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  1. Continued: Discussion About Jesus

    billions is the plural form of the word billion.
  2. World’s Oldest Bible

    ankles are ###### to a keyboard mujahideen.
  3. WWII was a war we neither started nor asked for. Japan engaged in genocide, rape, scienctific experiments, and other crimes against humanity against our allies, the Chinese. We had a duty to them to prosecute the war to its fruition. Framing the arguement about hiroshima and nagasaki, when the firebombing of tokyo was equally destructive, is merely a primitive's fetishization of nucluer power.
  4. :sl: What a cheerleader you are, brave internet warrior. The armies of the State were wiped out. In the subsequent power vacuum, civil war ignited in Iraq (and merely resumed in Afghanistan). The state we warred against were dismantled, their standing armies scattered to the winds. America stays in Iraq to prevent it from being overrun by the shia with support from Iran, in afghanistan to prevent a full blown 3 way civil war. Look up the casualities and targets for the last 5 years. They are muslim civil wars you are cheerleading for.
  5. you do realize the fighting in afghanistan and in iraq is and has been for the last fews years almost exclusively between rival groups of muslims? The nations and governments themselves were wiped out in a few weeks. I wonder, which side of muslims do you take pleasure from their deaths, and which side do you mourn?
  6. Christians And Wars

    as I said before, the relationship between the Bible and the beliefs is not consistant throughout the churches. The protestant have a policy of bible-alone, or sola scriptura. Amongst the other churches, the bible is not the word of God, it is merely divinely inspired, and the traditions of the church hold equal weight.
  7. Christians And Wars

    While I do not particularly wish to have a religious arguement, I think it is profitable to have an illumination of christian thought on the issue. In modern christianity, there are three main overriding strains of thought: 1. Catholics, the Eastern Church, and the Orthodox who acknowledge the authority of scripture and tradition. 2. Orthodox Protestants who acknowledge the authority of scripture but not that of tradition 3. Liberal Protestants who acknowledge the authority of neither. As such, saying their is no theological position on this issue is neither correct nor precise. In response to questions of personal defense or defense of family members: Catholic Church. Catechism of the Catholic Church. 2nd ed. Vatican: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2000. As for war: Catholic Church. Catechism of the Catholic Church. 2nd ed. Vatican: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2000.
  8. Is Islam A Violent Religion?

    Temperence is another example of political christianity, that I am sure you will find more paltable to your narrative of history.
  9. Is Islam A Violent Religion?

    You were discussing how "political christianity, once it gained power, was the same as Islam (which is inherantly political)". I was merely discussing an action of political christianity, as abolitionism was to all but the most determinedly ignorant of ideologues. It was in response to the revival of the early 19th century (the second great awakening), it was organized through congregations, led by church leaders, and distributed to through their channels. It used biblical arguements and imagery. Equality is not a value found in history nor in casual observation of the distribution of physical or mental talents; even more strikingly, scientific racism would persist for a century after abolitionism. The arguement of equality that was used to destroy 19th century human bondage in the west, and 20th century bondage in the east, was that of spiritual equality.
  10. Is Islam A Violent Religion?

    as a historical note: political christianity ended officially sanctioned slavery. It ended it even in the muslim world, where it managed to fester in some places till the later half of the 20th century.
  11. Muslim Response To Koran Burnings On 9/11

    Not really. Unless you consider anything other than passivity in the face of uninterrupted depredations to be "aggressive". Some of these tactics have been used by the Chinese, Cambodians, Soviets, and various other groups in the 20th century. If Abu Garib intention was to kill the dignity of the people, it would be done in public. Furthermore, it would have directly attacked religious relics. But even that is a rather indirect way to handle it. The most effective would be to simply kill the men, and sell the women into sexual slavery. That has worked quite well in previous wars of forced conversation. If these are wars of forced conversion, they are the most ineptly handled in the history of mankind.
  12. Muslim Response To Koran Burnings On 9/11

    The crusades were a series of wars in defense of christian byzantium against the expanison of seljuk turks, and the molestation of pilgrims to the holy land. They were also successful, although the established kingdoms were eventually overrun. If the current wars in afghanistan and iraq were for violent christianity in an attempt to forcibly convert the population, they would be conducted in an entirely different way. The Masjids would be repurposed as churches or bulldozed, Islamic prolystheization would be made punishable by death, and reversion from christianity would be punished similar. Their are many great historical examples on how to run a successful campaign of forced conversion.
  13. Longtime Lurker

    i usually lurk, my interest in posting is due to common historical errors purported by some of the users.