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  1. Pope

    I told this to my math teacher. He laughed as did I.
  2. Us Elections 2012

    I'm not a supporter of any candidate since I do not agree with the vast majority of any of their policies or personal beliefs.
  3. Post Not Being Shown.

    It's been fixed, thanks though.
  4. Has Anyone Seen The Movie Hugo?

    I want to see Mission Impossiable as well. I have never seen any of the others but I am a huge fan of BMW and they have their new concept car in the movie.
  5. Has Anyone Seen The Movie Hugo?

    Have you seen the new Sherlock Holmes? It is funny and has good action scenes. You don't need to see the first one (I didn't) to be able to follow the story line.
  6. Prayer

    Thank you
  7. Prayer

    I have found numerious places online that tell you how to pray, but I cannot find anywhere what to say during prayer and when to say it. I know that each prayer is different in what you say but I cannot figure out what it is. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong spot. If you could direct me to a good site (no flash player please) I would be grateful. Thank you in advance.
  8. Post Not Being Shown.

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I am having a problem that no post except for the first one is bring shown. I don't know if I acadentially hit something but I can not read anything past the first post. How can I fix this?
  9. Who Has Ever Been Inside A Church Or Syngage

    I've been in many churches and I have been in a synagogue once for a school project. There just buildings to me nothing creepy about them and if I had to go back I would.
  10. Noah's Ark

    One more thing about Noahs ark that disproves it. When it rains the water falling down is fresh water, but the oceans are salt water. As anyone could tell you sea creatures could not live in fresh water (with the exception of some species), so the high majority of sea creatures would be killed since the salt water oceans would be flooded with fresh water. If that happened there would be evidence of that mass extinction and the oceans today would have very little life in them.
  11. Why I Am Not An Atheist

    I consider myself atheist and I have to say that I actually had a hard time trying to follow what you were saying. But to be on topic, there is a reason that most of us have similar arguments and reasons of why we are atheist. That reason is because they work and there can only be a finite amount of reasons. There is not going to be a million different reasons for each person, the few 10-20 that you say you see are like that because they sum it all up nicely so we don't have to spend a long time trying to explain it. I will respond to the other parts of your post layer since I will have to reread it to get what your points are and to understand it better.
  12. Stanley Cup

    I was surprised that something actually happened in Canada.
  13. How Pakistani Are You?

    I got a 0%
  14. Things I Do Respect About Islam

    Although I'm not Muslim I do like the community. I have never met a Muslim that wasn't friendly. I like the culture and how devote Muslims are. I have even started to read the Qur'an.
  15. Need Duas

    I hope that you can find a great job.