexual intercourse). Islam is very specific about what is required to prove such a case, for instance the eye witness of 4 upstanding Muslims seeing actual penetration .. because the punishment is so harsh there must be very stringent rules to prove such a case and one has to wonder about the mindset of someone who would do this in public .. yet we have seen rape victims being sentenced to death, even though rape victims are not to be punished. In a way this speaks to your case, because the faith as it is followed in any given area is dependent upon local interpretation but the interpretation of those followers does not change the faith, only of their local practices. The faith and rules pertaining to it remain static, what we see in this example is a cultural norm (where a woman's honor is considered null and void even if she is raped) and the faith used to fit this cultural norm by taking one aspect of a ruling and ignoring the other aspects. This is not the religion itself, it is the abuse of that religion. It would only become religion if 100% of Muslim followers agreed that Islam calls for the death of rape victims but even then I would question whether the faith in essence has changed?! Can this not be said about science, medicine, politics, philosophy, etc? Could we hold views about important issues without believing we were right? Of course not but we must be willing to discuss others views and beliefs patiently and without disrespect, as UmmSuleiman exhibits. As you say you believe the world is a sphere .. would you not feel frustated having a discussion with the flat earth society?! I agree with you and I get dreadfully upset and angry when I hear of some things Muslims get up to in the name of Allah (swt). This is where my patient husband steps in and tries so hard to make me more like UmmSuleiman because I feel sure she sleeps better at night than I do. Not because she is uncaring but because she accepts she cannot change what is happening in another part of the world. Yes she can speak out against it but she doesn't have any influence over Muslims in Nigeria or Pakistan. There is also the issue of speaking on forums such as these, where we are bombarded with questions asking us to justify what Muslims in parts of the world we have never been to, nor understand culturally, are doing and it is impossible to do. So I respect UmmSuleiman's decision to not concern herself with such issues and care for the issues she can understand, explain and should expend her energy worrying about.
  2. The Best Advice You Could Give Yourself

    wa alekum salam Great question. From another fiery little soul it would be ... Listen more, speak less ... you are NOT always right [using large font size is not allowed]
  3. Marrying From A Foreign Culture .

    wa alikum salam I am married to someone of a differing culture and there are good and bad sides to such a marriage. Alhamdolillah I was muslimah for 3 years before I married, as I wanted a good Muslim husband and not one in name only looking for a visa to travel abroad. All marriage requires compromise and this is more so where differing cultures are involved. As I am sure we will all accept, culture plays a part in religious beliefs and interpretation even when we strive for truth, it is natural for your cultural upbringing to play it's part - we just have to look at the differences between Muslims in Arab countries to acknowledge this. When marriage involves people from different cultures these subtle differences in interpretation become more obvious. Of course these marriages can work, if entered into for the right reasons and alhamdolillah I have a wonderful husband who is very patient with me when I find something culturally strange or objectional and he works very hard to ensure I never feel left out or am offended by anything. However it is not all having fun learning a new language and customs, sitting in a room full of people you are unable to communicate with while they have fun can feel very isolating. Something as basic as food can be a problem after some time. Of course it's great to try new food but after 6 months of everything tasting hot and spicy you can go off it ... and of course it is the same for my husband and my bland barely salted food. Before marriage many things must be discussed and decided on, so they do not cause difficulties after the marriage and both parties have to be willing to compromise. A real plus to such a marriage is the respect that can grow, when we marry within our own culture we can take so much for granted, assuming the other party understands the world exactly as we do but in mixed culture marriages we have to learn and respect each others feelings and habits. It is not all plain sailing though and I would urge anyone considering this to talk, talk, talk and be totally honest before the marriage is agreed. Also remember that you may have some very negative views of their culture which you have picked up through the media ... ask difficult questions and research. Discuss how your behaviour may change when you visit your family, as this can be so subtle you don't notice it but to him/her it's like suddenly being married to a stranger .. so sort this out before the event. Salams
  4. salam aleikum I would like to recommend this book Thus Shall I Stand Before God : A Message to the Muslim Mind (Dr. Hassan Hathout) Even the title, as I walk past my bookshelves each day, jumps out at me and reminds me that one day I shall stand before Allah and I must act now to try to stand before him with pride. The book is a very good read and I would highly recommend it. Salams
  5. New Sister

    asalamu aleikum brothers and sisters I converted to Islam 5 years ago and married a Muslim brother 18 months ago. The obvious question, what brought me to Islam .... I wanted a better life, away from the sins that are now seen as normal life in the west. I love studying our religion and I hope jopining this forum will help me with my studies. salams