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  1. I Have A Strange Problem

    Asalamu Aliekum Sister it may be that you have low vitamin D levels because I know that when I had low vitamin D levels my shoulders, face, neck, and back felt heavy and painul like I was so uncorfortable that I couldn't stay still whenbad muscle spasm I did lay down the pain decreased to an extent however was still there and I had to constantly change positions it's like I had bad muscle spasm which made me think that if I clicked my neck or back that everything would feel better and the pain would go away. Anyways Allah knows best just have faith in Allah and be patient remember this life is short and is just a test and for Allah's (swt) ritesous, pious slaves waits jannah and glad tidings Im 17 and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 16, I have learned to live with it and to cope with it and acept it as it is Allah's decree Sister always be optimistic what helps me when Im feeling down is remembering all the ni'mah and bounties Allah (swt) has bestowed on me. Just think of how Allah has blessed. Imagine all the people who are in even a worse situation then you and I people who are disabled, blind ect. Alhamdulilah Allah has bestowed his blessings on us. Do you want to know a hadith that will make you forget about your pain and think about the reality that awaits us Narrated in Bukhari and Muslim: Allah will say, Send forth those who are destined for hell? Adam (pbuh) will say.Who are those? ...Allah will say Out of every thousand, 999 go to hell and 1 to paradise". - Bukhari 6:60:265 Just imagine 999 people out of every 1000 destend for hell May Allah help us Sister may Allah remove this pain from you Ameen Sister also make dua for me that i become one of Allah's ritious pios slaves who recieve His glad tidings and that I may stop wasteing time and value time more as this life is a test and we will be held accountable for every action we do on the day of Judgment Asalamu Aliekum
  2. Asalamu Aliekum Everyone My name is Amal and I just became a new member of this forum