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  1. Seriously, Isn't The Source Of The Qur'an In Doubt?

    Assalamu Alalkium, (most of this is for the sake of argument, please disregard anything that comes of as strange..this is a logic I presented the other day in my Religious Beliefs class when strangely enough this exact same topic was brought up) I do not wish to step on any toes by posting this in the middle of this argument; but Truth Seeker if as you say Islam was created by Shaytan, then why would we be taught a dua to seek refuge in Allah swt from Shaytan? If Shaytan created Islam you would think this would be left out as it more or less negates his goal. Okay, so we are both in agreement in the existence of One God (call Him what you will, for the sake of argument, we agree He exists). We are also, obviously from the content of this post, in agreement in the existence of Shaytan (call him what you will) So, if you acknowledge the existence of evil ie. Shaytan, then there must the the existence of good ie Allah swt. So, by this logic if you seek refuge from Shaytan in Allah swt then even if for the sake of argument you call Allah swt by another name you would be seeking refuge in the opposite of Shaytan ie. The evil with the Good ie Allah swt. So therefore, you would be going against what you can safely and logically assume Shaytan would like you to do. (brothers and sisters do not be angry at this next comment, this is not my opinion, just merely something brought up for the sake of this argument, I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS) So, if as you say Shaytan create this religion Islam he did a very poor job of doing so being that in the end, you still worship your one and only creator Allah swt, or whatever your preferred name for Him may be. If, for the sake of argument, Shaytan was the "angle Jibreel" as you say, and since he Shaytan can only act by Allah's swt will (as is the case with everything created by Allah swt) he Shaytan in thinking he was misguiding created guidance by Allah's swt will. Therefore, by your own argument, Allah swt created Islam. Do you see what I am trying to say? I hope I am expressing myself clearly enough. (Again, I do not believe this, I believe the Angle Jibreel, sent to Prophet Muhammad saw delivered the verbatim word of God. There is no God but Allah swt, and the Prophet Muhammad saw is the Messenger of Allah swt!) Hopes this helps
  2. I've Finally Converted!

    Alhamduillah! Congrats Sister! May you find great comfort and peace in Islam, inshAllah. Best of wishes to you!
  3. assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, Salam Brothers and Sisters. Alhamduillah I am very happy to have found this forum, as many Islamic forums I have stumbled upon have been sketchy or questionable; and this seems to be a very nicely run forum inshaAllah. I am not sure what to really post in this introduction, maybe I will just briefly introduce myself, inshaAllah. I am a Muslim revert Alhamduillah living in the USA, Ohio. I am studying a dual major of World Religions with a concentration in Islamic Studies and Linguistics with a concentration in Arabic. I hope to make hijrah to an Islamic country to teach English to Arabic Speakers, and Arabic to English speakers inshaAllah. Allah swt has blessed me with a wonderful spouse Alhamduillah, children to come inshaAllah. I hope to continue my studies at Sh. Hamza Yusuf's School in Berkley California inshaAllah, but that depends on how long studies at this university take to finish. I really am not sure what else to post, my life revolves around my studies and my familay; I do have a few hobbies, but they mainly include studying and embroidery (I am a very boring person I guess). Anyway, I am very happy to have found this forum and I look forward to meeting, learning from, and increasing my faith in Allah swt with the other members of this site, inshaAllah. Wa Salam, Nashida