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  1. Know The Facts First:

    Salaamu alaikum, Jazakillah khair for sharing this, sis. I really agree - people are so quick to judge.
  2. Reverted Last Night

    Assalaamu alaikum MashaAllah!
  3. Reverted Recently

    Assalaamu alaikum, Congratulations sis! How wonderful, masha´Allah! Welcome to a big family:)
  4. An Excellent Site For Learning Arabic

    Wa Alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullah, Has anyone here studied with them?
  5. What Pace Should I Set For Fluency In 3 Years?

    Assalaamu alaikum, I would really appreciate an answer to this question as well. I heard somewhere that complete fluency in Arabic normally takes 7 years of studies (?!). I would love to hear about sisters´/brothers´experiences in learning Arabic and how they became fluent in it.
  6. Returning...

    Assalaamu alaikum, I used to be a member of gawaher previously...many years ago. I´m a revert to Islam and I´ve been a Muslim for many years, alhamdulillah. I´m from Northern Europe and I´m currently a student, something which keeps me quite busy. I´m very happy to be here, and I´m looking forward to getting to know new sisters, inshaAllah. (I´m sorry if this becomes a double-thread... I had some problems with my computer)