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  1. Most of my life I've never done anything religious, the most i ever did was go to church weddings and funerals. I was first introduced to Islam a few years ago (i'm 15 now). My mum met my stepdad at work and he introduced her to Islam. She became a muslim and she married my stepdad. I didn't really know anything about Islam at the time and I thought it was all about the taliban and bombers. But my stepdad taught me about Islam and he was always real patient. Mum wanted me to go much quicker but I know she just wanted what was best for me :sl: I've never really thought much about religion in the past but i've always been curious about how it all started. I found more answers in Islam than I found anywhere else. So i did my shahada at the Masjid on the 12th Feb this year. It was a real amazing moment and i'm real happy i did it. I have to admit that I find some things pretty tough. I always used to wear jeans and tops but that's all been replaced with modest clothes and I have to wear hijab everywhere from now on. I thought i'd end up wearing hijab sooner or later but things have been moving fast and there have been loads of other changes. But it's probably better to be modest and i've attracted less bad attention. Overall my life has changed for the better and i'm taking thing one step at a time :sl:
  2. Hi Everyone!

    My name's Sarah, i'm 15 and i live in england. I live with my mum (revert) and my stepdad and stepsister (not reverts). I'm a revert and i've been muslim for not very long at all, only a few months. My mum's been muslim for longer but i'm still pretty new to this. I'm getting the hang of things and wanted to find a place to talk to other muslims (especially reverts) about stuff. I'm glad i'm a muslim now but things can seem a bit daunting at times and i've found some things hard but i'm taking everything one step at a time and tryin to be a better muslim. Nice to meet you all! :sl: