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  1. Shaikh Sulaiman Moola

    A highly intellectual and witty orator. His Arabic & English skills are superb.
  2. So, Who's Right?

    :salam: Although the opinions on this speech are diversed, as some claim he was trying too much to please everyone. But it's definitely worth the time to watch this and enlengthen your horizont. Jazak'Allah khayran.
  3. Habil (as) And Kabil (as)

    I'm sure none of both were Prophets, so is it correct to say/write "Alayhis Salam" after Habil and especially Kabil? Excuse me for splitting hair, but you made me curious.
  4. Die Drei Eigenschaften Der Anbetung

    Jazak'Allah khayr. Ein sehr schöner Beitrag. Heute sind wir so vernarrt darin miteinander über die äußerlichen Aspekte des Islams zu streiten, das wir ganz vergessen haben, dass der Islam auch viele innere Aspekte bietet. Hoffnung in Allah, Ehrfurcht vor Allah und Liebe zu Allah sind genauso Pflicht wie das Gebet, die Zakah oder die Pilgerfahrt. Subhan'Allah, die Gelehrten sagen sogar, dass die Hoffnung in Allah zu verlieren dem Kufr sehr nahe kommt (wenn nicht sogar Kufr bedeutet). Und genauso sind Hochmut, Neid und Hass so Haram wie Stehlen, Unzucht und Lügen. So sehr sogar, dass eine Person, indessen Herz sich nur ein Korn (oder Atom) von Hochmut befindet, nicht einmal das Paradies riechen wird. Obwohl der Duft des Paradieses auf 500 Jahre Entfernung gerochen werden kann. Subhan'Allah, möge Allah uns alle vor dem Kibr und Takabbur bewahren.
  5. Do You Pray Tahajjud?

    Just an advise for everyone and myself: If you can't manage to stand up during short summer nights, then perform a few Raka'ats of Tahajjud directly after 'Isha. Tahajjud time starts instantly after 'Isha, although the later part of the night is more meritous. May Allah enable us all to hold fast to our obligatory duties and at the same time to perform more voluntary deeds.
  6. The Usage Of As-salamu Alaykum

    You should definitely look further into the teachings of Islam, because you will by the will of Allah find many more beautiful teachings to enhance your life. Following the path of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) does not only guarantee eternal bliss in the Hereafter, but as well tranquility and contenment in the life before death already.
  7. Al-mawt

    Jazak'Allah khayr. A good reminder.
  8. Virtues Of Tahajjud

    There was one of the pious predessors, who had a slave-girl. The slave would spend the nights standing infront of Allah in Salah. One night, her master heard her supplicating: "By the love You have for Me, oh Allah..." And he was astonished at this and reprimanded her: "Don't say this, rather say by the love I have for You. Because you don't know if Allah loves you." So she replied to this: "If He did not love me, he would have not enabled me to wake up and stand in prayer and let you asleep." He had no reply to this and I don't remember exactly, if he even freed her upon this. May Allah enable us all to taste the pleasure of Tahajjud on a regular basis. Ameen.
  9. How To Learn Quran With Tajweed

    I think the point to learn from a qualified teacher should be stressed much in our age of "do it yourself"!
  10. Your Post Was Too Long!

    I guess newbies are not allowed to post links or use certain tags, that's why.
  11. Videos In Deutsch

    Sheikh Ahmed Ali über die äußerst billige "Knarre des Takfir": [youtube=]U3zJjgR5fIY[i'm not allowed to use this tag yet]
  12. Assalamu 'alaykum Wa Rahmatullah

    I just wanted to introduce me. I'm from Germany and hope to insha'Allah soon have access to the rest of the forums and participate in beneficial discussions.