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  1. Proud Muslima !! thank you sis, thank you !! please give the name of the translator so i can add his/her name Allah bless you thank you BIG time ^.^
  2. you are Wrong, at least in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Country they don't Do this. maybe in some remote villages but i doubt it + male circumcision have many benefits you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetcircinfo*.*com/benefits/bmc.html "remove the stars" peace
  3. Hello Yes, You Know Why ? Check it yourself you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetscience4islam(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/ or Write in Google " Science leads to Islam " al Quran in Big Science Book After All
  4. Is Islam Anti-jewish?

    No, Its Not I don't Hate Jewish, I hate Zionists, Cause when someone steals a land and kill its people make their lives a living hell day and night for the last 60, its only normal for me to hate them right ? i didn't Choose to hate Zionist, They Made all Muslims Hate them what Crime they Committed But should hate Jewish people if they didn't try to harm me ? their were a lot Jewish living among Muslims from the rise of Islam until 1948 some of them were minsters or doctors for al khalyfa "rulers of the Islamic kingdoms" peace =)
  5. Losing It...

    in Islam No One Can Force to marry anyone, so they can't if you don't want too, just refuse other than that i can't help you the only thing i can do for you is to pray that everything ends up will Allah bless you sis
  6. I Pretended To Be Muslim

    wa alykom al salam, Humans are not Perfect, we make mistakes, yours was surley a big mistake but still, i think its ended up good. coz at least you became muslim right? you found the true path about your wife, first. you understand her shock right? for her its as if she been in a forbidden affair. but i still think that she most be proud, really proud that you her love, found the true path in life becoz of her, i know i would if i were her give her sometime, keep telling her that you love her and you are new man since the day you met her. and when you said the shahada you've proven it even more tell her that you are sorry and keep telling her that. tell her that Allah is the most merciful and forgiving so can't she be a little forgiving keep praying, don't change the new you, time. time will fix everything my friend she will come throu + how said Islam have nothing to do with science ? =) you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetscience4islam(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/ to me quran is a big science book i will pray for you brother =) don't lose hope. ok ?
  7. How Do You Guys Do It?

    hi sis, as long as they are not yours i suggest leaving them be =) "There is no compulsion in religion" 2:256
  8. yeah i wish someone who speak Spanish read this, i am starting to lose hope its will ever be translated ! I've sent it to many Islamic sites with Spanish version and asked them to translate, no response at all =( i know its long, but i don' think it will even take and hour =( ugh, anyway thank you sis for passing by god blessing =)
  9. All of us god willing, thank you very much sis, i will be waiting =) thanks again ^^
  10. NewMuslim9000, Thank you Bro, god bless you. it will be worth the effort ^__^ god willing. i am so grateful thank you thank you =) non muslim, Hello =) thank you friend. i know there are a lot of westerns who knows that Islam and Muslims are not what the media portrait, but still. lots of people doesn't. and this is the goal od this message thanks again for passing by =)
  11. Rights Of A Second Wife

    Hello Liz =) welcome from Islam point of view, yes 100% i don't think so, unless in your country there is a law against women marrying an already married men from other religions witch i doubt and Look, Muslims not angles and yet not devils =) there are good peoples, and bad peoples just like anywhere else and with any other religion and i can see we she is mad, it normal. she may be overreacting, yes. but you really should've seen this coming Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy =) God Blessing ~ Alya
  12. Reverted Recently

    ohh hello sis ! i am so happy for you :' ) every time a read the words of new muslims i got teary eyes >< i am so happy for you Islam make sense and make you fell right and fulfilled sure the hijab may be a little bit weird for you now. but later you won't fell right with out it i have some questions if you don't mind where are you from? and what was the reactions of your friends and teachers ? ~ alya
  13. Need Some Questions Answered.

    i have a feeling you are from a gulf country :sl: its ok thou i am from Saudi Arabia, and peoples can get .. numb sometimes lay your questions down bro, its normal to think and use your head, BTW that what quran encourage us to, to think and learn and seek knowledge and understanding but remember something really important, even thou Islam is a very logical and even scientific religion there is a small part of it where you should just have faith in it even without understanding it. coz after all we are only human and our minds are limited no matter how open minded we can got, there are things we just can't fathom + try watch Baini wa baink "Èíäí æÈíäß" presented by Mohammed al odi "ãÃãà ÇáÚæÖí" ÈÇáÊæÃíÞ =)
  14. Abbas Ibn Firnas & Ibn Al Haytham

    Camera is from the arabic word ÞãÑÉ "Qumra" witch mean a small room the name is given by ibn al haithm, this guy is the first known man to built a camera !! 1000 years Ago ! you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Camera_obscura i wish i know some books, but we studied Muslims scientists school
  15. "hijab" Does It Elevate The Status Of Women?

    Yes. in Ancient china the emperor and his sons and daughters and wifes cover their faces if the are to march in the street of the a city ( the Emperors of China and their offspring are Considered a Descendant of Gods at Those Times ) only a selected few may see their faces many wall painting shows pharaoh queens and princesses in veils in old times Generally, covering the face is sign of high Statues, a woman in veil meaning she is so noble, that no man can lay a eye on her But now, in this time and age. the media made it look like its a sign of enslavement ! + Welcome here brother =)