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  1. Online Shop For Hijab Pins & Brooches With Magnets

    Salam again :sl: I just want to inform you that we have many new designs for hijab pins with magnets in our shop. Just look there if you are interested: magnettuchhalter.de/epages/61720842.sf/en_US/ We already had many customers from the USA, the UK and from many other countries inside and ouside Europe. Thank you so much for your faith in us if you are one of them. Have a nice time Nooria from Germany
  2. Salam :sl: I just want to inform you about our little German online shop. We are not so well-known outside Europe. So I try to inform you about us. We offer hijab pins, scarf pins and brooches not with needles but with magnets since 2008. Of course in English and of course you can pay in USD via PayPal. We are shipping worldwide for low shipping charges. It was not possible to post links for me. I always got the message (...too long). So please Google for: magnetic brooches You will find magnettuchhalter.de in English there as one of the first search results. A good reason to order at the moment is the beneficial exchange rate EUR to USD and we have many bargain offers during spring and summer this year! All prices between $3.90 and $8.10 - cheap - cheap - cheap ! Love and peace Nooria
  3. Salam From Germany

    Salam :sl: I want to give some information about me. I am an Afghan woman living and married in Germany with a German. I am 51 years old. I live in Germany for about 30 years now. I am interested in fashion jewelry. We have a little online shop. Perhaps later more about this. Love and peace to everybody Noora