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  1. Teach And Learn

    Sorry but I wanted to add one more question and i couldn't edit my topic Q:I have many materials like books,Audio and videos to learn Arabic or Quraan or ... maybe it's enough,so why I need you or your Idea ? A:It's not enough to listen or to see while you don't speak ,and when you speak wrong the Vidio won't tell you it's wrong or right ,or maybe you can do it in another way and right but the book won't tell you more than what can you see or read ,but when some one talking to you,can see what you really need,and what's your mistake and can get for you an example to let it be more easy for you Thanks you , and i don't know if i can write my E-mail or not here but you can write here what you want or contact me and as you see my ID is adam12351 and maybe i will post my yahoo ID if it's necessary and it's ok Best wishes
  2. Teach And Learn

    ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã æÑÃãÉ Çááå æÈÑßÇÊå Alsalamu alikum W. B. Because we are muslims so we can help the other and wait nothing in return and our prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and our Islam asked us to learn and to know if it's about Islamic sciences or about the other from the languages ,computer sciences and so on but at the time we can care just about languages and for sure Quraan too That's why i'm here we can help each other even to start with one thing but let's go on and start by the way my mother language is Arabic, i can teach it and i know people who are native and in the same time specialist to teach Arabic language for non-native speakers and this Idea already working and there is classes to teach Arabic and another to memorize Quraan also for adobe flash,and learning English too ,but it's still need development And there are some questions you can ask like: Q:What can I do for that ? A:if you want to Study a language or sth else just let's know and will manage that and inform you about the times and how to be with us online using voice conference Q: Can i learn and join with you but have no time to teach anything ? A: Sure you can ,and you are welcome Q:I'm not free all the time but maybe i can help with little time is it ok? A: Sure it's ok even it will be just a hour per week ,but let's know about it Q:If i can make a class and teach my mother language ,is it ok to apologize and don't come? A: Sure it's ok and just let's know about it before the time to can find another one to replace you this time . ** Something else ,you can also teach or help with something even in irregular times or to help to teach when the mean teacher can't attend ** Q:Is the learning will be just oral ? A:No, we are trying to fellow good book which can be available online for free to can send it to all students and also to be with the teach,and the teach can suggest another material but be available for free to can send it to others,also we can make simple schedule to be with all too. Q: Who are you ? A: We are not an organization or sth like that ,but just we got a goal and trying to get Q:what's your goal? A:Nothing but only because we are muslims ,and we help each other and to be good example for non-muslims (Really it's the true) And now feel free to join to the Arabic class or Quraan but i just wanted to explain the Idea maybe there is someone can join and can join to our team work . If there is any more Question feel free to ask **Sorry because of the mistakes which you may find it in my English)** And sorry if I talked so much :sl: Kazakom Allah kol khair [using large font size is not allowed]
  3. Could Anyone Share A Cod 2 Key With Me?

    Salamu alikum Sorry i can't get you,maybe coz i don't know about it maybe if you can explain what are you looking for it may can be better ,this if you still looking for it Best regards
  4. Arabic Language Course

    And about the last question How can we learn Islamic obligatory knowledge while learning Arabic at the same time, and school ?! While learning Arabic which is the language of the Holy Quraan ,you also can know about what's necessary to know as a muslim ,and it's easy to ask about it ,just it can be really easy if only you really want to know .. sorry i didn't get you at "and school" if you mean learning Arabic in the school so i think it's easier if it's Islamic school ,sorry if i got you wrong about this point Best regards and Salamu alikum
  5. Arabic Language Course

    Al Salamu alikum Thanks a lot for this course it's looks so nice but actually i know Arabic,it's my mother language and I said my maybe I can help and it can be like a class if there are about 5 persons or it can be more and they want to learn Arabic ,we can fellow this book Al MAdina or i can recommend another for beginners and with using voice conference i think it can be much better to watch a video ,anyway it's just an offer totally for free, and if you can teach your mother language ,even for a hour per week will be kind of you and JazakaAllah khairan, if not you still so welcome actually it's a group call teach and learn , to help someone it's not required to wait sth in return that's because we are muslims Alhamdulilah Salamu alikum
  6. Salamu alikum I hope everything is ok , Actually it's the first time to have like this ,i mean i can't open the forum till i do all of these steps :sl: but i know it's a kind of protection of spams and so on My best to all of you ,and hope it will be Best regards Adam