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  1. Writing A Book, Need Some Advice

    Thanks, yeah, I meant the transliteration, how I'd write it in english, so thanks a ton!
  2. Writing A Book, Need Some Advice

    Thank you so much! Just to clarify, what would be the most accurate romanization of this word? Since you said that, as I had come to suspect, V and O aren't part of normal Arabic, I'm guessing that it would be romanized with other letters, an I'm just curious what those would be. Again, I really appreciate your help with this!
  3. Writing A Book, Need Some Advice

    Yeah, I was worried that it would sound a bit dodgy, lemme give a bit of explanation: See, my book is a work of post-apocalyptic fiction, and the nature of it is such that religion would get mentioned quite frequently, so I took the opportunity to make my story's universe have a completely different set of religious beliefs than the real world, so it's kind of an "alternate earth" piece of fiction. This would be the primary religion of the middle-east in this universe. Long story short, one of this religion's teachings is that the three worst sins one can commit are Rape, Slavery, and lying to children to frighten them and keep them in line. As this is such a grave sin, the founder of this religion invented a word for it, so the horrific trio of sins is known as "Rape, Slavery and Vorak." Another thing I'd like to point out is that I can give you my word that this book portrays the arab world in a positive light, and I have no desire to be insulting or offensive, which is why I want to make sure about this word.
  4. Writing A Book, Need Some Advice

    I've done a bit of research using the very helpful tutorials on this forum, and I've concluded that the word uses two letters with no arabic equivalents (V and O). Just wondering on the off chance that it's true, is there already a word in Arabic for "lying to children and frightening them to keep them in line"? It's incredibly specific and obscure, so I have my doubts, but just want to check. And if there isn't already a word for it, does anybody have a suggestion for a good fictional Arabic word for it i could use?
  5. Writing A Book, Need Some Advice

    Well I wouldn't make any claims of it being a real arabic word, I'd make it clear that the word was invented by the founder of that religion, one which is unique to this book's universe. I just want to check for plausibility, in that the word isn't already taken, and that it could be a real word. I've found myself being very careful about the words I use, out of a fear of sounding offensive, as that is not my intention, and I apologize if I've come across as that.
  6. Hey everybody, I'm writing a book, and in it there is a religion based in the arab world. The founder of that religion invented an arabic word. It's not a real word, but I want to check with people who know arabic to make sure of a couple of things: 1: The word, or a word pronounced exactly the same way, doesn't already exist in arabic 2: The word is actually linguistically accurate, and how it would be spelled in arabic The word would be written in english as "vorak", and would be pronounced like the first two syllables of "Morocco" but with a V, and it translates to "lying to children and frightening them to keep them in line." Basically, the founder of this faith felt that that was such a grave sin that it needed a word to convey it succinctly, so people could call other people out on it without their sentences becoming awkward. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated :)
  7. Why Doesn't Allah Help Us?

    So how do you define evil? And how evil do you think I am?
  8. Why Doesn't Allah Help Us?

    Are you saying everybody who isn't a muslim is wicked, and that's why they disbelieve? What about the tenth plague, the one where the firstborn children of Egypt were killed? Were the children being punished? And if it was their parents, why inflict a punishment that hurt people who weren't being punished?
  9. Why Doesn't Allah Help Us?

    This personally confuses me, because I read several passages in the Qur'an that seem to indicate that Allah intentionally hardens the hearts the unbelievers, and isn't that forcing them into a certain opinion? Also, with the example of Egypt, what exactly was gained by sending the plagues to force Pharaoh to let them go, at the cost of the lives of so many blameless egyptian children? Was the lesson the hebrews learned really worth those lives?
  10. Why Doesn't Allah Help Us?

    What were the political positions of the two groups? Can you provide more information? I think the answer almost certainly lies there, in what the groups were advocating.
  11. Is There Anything You Could Not Do For Allah?

    Pardon? Are you saying my claim is in contradiction of evidence?
  12. Is There Anything You Could Not Do For Allah?

    Oh I have no intention of dodging any questions. What "unscientific" claim did I make? And how do you define "Scientific"? I just want to make sure we're on the same page.
  13. Is There Anything You Could Not Do For Allah?

    Nice use of skepticism! You are correct, my experience that heterosexuals don't get these "urges" is anecdotal and based on my life experience, but seeing as you haven't shown any studies that demonstrate that it IS a temptation, my anecdotal evidence, however weak, is currently the strongest evidence put forward in this discussion regarding whether or not homosexuality is actually a temptation in the matter. Actually, it's occurred to me that we've gone far off topic in this thread, but I wish to continue this discussion, so I think I'll make a new topic for discussion of homosexuality.
  14. Is There Anything You Could Not Do For Allah?

    What sinful actions? The sinful actions you're referencing are the spread of AIDS, so what exactly did homosexuals do that was so evil before AIDS?
  15. Which Was The True Faith Before Muhammad?

    The definitions for Mushlam that I've found are "perfect" and "peace." Can you point me to a hebrew translation dictionary that translates it as Muslim? Also, how are you sure it doesn't mean "perfect"?