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  1. Creation Of The Universe

    "Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds" --"worlds" Remember we cannot really comprehend everything in the Quran and even if you read the same passage a million times, it still brings about awe bordering on utter fear. God already tells us that there are other planets out there with life...like ours? in a seperate universe...maybe our universe was one of the final to be created? are there other universes in different dimensions with other humans given the same Quran to live by? who knows except Allah. All science can tell us is how old the THIS universe is, but who knows maybe universes have been forming and destroying since God existed..which is forever.
  2. Salam all. I am 20 years and just last year I began have serious doubts about Islam, being born a muslim, it never occured to me that there could be other truths. I decided to research other religions and found.....Spiritual Satanism... Being "spiritual" was always something i was deeply interested in but since i was not praying 5 times a day..the spiritual aspect of "spiritual" Satanism made me go "wow". At the time I was quite angry at God...(cannot remember why) and decided to research into Spiritual Satanism some being.. Being convinced of the blasphemies and false truths in showed me I decided to "dedicate" my soul to Satan. Within the first month of being a Satanist I felt an overwhelming sense of power and i was full of self praise. I practiced Demonic rituals, contacted demons and blasphemed ALL PROPHETS AND GOD. 2 months down the track...things changed...the voices I heard in my head would not go away...The power of these Godless Spirits changed in me, no longer do I feel "power" but I felt a overwhelming sense of COMPLETE AND UTTER HOPELESSNESS. (+a whole lot of other punishments from God, my life was falling apart) Afraid of God, I swallowed my pride and fell to my knees and begged God to forgive me. Although I now pray 5 times a day, and repent after everything, I feel his presence in my life, even if im lonely and scared, i know that having faith in Allah most gracious most merciful is the only way. Not only did reading the Quran give me more faith but when the demon in my head told me "Do NOT worship God because he is not your God" it proved to me that God is there and God exists for sure. =)
  3. Hey

    Salam brothers and sisters.. im 20 years old male...and live in Melb/Aus.. I like debating religion =D.. well i guess this is it lol =)