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  1. Most Spiritual Pictures I've Ever Seen !

    Thanks for sharing these... Being Muslim is the best thing in the world,i understood that especially after i see these :sl: Alhamdulillah, i'm Muslim...
  2. What Is Your Opinion Of Gaddafi?

    He looks really cool but not a good leader always :sl: He's not a usual leader for Muslims and rest of the world...
  3. Do You Pray Tahajjud?

    Nowadays i don't sleep at nights because it's hard to wake up for sahur again... So, i'll try to pray tahajjud after Ramadan :sl:
  4. Hi I Am New

    Hello brothers and sisters, I'm new in here too, like you... Here's looking a good place to spend time, I understood that in a few hours... :sl:
  5. A Cup Of Tea.

    I was known that, that's really funny :sl: But it's disgusting too... :sl:
  6. Desi Blunders

    These are all funny but 3rd one is my favorite :sl: It may be bigger than the car :sl:
  7. When Is Your Birthday ?

    This is mine too :sl: I see we are at 3rd position in this pool as december, so, that's not so bad :sl:
  8. Men, Would You Marry A Woman Older Than You?

    It's not forbidden or something like that, but marry with an older girl is strange for me... I don't know why but i don't think to marry with an older girl :sl:
  9. As-salam!

    Lol, that's sad but true, philosophers cannot earn lots of money but thinking is the most important thing for each people, i think it's more important than money... But you still need some money to live... :sl:
  10. As-salam!

    I'm studying Advertising and this year will be my 2nd year. I' planning to be a text writer for ads but that's an idea just for now... :sl:
  11. As-salam!

    Salam alaikum! I'm here for talk with my brothers who believes my religion too.. I want to spend good time in here with share and find good things :sl: I'm from Turkey.. And I'm 20. And I'm student in university.. I think that's enough for now :sl: