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  1. The War On Homosexuality.

    [ name=Redeem' date='Aug 4 2011, 02:36 PM' post='1242599] You can love the person, but despise their actions. I said God loves unconditionally. I'm not God, although a greatwer aspect op me, and you is connected as a part of God. Homosexuality doesn't hurt your children, or you. You are a highly judgemental person. Jesus said. "Judge not lest ye be judged". I think you should live in an Islamic state. I guess though, you do fit in well in the bible belt with regards to this subject. You never listen, do you? A person who believes that what they believe is the ultimate truth is arrogant.You and all the born again Christians are 6 of one, half dozen of the other. Set in your ways, stubborn and dillusional. I did not say I do the opposite. You are making stuff up to suit yourself. The information is out there and not just on the internet. If you searched, you'd find it. But we all know, that won't happen. You really don't read well.You spout off the opposite of what I say. I will always believe God and Jesus are unconditionally loving. Humans like you, put human coditions on our Godess, the Creator, and her son, Jesus. I talk to God every day, many times a day. I don't need religious ritual to do that. The Creator is the most intimate relationship anyone can have. This coming from the guy who believes that God is a she because religious books call Him "He", that God and Jesus love criminals and that karma exists. Talk about flinging stones from a glass house. Again you show that you only read what you want hear. I said God is neither male or female, yet is both. Open your mind and hear what I'm saying. BTW, I am perfectly aware that you, egged on by your new friend, Sulaiman, keep sighting me for infractions at a daily rate, because you don't like dissent. That's ok. I know my time with you is comming to an end. Sa
  2. France Bans Niqab/burqa

    [name=SaracenSoldier' date='Aug 4 2011, 04:38 PM' post='1242603] Yes, but you do often sound like a Jew hater(often disguised as anti israeli) The people of Egypt may chose the Muslim Brotherhood and then pick a fight with israel. I don't owe anyone an apology.
  3. Continued From Islam In France

    I feel my tone in my first reply was maybe too agressive. I apologize. I would like you to answer it, though. Thank you.
  4. The War On Homosexuality.

    Ok. We all have sprung from the Creator. We are all beings of light, who incarnate into human bodies, although many of us have lived on other planets, throughout our ancient existence. The God of the old testement was a not very nice. Maybe he/she/it was an alien. People channel spirit all the time, same as Mohammed purportedly did. There's a trillogy called "AConversation With God". ?It's a huge best seller. Who knows who this man was really channeling , through automatic writing. Some say it was God, some say it was his Christ Consciousness. I'll tell you one thing. The (GOD?) in his books resonates with me and millions of others more than the God of the holy books. His books are not the basis of my beliefs. Why would Mohammed be the last one God channels through? Why did God only talk to people in those times? ( the questions are rhetorical). Maybe there's a veil over the conciousness of the planet in order to hide our true selves from us. Christians believe Jesus was the Son of God. Many believe we are all the sons/daughters of God. Maybe the demons or Jinn are really aliens, with an agenda, living in another dimension. Maybe your god is an alien(you're not puting words in my mouth). Maybe this planet is just really a school or a prison. Maybe we all reincarnate beause we're stuck here. Maybe we all choose our lives and circumstances to experience and grow. Some say holocaust victims came back as WASPS(not the insect) so life would be better this time. You see, these are all possibilities. Your holy book was just a channeling to a special phsycic guy living 1400 years ago. Others set up a religion after his death. Jesus probbly did not mean to set up a religion, but possibly came to rid mankind of it. Why would I saddle myself with the scriptures of one religion, when there are so many possibilities? Why suffocate myself, when my heart tells me not to? You are welcome to your beliefs and I am perfectly entitled to my possibilities?
  5. France Bans Niqab/burqa

    Iran is an Islamic state. The people don't want it though. Just asked the hundreds of thousands living in other lands. I will throw you a bone though. I'm aware that the CIA is responsible for a great deal of problems in the world, but each country has to take responsibility for its own failures. Only the people of those lands can change things.
  6. France Bans Niqab/burqa

    You are a perfect example of why religion should not exist. It breeds hatred, and you've got it in spades. Muslims are responsible for their own failures. Look in the mirror and stop blaming everyone else. It's pathetic. Throughout history, every religion has shown brutality. Will it ever stop? It will stop when religions die off.
  7. Continued From Islam In France

    Would you extend the coutesy to western women if they wanted to step foot in Saudi Arabia? Would they be allowed to not cover their heads? Would a Christian be allowed to display a cross? I have talked to many Muslims and read heard them on the radio and seen them on tv, saying that the niquab, burqua, and even hijab, is not an obligation, but is cultural. Millions of Muslim women in the world do not wear any of them. Why should I believe you, and not them?
  8. The War On Homosexuality.

    [ name=Redeem' date='Aug 3 2011, 06:22 PM' post='1242570] Yes, I believe so. He would not, though, approve of the actions of a pedophile. I believe he would hold a pedophile, who did not act on his compulsions, in high regard. You are just showing your ridiculous notion that homosexuality equates to pedophilia. I use the term She because religious books, having been written in an ancient time, which was highly patriarchal, refer to God as He. I really don't believe God has a sex, yet has both. Do you really believe that the holy books of the major religions are the only books or sources of information on the planet? Islam will die. A new age is dawning. There will be no room for outdated and limiting beliefs. It's only arrogant to say that what you believe, is the truth. I have never said that. In fact, I have always stated that the truth for me can change and what I believe, in the present is only what I believe. That is not arrogance. It is a realization, that what I happen to believe is not the end all-be all. You believe your religion is the truth. If you believed in another religion, you'd be saying the same about it. So, you see, the truth, in your mind, really only comes from your mind. It is subjective. Salam.
  9. The War On Homosexuality.

    Absolutely. The world 's knowledge about technologies and belief systems has sped up tremendously in the last 70 years, compared to the slow grind of the centuries past. New ideas about our existence are emerging. Millions of people are thinking for themselves. The veil around our prison planet is lifting and a new era is dawning. Your religion was meant for its time, and there are some very good aspects to it, but taking anything literally from 1400 or 2000 years ago is not progressing in thought. Yes, your religion is doomed to the wastebasket of history, along with other religons of course. They are only there to control you. Free your mind.
  10. France Bans Niqab/burqa

    I should have said "punks" Saudi royal family, Yemmen leadership, Taliban, Khadaffi, Irans' leadership, Syrian dictator, Sudan etc.. Now, there are plenty of non muslim punks out there also, but we're talking about muslim states at present. Any dictator owns the people of his country.Salam.
  11. Christianity Simplified

    Believe me, I'm not worried.
  12. The War On Homosexuality.

    No, pedophilia and homosexuality are nowhere on the same level. Pedophiles, if they act upon their compulsions are doing great harm to a child. If a homosexual acts the same way as a straight person and has consentual relations with another legal age person, then there is no harm. Where did you say anything about loving a pedophile? I'm stating an opinion, based on my present belief system, which is always evolving. The one thing that I absolutely know to be true, is that: Every time I come to a new understanding and open a new door, I see that there is so much more I actually don't know. I do believe that religion will be rendered useles in the comming age. Thank God for that. I didn't say I'm right. I just don't believe that you are. Eventually, the truth will be known when we all return to the Godhead. My definition of worshipping the creator is to experience for Her. That is why we exist. I can't prove it, just like you can prove nothing about your belief system.You might say"It's in the Qur'an.. That might be proof to you, but not to billions of others. This is what I mean by arrogance. A person changes religion and states"I've found the truth-this time" Someone else thinks they've found the truth in their holy book. Wow, so many people who are right. It comes down to individual human beliefs based on personal experiences. Believe what you must. I am comfortable with my beliefs at present, but I'm open to having them change. Salam.
  13. France Bans Niqab/burqa

    Aucontraire, I think it is the point.
  14. France Bans Niqab/burqa

    I'm pretty sure we're talking about the present, and individual states, not an empire. You can't live forever off long ago glory days. The fact is that TODAY, most, not all Muslim states are backwards and often brutal, regarding human rights and democracy. As I have stated before, the luckiest Muslims were the ones that stayed in India, rather than Pakistan, a state that is a total failure.
  15. Christianity Simplified

    Don't put words in my mouth. BTW, you must be doing a good job getting me kicked off this board. I'm at 60% now. Ever since you came on, it's sped up. Thanks professor.