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  1. excellent post bro...this mashaAllah is the beauty of Islam...to keep the spirits high no matter what.." We will taste the sweetness of victory but in order to taste this victory we need to fight and strive through the tests and trials that life throws at us!" - this line pretty much sums up the situation of muslims in this age..and bro MarineLiner..the normal human tendency is that if good things happen to him the person thinks its because of his skills , management, etc...but if something doesnt work out the way he wants it to be, or something bad happens it always the other...i call it the "if-its-good-its-me-ifnot-anything-but-me" syndrome..Islam teaches that good is from Allah..it can be a test/blessing..."bad" is also from Allah ..again it can be a test/blessing..but howmany times have we seen in life when the apparent good is not so good after all and the apparent bad is not that bad probably in the future...it jus reminded me of this hadith: Hadith - Al-Tirmidhi #1570, Narrated Jabir ibn Abdullah Allah's Messenger said, "On the Day of Resurrection, when people who have suffered affliction are given their reward, those who are healthy will wish their skins had been cut to pieces with scissors when they were in the world."
  2. Babri Masjid Demolition Verdict In India

    Thanks to this vital omission, the BJP derived much legitimacy from the SC verdict on Hindutva. It remains to be seen how, despite the restraint displayed by it for the time being, the BJP will politically leverage the verdict in the Ayodhya case. It is no coincidence that Nayar who defied Nehru's order to remove the idol from the Babri Masjid went on to become an MP of Jan Sangh, forerunner of the BJP. Read more: Ayodhya verdict - The Times of India you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_timesofindia.indiatimes(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/home/su...s#ixzz11aczy4Lc So what do Muslims outside India really think the solution should be to this almost 300 year old issue plaguing the country. Should Muslims gift that land to the Hindus of India or fight for it in the court of Law? We as Muslims can pray anywhere in the world as we dont need idols or elaborate rituals ...just a clean place ..thats it..Do any of you guys know if theres any ruling for a Masjid in the Fiqh school of thought? JZK!
  3. Babri Masjid Demolition Verdict In India

    As a result, in a major blow to secularism, the high court allowed the vandals of 1992 to turn into the victors of 2010. This has made a mockery of the Supreme Court's 1994 declaration while reviving the Ayodhya title suits after a two-year limbo: "The Hindu community must bear the cross on its chest, for the misdeed of the miscreants reasonably suspected to belong to their religious fold." Far from bearing the cross for the demolition, Hindu groups seem to have intimidated the high court into coming up with a solution that provides much cause for concern to Muslims and believers of secularism. By accepting faith as the determining factor for allotting the area under the central dome to Hindus, the system has shown no remorse to the affected community. The high court's refusal to let the illegality of the 1949 and 1992 events have a bearing on the title suits will mean that there can be no closure to the Ayodhya dispute any time soon. Its partition scheme has ended up vindicating, however unwittingly, those very forces that had so brazenly undermined India's commitment to secularism. As jurist Tahir Mahmood puts it, "What had begun as a title suit ended up with a decree of partition. Religious beliefs and sentiments had triumphed over historical facts and legal precepts. The judicial anxiety reflected in the judgment is understandable but its legal tenability is not beyond reproach." The consolation is that the verdict could have been worse if the judgment delivered by Justice D V Sharma, awarding the entire disputed site of 2.7 acres to Hindus, did not turn out to be a minority view on the bench. Sharma's judgment is an unabashed celebration of the fundamentalist Hindu perspective on the Babri Masjid. The Ayodhya verdict actually fits into a pattern displayed by the Indian judiciary to suppress inconvenient facts. The Allahabad high court's failure to examine the implications of the 1949 and 1992 events is reminiscent of an infamous omission by the Supreme Court in its much touted judgment upholding Hindutva. This ideology of Hindu hegemony received judicial approval because the Supreme Court, while equating Hindutva with the liberal ethos of Hinduism, steered clear of the fact that the term had been coined by Veer Savarkar to suggest that India belonged only to those for whom it is both birthplace and sacred land.
  4. Three days after a Ram idol was placed under the Babri Masjid's central dome, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru shot off a letter to UP chief minister G B Pant directing that the mischief be undone. His reason: "A dangerous example is being set there, which will have bad consequences." But Nehru's concerns were overridden by the local administrator, Faizabad's deputy commissioner K K Nayar. Even as he acknowledged that the installation of the idols was "an illegal act", Nayar refused to remove them from the Masjid. His reasoning was that "the depth of feeling behind the movement ... should not be underestimated." It was against the backdrop of this battle between secular and sectarian views that the first of the four title suits was filed on January 16, 1950. In allowing the idols to remain where they were placed on December 23, 1949, and in placing religious sentiment above the rule of law, the Allahabad high court verdict 60 years later seems to have preferred Nayar's position to that of Nehru. Though thousands of pages in this verdict have been devoted to quotes from Hindu scriptures, it made little effort to examine the illegality of the 1949 act. The mischief played with the idols, in a bid to convert a masjid into a mandir, was central to the adjudication of the title suits. Yet, the three judges on the bench, despite delivering separate judgments, adopted the common approach of treating the forcible installation of idols as a fait accompli. They did not dare question its legality or validity. This, despite the fact that the bench had, in May 2009, specially called for and placed on record the original file of the district administration that dealt with the 1949 episode. The verdict could have been radically different had the judges mustered the courage to analyse this crucial issue. Advocate Anupam Gupta, who grilled an array of leaders on the Babri Masjid demolition before the Liberhan Commission, told TOI: "Since the title suits had derived from the installation of idols, the judges would have had to acknowledge that the Hindu claim was based on a patent illegality and that nothing said about the history of the Hindu belief prior to 1949 would have cured this illegality." In its anxiety to be pragmatic or conciliatory, the high court also pulled its punches on the demolition of the Masjid in 1992 although it was a violent interference with the subject of the title suits. While it dwelt extensively on the Hindu "bent of mind" in the context of the belief about the exact location of Ram's birthplace, the high court did not attempt any such analysis of the mentality that propelled the demolition.
  5. Istanbul

    mashallah looks really nice...
  6. Idol Worship

    Hello dear friends..while im typing this i can hear the loud incessant beating of drums, bursting of crackers, dancing on roads, throwing colors. This would go on till at least 2 am though the official time to end this deafening noise is 9 pm!!! If you dont know what im talking about just search the google for 'ganesh chaturthi'. Yes, its this time of the year again in India when almost everywhere you will come across statues of "the elephant god". Its the last day of the festival today. It lasts for 11 days. On the 11 th day with much fanfare this idol which was worshipped and fed fruits, almonds, who was risen in the morning with songs and put to sleep at night with devotional songs, is thrown in the sea, lake, creek...some even flushing it in the bath tub. I've tried putting sense in some of my friends through emails and stuff..but i think 4000 years of hammering doesnt go away that easily..This festival actually is a threat to the ecology but since it has a religious significance nobody talks about it.. it has noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution .....i just wanted to higlight the spirit of indian muslims who after being in these people have still maintained Islam..alhamdulillah..so now i jus wanted some inputs from you guys..if an idol worshipper comes to you how do you exactly convince him?? i think these people have developed new arguments like we worship the god thru the idol, its for concentration etc... the noise is increasing so do search for the google term today and watch a couple of videos if you can on youtube and let me know what you think.....JZK.
  7. New Members: Read This!

    yeah i meant replied..ok thnx
  8. If you are looking for the translated version of the Holy Quran tell someone to get "The Noble Quran English translation of the meanings and the commentary from Dr. Muhammad Taqi ud din Hilali and Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan" thats printed by King Fahd complex for the printing of the Holy Quran Madinah, KSA.. in my view it is the best translation and had a life changing effect on me..i read it out of curiosity when i was a teen and liked it so much that i would read the translation most of the times and it cleared up a lot of things for me early in life..Alhamdulillah. I would recommend it to all. JZK
  9. New Members: Read This!

    How do i know if somebody has reverted on my post?..do i get a notification somewhere?
  10. Help - Serious Sinful Addiction

    I have this thing as well..whenever i see a pencil-pen i start drawing cartoon pictures, human faces, etc..from this Ramadan im trying my best to avoid it and whenever i feel the urge i draw a star, crescent ..im not very clear on this..is drawing just for creativity allowed and is animation as a career allowed? Any help would be appreciated as its been bothering me for some time..JZK.
  11. Salam

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  12. Salam

    Hello every1..this is my first ever registration on a forum and im really excited...i tried to browse around a bit but its just too huge...guess it ll take some time to get used to on the site..any help and tips on how to startup would be welcome...i hope to have a good experience here and share and receive valuable inputs /outputs. Im a Muslim from India. More on me later in the forums...JazakAllahkhair :sl: !