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  1. Dear Brothers, I write this message in great distress. What I have been going through for the past 8 months or so, I would not even wish it for the worst of my enemies. To some of you, this might be hilarious and you may laugh or even make mockery of me. However, only my Allah knows that whatever I am going to state here is true and a harsh reality. I, my mother and brother live together. My father passed away long time back. I am 28 years of age now. When I was 26, I often had dreams in which I used to have an intercourse with different women. These women were very beautiful and attractive. When I got up, I felt satisfied and my clothes were all wet. Since I was young, I assumed it as my body's natural lust for sex. Nevertheless, I had a feeling that these dreams and the sexual activity that occurs in the night had something unusual about it. At that point of time, I did not paid much attention to it and the daily hustle and bustle of life kept me away from the issue. I discussed the matter with friends and they made mockery of me. The mockery and fun made me reluctant to discuss the matter with anyone else. An year back, I got married to the daughter of my mother's cousin. Prior to the marriage, I had seen a woman in my bathroom. She was average in looks and dressed in black. She had a smile on her face. Her feet were huge and all turned; not like humans. I literally fainted and screamed. My family members rushed to my rescue. I told them the matter. My mother asked me to offer SALAH and asked me to do some ZIKR. I started doing it and felt better. Then the big day came. The joy of marriage made me forget almost everything. On the first wedding night, my wife behaved in a way which I could have never anticipated. She got rude and pushed me away whenever I wanted to get close to her. I got upset and discussed the matter with my mother. My mother talked to my wife. Astonishingly, my wife said that she didn't even knew what she had done with me the last night. Every time I made NIYYAH for intercourse with my wife, something unusual happened. Things started to go worse. Me and my wife started to hear screams from the bathroom. We also use to hear a woman laughing loudly outside my bedrooms window. Moreover, whenever I used to go for intercourse with my wife, I used to see horrifying faces in front of my eyes. I used to hear screams mostly. Me and my wife got so scared that we had to quit sleeping in our bedroom. We started to sleep in my mother's bedroom. My mother got worried about the issue. Me and my wife started praying 5 times a day. We read the Quran thoroughly and started doing ZIKR. We tried almost everything but we could not get rid of the evil jinni. We went to different people who suggested us to do strange things. For instance, burn some kind of oil at midnight etc. One of them gave us pieces of paper with strange writing on it. Another said that he will come to our house and do an act “AMAL†that would clear everything. He demanded 40000 PKR. Honestly, whatever was recommended to us, me and wife did not subscribe to it. These were unislamic practices and we had reservations about them. It has been 8 months, I and my wife were not able to do an intercourse whereas, I am sexually active and medically fit. My wife has now left me and asked for divorce. My wife's relatives and parents are accusing me that I am impotent and not fit for marriage. I have been socially victimized. At this point, my matrimonial life has been completely ruined. What I have been hearing, no man can bear to hear. It is bitter to say, but, the Shaitan has won. My marriage is dissolved. However, the only thing that I have is faith. I firmly believe that this is temporary and shall pass. Now I plan to get married again but I need to cure this. I need assistance and help. How do I get rid of this permanently? If I pray, it goes away only temporarily, but then returns. At times, I still experience the same sexual activity. It’ll b e cured only when Allah’s will is there. At this forum, I just seek your advice and assistance. I have been playing Surat Baqarah regularly in my house. Things have improved, but I know for a fact that the Devil is still there. .
  2. Thank you! The website is definitely a great source of help and looks reliable. I do not fear the jinn as much as I fear getting into the hands of wrong people (magicians, sorcerer etc) Also, there is one more thing that I'd like to ask, 1. Can such a possession affect other areas of your life, such as Business, your earnings and success Relations (Brother, sister, mother and father [friends and family] ) Personality (as in temperament, habits etc) Your luck or destiny (May be you could have achieved something if you were influenced by such a possession)
  3. WAS Abu Zakariyah, Thank you for showing continuous concern. I do not believe in Taweez for the Prophet SAW never did anything of such sort. Sometimes my IMAAN is HIGH and I become good in AMAL, sometimes my IMAAN is LOW and I become bad in AMAL. Does that mean if at anytime, I am LOW in IMAAN and do a ZIKR, it will not be effective ? I'd like to have your say on 2 more questions. I'll appreciate, 1. How do I determine whether this is caused by a witchcraft (magic spell) or is it a mere possession? 2. The question is that if a particular AYAH is meant for something else and I mistakenly read it for a different purpose, would it affect me negatively ?
  4. There is one more thing that I'd like to ask, it is slightly technical though, How do I determine whether this is caused by a witchcraft (magic spell) or is it a mere possession? Does the reading of Quran can affect you negatively. For instance, There are different Ayahs for witchcraft and while reading those AYAHs your NIYYAH is "Cure from Witchcraft" If you are possessed, then there are different Ayahs for it and your NIYYAH is different. The question is that if a particular AYAH is meant for something else and I mistakenly read it for a different purpose, would it affect me negatively ?
  5. WAS, Thank you for showing concern. I have no complain from my Allah. I am contented with whatever has happened and will happen. I just have one question to which I am unable to find an answer. 1. For 7 months, I and my wife offered SALAH 5 times a day and on time. We did almost everything to somehow get away from this EVIL jinn. 2. We used to get up at Fajr, read Yaseen and Ar rehman. After ASAR, we used to read WAQIAH. Before Sleep, we read MUZATAIN, 4 Surahs + Ayat-ul- Qursi and Surat MULQ. Yet, we were attacked in the night. The time always was between 2 AM and 5 AM. I often used to wake up with a scream. 3. My Allah knows, we did not went to any Magician. My relatives referred us to different people which I know for a fact were magicians. I have a faith, it is Allah who can cure only and no one else. I don't need to go anywhere but to HIM. 4. My question is that how can the Shaitan win? I and my wife for 7 months did everything almost to prevent it. However, at the end of 8 months, I find that my marriage is broken and I am accused of being impotent by the girls parents. I humbly seek an answer to this from my Lord Allah SWT, Why ? They used to say to my wife "Just get rid of that guy. Whatever is on him, may also harm you".