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  1. Which Madhab Do You Follow?

    Dear brother, I know this information already. So if people from non Islamic country, how should they choose madhab? Of course they are righ, but it is really not easy desicion.
  2. Which Madhab Do You Follow?

    Dear brother, You also not answered to my question. Maybe one day I will choose madhab, but for now I don't feel any need for that. Of course you won't understand me in this question, so our discusion haven't any value.
  3. Which Madhab Do You Follow?

    Dear brother in Islam, Yes, they are almost perfect. But not perfect in all cases. For example in one madhab for women is better wear hijab while she reading Quran, in other isn't said anything about that. Where is the truth? Could truth have many options? Of course these madhabs have more knowledge than me, but blind following could be bad, then you even don't know believe in weak or strong hadith. Even Islam teachers say that it is not compulsory to follow madhab, and we have fatwa about this.
  4. Would You Marry Someone You Met Online?

    Totally agree :sl: .
  5. Cheating

    I think I won't forgive that, it would too painful.
  6. Which Madhab Do You Follow?

    Wa aleykum assalam brothers and sisters, I don't follow any madhab, I think none of them is perfect. :sl: I follow Quran, and Sunna. It is my madhab, of course I always checked if I don't understand something.
  7. Aylin

    JazakAllah khair sister :sl: . Nice to meet you.
  8. My mistake :sl: . * One day.
  9. Salam aleykum. As long I remember myself I always believe that it is One God, not triple or something like that. But then I haven't any information about Islam. One I was watched tv, and saw documentary movie about Islamic country, It was more than year ago. So I was really interested in their lifes, and started to searching more information. When I found many information about Islam in this country, so I started to read all information, and step by step I felt that Islam is very close to me, that in many thing I believed before, I felt that it is True Way of life, that Muhammad is last messenger. So one during Ramadan I said shahada, I perceived that I can't wait anymore, we don't know what could happends tomorrow. So that's how I found Islam, Alhamdulillah.
  10. Islam In Lithuania

    Wa aleykum assalam, With new information here are more than 5000 muslims, some says that even 10000. So our ummah in Lithuania growing, Alhamdulillah!
  11. Aylin

    Salam aleykum everyone, I'm muslim girl originally from Lithuania, and for now I live here. I'm new muslim, because I converted to Islam this years during Ramadan, Alhamdulillah! So I need many things to know. I'm not married I think I too young for that a little bit :sl: , I studying in high school. And hope to relocate into Islamic country, InshaAllah. Hope to change my name or have second, so please call me Amal :sl: .