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  1. Halaal Baby Food On Uk Supermarket Shelves

  2. Asalamu alikum, Please please can you give me your veiws and comments on halal baby food available on UK supermarket shelves. Iron is a vital nutrient for babies and iron deficiency is the most common nutritional problem amongst babies. Now the trend has been for Muslim mothers to feed their babies egg custard and fruit desserts, which I think most of us grew up eating. However without the Iron (from meat) and protein (from chicken), Muslim babies were not getting a balanced diet during the most important stage of their development. 1)When weaning babies, what kind of food do you buy from super markets and why? 2)Do you think there is a lack of choice in buying halal meat and chicken flavoured baby food from supermarkets? 3)When I look at english babies and toddlers, they look soo chubby and healthy in comparison to asian/ muslim babies, is this because muslim babies are not being fed a balanced diet which includes meat and chicken? Is this because of lack of availability of halal baby food jars? 4)When did you start weaning your babies onto chicken and meat? 5)How important is it to have HMC certified baby food? I would be grateful if you could kindly answer the above question as I am thinking of developing my own brand of halal baby food but only if there is a demand for it. Jazak Allah.
  3. Hello

    Asalamu alikum, Ramadam Mubarak to every one on the forum. I cannot believe we are already towards the end of the month of ramadan!!! It's just gone really fast. How has everyone found fasting this month, especially with it being a much longer day then previous years? Allhamdulliah, I havent experienced much difficulties apart from the odd days of hunger pangs and headache, but mashaallah fasting has gone really well for me this year. Jazak Allah for reading my topic. Ruby10