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  1. ~ Touched ~

    Thank you for the kind welcome. I'll try and explain more of my story. It all began on October 7th, 2007. I was sitting in my bedroom and suddenly was overwhelmed by this feeling that I was in '' Heaven '' -- after this feeling I instantly thought '' omg - I passed the test of life? '' and I began to cry. I have been through much pain in my life but always held on to the hope that there was a brighter future for me. Anyway, this is just the beginning really. I'll admit that Allah put me through many tests after that moment in time and it caused me to lose touch with reality and I got into trouble with the law. I regret it with all my heart as I feel like I blew a lot of what I had coming for me. I won't get into many details for now as I am merely here to give hope to the believers and I do not wish to make people envious with some of the signs that Allah revealed to me. All I can tell you is about 1 month after I got into trouble with the law -- I was out on bond -- and I was at my sisters house. I took a nap at about 2 pm in the afternoon and when I woke up from that nap I felt this pain on my left palm. Well, of course it got my attention so I turn my palm over and there was a small red dot dead center in the middle of my palm. Of course at the time I took this as a sign from God ( or now as I call him Allah ) that maybe he hasn't forsaken me? But after reading the Quran it says that we are assigned 2 angels - the one of the left records bad deeds and the one on the right records good deeds. I always wonder if maybe he chose my left hand because I got into trouble? I dunno... All I can say is the red dot was not bleeding but it was painful to the touch. Anyway, I feel as it was a sign from Allah and I am sure he has forgiven me over and over for doing what I did that night as what he put me through was a lot. It says that Allah is most merciful -- Ample in Forgiveness. And I do believe this with all my Heart. I am only a Man... I am not a Saint and I made a big mistake. I only pray for mercy on the day of Judgement and I am afraid of Allah... Again, this is a little of my story and just a few of the signs Allah blessed me with. I only wish it will strengthen Muslims faith in their lord as Allah is the one true God -- the only one -- free of all wants and worthy of all praise! =)
  2. Hi... I am Matt. I have only been a Muslim for about a year now. I have had many unexplainable experiences in my life and this led me to truth-seeking for answers. I have found all my answers in the Holy Quran. My struggle in life has been epic and for this I was blessed with bliss. All praises due to Allah. I am not willing to share all my experiences at the moment as most will just mock me as a delusional madman who lives in a fantasy world but all I am willing to tell you that I was '' touched '' by something that is greater than mankind. Ever since that day I have been blessed with a sense of inner-tranquility that nobody can phase. It says in the Holy Quran that Allah will not allow a burden to be greater than the soul can bare... This must be somewhat true in my case although I don't understand why some people commit suicide... perhaps they never lived as righteously as I have and that is why they weren't blessed like me? Who knows -- only Allah knows, really. Anyway, stay strong. Sometimes this struggle seems endless but our time on Earth is short compared to our time with Allah... this is true for everyone... Thanks for reading and perhaps someday I will be willing to share some of the signs that Allah the merciful allowed me to see with my own eyes... ~ Matt
  3. Matt From Michigan

    I've come to this forum to gain knowledge and share knowledge with others. Allah Akbar =)