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  1. Islamic Law In Western Society.

    To oppose the decadent currents of modernism and post-modernism in the world are not anti-Western, merely because the West happens to be leading the modernist charge towards a soul-less worldview. Nor is it "anti-semitic" to point out that the Jews, unlike the Muslims and Christians, permitted usury in their Talmud, which came to overshadow the Torah. Just as someone who was against Trotsky or Lenin is not necessarily anti-Russian, those who oppose the modernist ideas are not necessarily being anti-Western. To illustrate this, I will quote a famous Westerner, Rene Guenon, who later became a convert to Islam:
  2. Qur'an Burning Church Has Only 12 Members!

    We have to be careful not to let the media inflame us against innocent people. Most Christians were willing to leave Muslims alone, but have been fooled by the controlled media into thinking a certain way. Think about the following: Why is it that a church with only 12 members can make national media attention for anti-Islamic actions, but if a church which wants to promote Christian-Muslim dialogue, we never hear about it? The media wishes to make each group look bad in the eyes of the other, and for people to fight against one another, religious conflicts will eventually make it easier to force secularism and eventually atheism on everyone.
  3. Islamic Law In Western Society.

    I think the entire accusation that Muslims are on some sort of mission to take over the world and implement Shariah law is quite overblown. And it is not so much that Islamic ideas are antiquated and extreme, but that the West has allowed itself to be succumbed to its own decadence. Look at Western countries today. What is the economy like? Are they operating on a system of Islamic finance based in gold, or are they operating on the Jewish finance based in usury? Are the men and women engaging in proper relationships, or do they praise infidelity, homosexuality, and sodomy? Do people in the West worship Allah (swt), or do they worship their own freedom?
  4. Men, Would You Marry A Woman Older Than You?

    Before I converted, in my college years, I dated a girl who was 2 years older than me. I did it because she was intelligent, kind, attractive, respectable, and graceful. I would prefer someone a few years younger than me for marriage, but if I had no other choice, I would not mind marrying someone up to 10 years older than myself, as long as they were good Muslims. Clearly the Prophet ﷺ did not prohibit such marriages from taking place.
  5. This excerpt struck my attention because it addresses the point i've argued for ages regarding the so called "clash of civilizations" where the so called "nationalists" of the West argue that they are preserving their culture and traditions against foreign, alien "invaders" or whatnot, usually from the east or Islamic world. Rene Guenon, a French Philosopher who converted to Islam, wrote this work in 1925, well before this issue came to the head its at now, and that only makes it even more worth examining: "We have now to show more fully in what the anti-traditional outlook, which is really the modern outlook, consists, and what are the consequences that it bears within itself and that we see unfolding with a pitiless logic in the present events- but before we pass on to this, one further remark is necessary. To be resolutely 'anti-modern' is not to be in any way 'anti-Western'; on the contrary,it only means making an effort to save the West from its own confusion. In any case, no Easterner who is faithful to his own tradition would view matters differently, and it is certain that there are far fewer opponents of the west as such- an attitude that makes no sense- than of the West insofar as it has become identified with modern civilization. There are those today who speak of a 'defense' of the West, which is odd, to say the least, considering that it is the West, as we shall see later on, that is threatening to submerge the whole of mankind in the whirlpool of its own confused activity; odd, we say, and completely unjustified if they mean, as they seem to, that this defense is to be against the East, for the true East has no thought of attacking or dominating anybody, and asks no more than to be left in independence and tranquility- surely a not unreasonable demand. Actually, the truth is that the West really is in great need of defense, but only against itself and its own tendencies, which, if they are pushed to their conclusion, will lead inevitably to its ruin and destruction; it is therefore 'reform' of the West that is called for, and if this reform were what it should be- that is to say, a restoration of tradition- it would entail as a natural consequence an understanding with the East.. P. 31 -32" I agree with Guenon's quote in this instance. We need only examine the values that the "West" claims are so integral to its current survival: the mad rush towards democracy, decadent liberalism, materialism, feminism, secularism, and atheism, which are so radically different from anything the "West" practiced for the majority of its history. Even what has happened to the Catholic Church within the last 50 years correlates to what Guenon has written. We right now live in a period in which the west, for all intents and purposes is dead. It has ceased to be historically relevant. This is despite its position materially or militarliy. Let's face it, despite the USA's dominance in terms of economics and military power in the past two decades, no real history has been made since WW2. The way the Cold War ended is more proof of this, you have a super power corroding from the inside, rotting and eventually disintergrating, all without outside intervention. The future for the USA is undoubtedly similar. We won't even see it coming.
  6. Practising And Not Practising

    I don't think one can be a non-practising Muslim. In Sahih Bukhari, it says: ÞÇá ÇáãÕäà -ÑÃãå Çááå ÊÚÇáì-: æÚä ÃÈí ÚÈà ÇáÑÃãä ÚÈà Çááå Èä ÚãÑ Èä ÇáÎØÇÈ -ÑÖí Çááå ÚäåãÇ-¡ ÞÇá: ÓãÚÊ ÑÓæá Çááå -Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÓáã- íÞæá: Èäí ÇáÅÓáÇã Úáì ÎãÓ: ÃÉ Ãä áÇ Åáå ÅáÇ Çááå æÃä ãÃãÃÇð ÑÓæá Çááå¡ æÅÞÇã ÇáÕáÇÉ¡ æÅíÊÇà ÇáÒßÇÉ¡ æÃÃŒ ÇáÈíÊ¡ æÕæã ÑãÖÇä ÑæÇå ÇáÈÎÇÑí æãÓá Basically it says that Belief in one God, prayer, zakat, fasting, and Hajj (if you can afford it) are the fundamentals of the religion, without which everything else is built.
  7. Islam in China

    They are not Imams, per say, just female scholars. They do not lead the prayer in the masjid when men are present. I think it is rather a case that there are some knowledgeable sisters in China who have memorized the Quran and know a lot of Ahadith. In that case, they can lead the other sisters when they pray or help them learn the Quran together. That practice is in agreement with most of the Sunni fiqh.
  8. This is a poem I wrote in April. It is a simple verse containing influences from those of Rumi as well as those from traditional Chinese poetry. Flags flutter in the North Wind’s breeze, The enemy retreats beyond the earth’s edge On the desert, armor-clad, the martyr lies - A clenched fist holding his now-silent sword. But remain not there, O brave soul! Speak not of sadness; hear the trumpet’s call! Arise and enter garden where rivers flow; Into rooms where the Beloved awaits.
  9. Muslims Firebomb Churches.

    This is wrong. The Arab Christians use the word "Allah" and when they pray, they often begin with "bismillah" or "bismil-’abi wa-l-ibni wa-r-rūḥi l-qudus" (ÈÇÓã ÇáÂÈ æÇáÇÈä æÇáÑæà ÇáÞÃÓ). Most Indonesian Muslims do not care that the Christians use the word Allah, but for a long time the Indonesians used the word Tuhan in translations of the Bible. There are a lot of different things which come into play here. Indonesia is actually quite ethnically diverse with 300 ethnic groups overall. A lot of Indonesian Christians have some Chinese ancestry, or else they might have tribal ancestry. As for the Chinese, they are influential despite small numbers over there, so it leads to a bit of resentment and even violence. Also, I think that the media is also making a bigger deal of this than there really is in an attempt to defame Muslims. We never would have heard of it if it had been israeli Jews attacking israeli Christians for using "haShem" or "Adonai".
  10. As-Salāmu `Alaykum to all. I am a new member here - I have been looking for a forum to post at since I have been suspended from a generic religious discussion forum. My postings apparently angered the wrong people over there by going too strong into some sensitive topics. I am a revert to Islam of Han Chinese ancestry. I currently live in the United States for work and education. I hope to learn about Islam with other people here and improve my knowledge of the religion.