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  1. What Is The Name Of The Prophets (pbuh) Cat?

    What was Prophet Muhammad's (sallalahu alayhis wa salaam) cat named? There is a hadith that one day the Prophet (saws) heard the Adhan and was preparing to go to masjid when he noticed his cat sleeping on the sleeve of his shirt. So he cut off the sleve and left the cat alone to not wake it. He went to the masjid and did his prayers. When he came back the cat was so grateful that it bowed and the Prophet (saws) pet him on the head three times. It goes something like that. Well, do you know the answer? Salaam alykum :sl:
  2. Is Jesus God?

    When Christians claim that Muslims are taking the Gospel out of context that is true usually. But Christians do the same thing with the Hebrew Bible from Judaism. Also I have noticed that whereas a large number of Muslims convert to Christianity and Christians to Islam, it is not under the same circumstance. Usually Christians convert to Islam because it makes sense. It is very basic and easy to understand. On the flip side however when Muslims become Christians it is usually out of emotions, and not logic. They fear Allah (swt) too much (which by the way is a bad thing to do it that much), or are abused by their governments or are shocked at the amount of violence that Muslims do. Many also look at websites or read books that greatly distort Islam and who Prophet Muhammad (saws) was. My own friend left Islam and I have been able to refute all of her arguments. As a last result she said that she just can not follow a god that does not "love", which I also refuted (she now won't even bring up the subject of religion). Many Muslims are also leaving Islam in Africa not out of some error in Islam, but rather for food and shelter. I have seen people go from Islam to Christianity and Christianity to Islam, and it usually follows that pattern.
  3. Can Almighty God’s Plans Be Defeated?

    Wait... are you arguing that God would not let his previous books be changed therefore Christianity is correct? Because if so, not only do we have proof that the Gospels have been changed, but we also have an enormous amount of evidence that the gospels we have today were written by people that did not even see Jesus (as) once. There were literally hundreds of different gospels, and those four we have today won by a mere three votes of over a thousand in total. You could say that God willed those Gospels to win, but then those Gospels as well have been changed. Compare that to the Qur'an which has literally not a single letter altered (the ones that do were actually translated into other Arabic dialects.) And more than that, if you do believe that God would not let his word be lost, then what about the books that Abraham or Noah (peace be upon them) wrote? Some religions actually do claim to have their books. It makes more sense that God would choose to end his revelations once a religion was very well established, as was Islam. Also, a lot of things in the Gospels are found in a multitude of different religions. Many secular scholars today, and even some Christian ones themselves, admit that a lot of the Gospels came directly from Pagan religions.
  4. Is Jesus God?

    then certainly He can forgive us our sins without needing to commit suicide?
  5. Jesus Did Not Foretell The Coming Of The Prophet Muhammad

    One more thing lol Just because something is the earliest does not make it the most reliable. Lets say that we have an original manuscript of the Gospels. Copies were made, then another set of those copies. We have one of the last copies. But then a hundred years later we recover the first copy and a new copy is made of that one. Surely the new copy is more reliable than that which was made of the copies' copy? Which is exactly what a lot of people are putting forth. It is just illogical to base your faith on something that is uncertain. The way I see it, the Torah and the rest of the Jewish Bible and the Qur'an have more evidence for it than the Bible.
  6. Jesus Did Not Foretell The Coming Of The Prophet Muhammad

    To me, I believe if you are going to assert the Bible as the word of God then what is the right belief? Half of the Anglican clergy believe that it is not necessary to see Jesus (as) as God or even believe in the Trinity. Early Christians usually downplayed the crucifixion as something not that important or did not mention it at all! You can say that some things are metaphorical in the Bible and others are literal, but then what is what? Is the death of Jesus (as) literal or metaphorical? We don't know what to take as literal or what to take as metaphors.
  7. Jesus Did Not Foretell The Coming Of The Prophet Muhammad

    Also in addition to that, many many Christians now believe that the Bible was not written (or at least not entirely) but the people who said they did. Even Jews mostly believe that the Torah and the Psalms were not written by Moses (as) or David (as) in their entirety. And many Christians are very skeptical that the disciples of Jesus (as) went on to write the entire Gospels.
  8. Jesus Did Not Foretell The Coming Of The Prophet Muhammad

    I have read them (other gospels). They usually contradict both orthodox Christianity and Islamic theology but nonetheless they have things which support Islam as we believe that those too have been changed. But because they contradict Islam it is not logical to conclude that a Muslim wrote them. And yes I am aware of the dead sea scrolls. I am not sure what to believe considering the Jewish Bible but I know that the Christian Bible has been changed, that isn't a matter of faith there is much proof for that. I believe the Bible has been changed because 1) History tells us that and the Qur'an tells us that. I never said that Jesus (as) was not the Messiah. I said he does not fulfill Jewish prophecy. What I meant was that the Jesus (as) of the Christian Bible does not fulfill what the Prophets of the Jewish Bible said the Messiah would be like. I have no idea if the Torah or Psalms were changed. Also all extra-Biblical writings of Jesus (as) have been refuted. They do not refer to him. Isn't it odd that for someone who did so many miracles and claimed to be God got so little attention? Amongst non Christians and other people who do not believe in Jesus (as) there is a huge majority which do not believe he ever existed.
  9. How Do I Send Sadaqa?

    Salaam Alykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh Please forgive me if this is in the wrong section, I did not know where to put it in. Well anyways I know we are to usually be discreet with sadaqa and I did want to be but I have no idea how to send some money by mail. I just got some money (funny thing is that it was for Christmas. My family is Christian) and I would love to give some in sadaqa, especially to Pakistan as with the whole flood. But IDK what to do. I looked up some organizations like Islamic Relief but I found nothing for actual cash. It only has things for checks :sl: How does this work? Thank you though. Jazak Allah Khair. I pray you are all well Insha'Allah Ameen. Sincerely, Isa
  10. How Do I Send Sadaqa?

    Thank you :sl: Hmmm... I think I will just ask one of the brothers at Masjid to help me with this hahaha Thank you Samantha. :sl: May God bless you as well Ameen. I don't know how to use a credit card :no: I never had one. I suppose I will just have to ask one of the brothers at Masjid insha'Allah.
  11. Jesus Did Not Foretell The Coming Of The Prophet Muhammad

    actually based off history outside of the Bible we have no actual proof that Jesus (as) even existed
  12. How Do I Send Sadaqa?

    ah I am a little lost. I am not too familiar with how banks and currency works :sl: But thank you :sl:
  13. Jesus Did Not Foretell The Coming Of The Prophet Muhammad

    Jews would argue that Jesus (as) is not in the Old Testament at all. And I have studied the Torah (as it is in today) and many other Jewish manuscripts and Jesus (as) simply does not fulfill the Jewish Messiah prophecy. Now I believe, as a Muslim, that the Torah and Gospel have been changed. And also there are other "lost" Gospels that have been found that greatly resemble what Islam teaches.
  14. Know Your Enemy

    I think it kind of speaks for itself that Islam is the fasting growing religion in the west and by 2050 there will be 1 in 5 people a Muslim in the west :sl: Wow my grammar is so awful... :/
  15. If Americans Knew

    I have no idea why atheists think they are so high and mighty and smarter than everyone else. It is so freakin annoying >:sl:
  16. Can A Muslim Celebrate A Non Muslim Holiday Like Thanksgivin

    What about holidays that are not Islamic but only celebrated by Muslims, like the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (saws)?
  17. What Is The Name Of The Prophets (pbuh) Cat?

    Yes that is it!! DING DING DING!! His (or her) name is Meuzza :sl: Sorry IDK if it was male or female hahaha Hmmm I can not recall where I got that hadith from. But it is one of my favorite hadiths hahaha I am pretty sure it is authentic but as always we should make sure. :sl:
  18. Why A Gay Man Decided To Become Muslim

    Salaam Alykum wa rahmatullah wa Barakatuh First off I must say please do not be put off by the title. I am a homosexual however I do not partake in any homosexual acts. I am completely celibate and I ask Allah (swt) to forbid for me what is wrong and enjoin on me what is right. Now with that in mine I would like to tell my story Insha'Allah. I was born into a Catholic family and early on went to a private Catholic school in California. This provided for me a view of the religious world. For you see at 1st grade I left the school and for the remainder of my life I was raised secular. My parents called themselves Catholic but they did not do anything religious at all. It was rare if we even went to Church once a month. And sometimes we missed Church for important days such as Easter or Ash Wednesday. I also discovered quite early that I am gay. I had a crush on this guy when I was 6 years old. So because of the way the Christians treated homosexuals I was put off by religion and by God and when I was 12 I became a Buddhist and an atheist. My life sort of went downhill from there. Not to say that atheists don't have a good life but because of circumstances it got worse. I became involved with drugs and other behaviors that I am not proud of. And because of the drugs I developed Psychosis (think Schizophrenia without the voices). This only made me get angrier with theists for I saw them as the reason that everything was wrong in the world. I read books such as Godless and the God Delusion by atheist scholars and became firm in my belief (or rather disbelief) about God. I had debates with theists (usually Christians) in which I would always misquote things from the Bible and make it look awful. I should also add that once we went to a county fair. There was a brother from WhyIslam and he gave me a Qur'an. I just tossed it aside and hid it away for a long time. [##][/##] Years passed and I decided to give theists a second chance. I began to study the Bible and saw that I held many misconceptions about it. Without studying other religions I figured I held misconceptions about them as well and decided to take a neutral stance. Even though I was atheist the idea of having sexual acts before marriage apalled me. I could not figure out how our culture became so sex obsessed. You couldn't go into a room of teenagers without one of them commenting on how great their sex life was. Anyways high school ended and I decided my major would be on theology. At first I wanted it to be about Buddhism but decided to include all religions and took up Comparitive Religion. I began to study the different religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Baha'i, Sikhism, Jainism, and others. I hadn't touched on Islam but I thought well I will run into it eventually so I should learn about it. I bought a book called "The Everything Understanding Islam Book" and was so shocked! Islam sounded like this amazingly beautiful religion totally dedicated to submission to God. I could not however just non chalantly stroll over and become a Muslim. First off, I had already converted to Buddhism and held Buddhist beliefs. It would be idiotic to just abandon them without contemplation. And also the idea of God put me off. How could God allow such things to happen in the world? And how could He punish people in the hereafter? And lastly Islam's position on homosexuality put me off too. Nonetheless I found Islam to be really amazing and beautiful and I remembered I had a translation of the Qur'an stored away. I found the Qur'an and began to read it. The first Surah was Al Fatihah. I was amazed at it's simplicity and yet it held a powerful message. I continued to read it and found it odd that it seemed out of order and yet I much preferred it this way. I began to contemplate my previous held beliefs of anatman (no soul) and reincarnation. I also began to contemplate the reason for the universe, the nature of it, and if God existed. It took me a long time to even consider that God may be real. I didn't even want to become Muslim at first, just to learn some more about Islam. But I had to question what I believed because if Islam was true (and at time it was a big if) I was truly leading the wrong life. Anyways I began to research to see if there were any homosexual Muslims. I found out that there were and still are quite a lot. They have internet groups and go to gay pride events and I thought that was comforting. But still the story of Prophet Lut (as) led me afraid. Then that struck me as odd, why was I afraid? Did I believe this story was true? Anyways I decided that I should study about the Prophet Muhammad (saws). So I did. I read a book by Martin Lings called "Muhammad His Life Based on Earliest Sources". I was astonished! Muhammad (saws) was absolutely amazing in everything he did! He was so kind, held mercy for others, was so obedient and in love with God. He completely reshaped Arabia from a bunch of war torn awful society to this amazing world power that was just... wow I don't even know how to explain it. I still continued to contemplate God and read about about Fitrah (I think that is the word). That is the innate knowledge that God exists. I really looked into myself and contemplated if God exists, what kind of God is He? Or is He even One? So I really began to contemplate it. I eventually came to the conclusion that if God exists He is One. He can not be two for if He was the universe would be in chaos. I believed that the Universe was one, and this is backed by science (the whole before the big bang it was all one) and also how everything depended on everything to exist. Humans need water to live, and when they die they become the fertilizer for the plants. The plants in turn give food to the animals who give food to the humans. Our bodies were once stars. So how could two gods create this perfect singular universe? And then came the attributes of God. Was he All Knowing? Well if He created the Universe surely He knew its every secret! And was He Al Wadud? The All Loving? I thought about it, and yes I think He is that too. He must also be Just for anything He decides is Just, is Just. Anyways it took a lot of thought and I eventually came to accept the Names of Allah (swt). Ramadan came up and then I decided to fast. Oh and part of the fast was abstaining from sexual imagery and of course from drugs and drink. And well it was hard at first. I was really surprised. Then I began to pray. I thought, well if God exists or not I better pray. If He doesn't exist, then so what? And if He does I should be greatful and ask for help. So I began to make dua. And then I began to make salat. I decided to take up the Qur'an's challenge and produce a Surah like it. And well you can imagine I could not. Even though it was the English Translation, I went to the source (Arabic) and studied the words of Surah Al Ikhlas. Even that small Surah was wow... So I gave up on trying to match it (although I got interested in beautiful words and later poetry). Anyways I found myself doing all these things that Muslims do. I fasted, I prayed, I gave to charity, I was more respectful, I tried to humble myself, and I gave up drugs and drinking and lusting. I again contemplated God and eventually came to the conclusion that He exists. It was like something on me just turned on and I realized He is real. So I became scared hahaha If God exists... and the Qur'an is true... where does that leave me, a gay man? So I at first tried to ally myself with Gay Islamic Groups and well I could not deny all this scholarly work that all said it is not halal. I am still strugling with it, and this I guess is my Jihad. I took Shahada in Ramadan and then I took Shahada over the phone on an Islamic hotline. I then went to a Masjid and took Shahada there. And ever since I have been going to that Masjid and it's events. So here I am today. Drug free, happy, and completely content with my life. Some may say being celibate is not right, but I can not marry a woman. Firstly, it would be unfair to her as I could not love her truly like that. Secondly... it kind of icks me the wrong way. And thirdly, my children would have a higher chance of being born gay. And I don't want that for them. I think what will happen most likely is I will be celibate my whole life. I hope that doesn't put off any Muslims (no one at the Masjid knows I am gay and I decided why should I tell them? I don't plan on doing any homosexual acts...). I am still struggling a little with Psychosis and anxiety disorders, but Allah (swt) has made it so easy for me. He has cured me of most of that and Insha'Allah I will be cured of it all. I thank you for reading. And I hope this isn't deleted hahaha
  19. Scientific Miracles Rebutted?

    "Mountains also play an important role in stabilizing the crust of the earth.4 They hinder the shaking of the earth. God has said in the Quran: And He has set firm mountains in the earth so that it would not shake with you... (Quran, 16:15) Likewise, the modern theory of plate tectonics holds that mountains work as stabilizers for the earth. This knowledge about the role of mountains as stabilizers for the earth has just begun to be understood in the framework of plate tectonics since the late 1960’s" Someone told me that that was rebutted (or whatever you call it) from what source can you show me (a current one) that mountains act as pegs that make things not shake? "Modern Science has discovered that in the places where two different seas meet, there is a barrier between them. This barrier divides the two seas so that each sea has its own temperature, salinity, and density.1 For example, Mediterranean sea water is warm, saline, and less dense, compared to Atlantic ocean water. When Mediterranean sea water enters the Atlantic over the Gibraltar sill, it moves several hundred kilometers into the Atlantic at a depth of about 1000 meters with its own warm, saline, and less dense characteristics. The Mediterranean water stabilizes at this depth2" What proof is there of this? Thank you for your time :sl:
  20. Documentary : The Tragedy Of New Muslims In Egypt.

    Then wouldn't that be hypocrisy? We cry out against the Christians killing there apostates, but we do the same thing :sl:
  21. Documentary : The Tragedy Of New Muslims In Egypt.

    A lot of Muslims kill apostates. And the ulema even rule that apostates must be killed. It seems hypocritical :sl: oh and wa alykum assalaam :sl:
  22. Documentary : The Tragedy Of New Muslims In Egypt.

    That is awful. But don't muslims do the same thing when someone leaves Islam?
  23. Women And Islam

    what do you mean by a fraud?
  24. What Surah Of The Qur'an Is It?

    This I believe is the only Surah in the Qur'an where it's title is not found in the entire Surah. Which one is it?
  25. What Surah Of The Qur'an Is It?

    oh no do those ones not have it too? Ahhhh Man. I guess it is over cause I made a mistake :sl: Sorry mods...