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  1. Muhammad Sas And Aisha

    [using large font size is not allowed]Selam Aleykum, First of all, Im a Muslim, and I love the Prophet sas. , but the Non belivers always argue like: Your Prophet was married to a 6 year girl and when she was 9 they fulfilled the marriage. Aisha loved the Prophet, thats a very good argument for example and she wasnt "confused" in a way like raped people and so on... But if I imagine that a 53 year old man today marries a 6 year old girl , o my god, subhanallah, I think you know what I mean. My Question is, Are there more Marriages like that konwn in that time, because when it wasnt a excepition, then it is ok. Then for sure it was normal for that time. I hope for khair, wassalam[using large font size is not allowed][using large font size is not allowed]
  2. Reception Lounge

    Selam Aleykum, Im IbnHayriie and Im elhamdulilah a muslim. I hope that I can ask questions, and more I hope that there will be somebody who can answer wtith Quran and Sunna, insha Allah. Because lots of knowledge can be learnd with internet, book etc. but for some detailed questions it is more difficult Khair insh. I hope that we ll enter jannah altogether.