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    Reading (when I have time), listening to music (Islamic ones of course), using the computer, learning the Quran's meaning, talking about Islam to people, sharing a good laugh. that's just to name a few :)
  1. Why I No Longer Believe In Islam

    If Islam was made up, how come the Quran has verses which explain science in a way that no human could ever have imagined over 1400 years ago? How a baby grows, how the clouds are suspended between earth and sky, how iron came from the sky (meteors, rain, and snow), how the Earth cirlces the sun, how the moon reflects light, the size of the atom, cloning, where a cow's milk comes from, how every fingerprint is different, the benefits of water, the benefits of honey, the movement of mountains, black holes, the big bang, the fact that the sun will go out, the formation of petroleum, the list goes on and on. you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetmiraclesofthequran(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/scientific_index.html How could men living over 1400 year ago, many of whom were illiterate, have come up with all these?
  2. Subhanallah. There are so many things to prove Islam is the true religion, yet so many deny it. Thanks for this post brother. I love reading articles like the ones you have posted :sl: Assalamu Alaikum
  3. Muslims Firebomb Churches.

    Things like this make me so upset :sl: First of all, Muslims need to learn to respect other religions. Instead of killing non-Muslims, they should help guide them to Islam though helpful actions and words. Second of all, the media is making this such a big deal just because Muslims are the bad guys.
  4. Native Deen

    Once I listened to this group, I never stopped. I absolutely love their songs. They sound more modern and some are in English, but their messages are so deep and meaningful. I have had to listen to the same song multiple times to understand what they mean; and when I understand I feel like I should follow what they say. They helped convince me to wear the hijab and made me stronger when I talked about Islam on past blogs. Here are some links of their songs on YouTube:
  5. Non-muslim Problem

    there are people who want to learn though. like they ask questions and stuff.
  6. Non-muslim Problem

    The fact that I'm being tested is the only thing keeping me going. I'm trying to be nice to her but she gets all oh, you're being nice to a kuffar? i doubt she'll come here. i posted God knows how many links to Muslim websites concerning the stuff she attacks, but she's like 'you're just posting pro- Islamic propaganda'. as if she doesn't post anti- Islamic propaganda :sl: the forum website is sociallyuncensored(contact admin if its a beneficial link) you don't have to join if you don't want to. i think i have it under control for now. she's cooling off.
  7. The Qur’ân makes it clear that it is permissible for people to fight back against those who attack them. Allah says: “Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors.†[sûrah al-Baqarah:190] Allah says: “And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)? Men, women, and children, whose cry is: ‘Our Lord! Rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors, and raise for us from Thee one who will protect; and raise for us from Thee one who will help’.†[sûrah al-Nisâ':75] The Qur’ân also makes it clear that when the other party refrains from aggression, then it is not permissible to attack them. Allah says: “But if they cease, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression and there prevail justice and faith in Allah. But if they cease, let there be no hostility except to those who practice oppression.†[sûrah al-Baqarah:192-193] It is permissible to fight against oppression and persecution. This does not only apply to Islam and Muslims, because everyone has the right to worship Allah. Allah says: “To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because they are wronged – and verily Allah is Most Powerful for their aid – (They are) those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right – (for no cause) except that they say, ‘Our Lord is Allah’. Did not Allah check one set of people by means of another, there would surely have been pulled down monasteries, churches, synagogues, and Masjids, in which the name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure.†[sûrah al-Hajj:39-40] This clearly means that Muslims must fight to protect and defend people of other faiths, if they are in areas where the Muslims have effective power. All people must be free to worship Allah according to their own beliefs. They must be free to make their own choices. Allah says: “Let there be no compulsion in religion.†[sûrah al-Baqarah:: 256] This brings us to the concept of jihâd. There is no such thing as “holy war†in Islam. This is a mistranslation of the word. Holy war is carried out to forcibly subject others to one’s religious beliefs. As we have seen, this is expressly forbidden in Islam. The word jihâd literally means struggle and applies to any colossal effort, not just to warfare. Jihâd may be against one’s own desires or evil inclinations. Fighting in war can be jihâd, but under what conditions? Muslims fight in defense, but so do others. What makes such fighting a jihâd? The answer is that fighting only becomes jihâd if it is for the pleasure of Allah alone and according to the Law of Allah. Even fighting against people who attacked first will not be jihâd if the Muslims strike back in revenge. Jihâd has a self-restraint that has never been seen in any other form of warfare. In the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), we have a practical example of how Islamic warfare – or jihâd – is to be carried out. When Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) began calling the people of Mecca to Islam, he was met with stiff resistance. He was severely persecuted along with his followers. Some of them were tortured on account of their faith and even killed. The situation grew progressively worse until the Muslims were forced to flee. They emigrated to Madinah, a city to the north whose inhabitants had accepted Islam. In Madinah, the first Islamic community was established, and from there Prophet Muhammad continued his mission of calling the people to Islam. The Meccans still wanted to stop Muhammad (peace be upon him) and put an end to Islam. On many occasions they attacked Madinah and the Muslims had to fight back. During these battles we can see how fighting in Islam was conducted. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) forbade the killing of non-combatants. Ibn `Umar, a Companion of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), said: “I saw the body of a slain woman during one of the battles of the Prophet (peace be upon him), so he forbade the killing of women and children.†[sahîh al-Bukhârî and Sahîh Muslim] Rabâh b. Rabî` was another companion of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He gave the following account of an incident that occurred during one of the battles: “We were with Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) during a battle and we saw people gathered together. He dispatched a man to find out why they were gathered. The man returned and said: ‘They are gathered around a slain woman.’ So Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said: ‘She should not have been attacked!’ Khâlid b. al-Walîd was leading the forces, so he dispatched a man to him saying: ‘Tell Khâlid not to kill women or laborers’.†[sunan Abî Dâwûd] Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) used to say the following words to his troops before sending them to war: “Go forward in the name of Allah. Do not kill an elderly person, nor a child, nor a woman, and do not exceed the bounds.†[ al-Muwatta’] From all this, it is easy to see Islam’s position on terrorism. Terrorism is a form of warfare whereby innocent people are specifically targeted to instill fear in a population. Therefore, Islam’s view on terrorism comes from the Islamic position on warfare. It is clear from what preceded that even during war, when the Muslims are fighting an aggressive enemy, they are never allowed to target civilians. This is strictly prohibited by Islamic Law. The killing of innocents is murder, even during times of war. The one who intentionally kills these innocent people is a murderer who deserves the punishment for murder. Terrorism is categorically prohibited in Islam. Throughout Islamic history, the Muslim’s treatment of others in times of war was exemplary. Abû Bakr, a Companion of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the first Caliph that came after him, sent an army to Syria to fight the aggressive Roman legions and went out to give them words of encouragement. He said: “You are going to find a group of people who have devoted themselves to the worship of Allah (i.e. monks), so leave them to what they are doing.†When `Umar, a companion of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the second Caliph, drove the Roman legions out of Jerusalem, the Muslims were welcomed as liberators. Even though the Muslims had conquered the land, they were not allowed to look upon the inhabitants of the land as their enemies. Their enemies were only the Romans who had aggressed against them. When `Umar entered Jerusalem as a conqueror, he came humbly and instead of dictating harsh terms to the people, brought a treaty that guaranteed the people of Jerusalem, who were predominantly Christian, their safety and freedom from all persecution. The following is from the treaty that he drafted for them: “This is what `Umar, the Commander of the Faithful, grants to the people in peace. He grants them the safety of their persons, their churches, and their crosses… their churches will not be shut down nor destroyed. Nothing will be taken from them or from their crosses. They will not be compelled to abandon their faith nor shall any one of them be abused.†Jihâd can never be fought for worldly gain, for conquest, or even for revenge. Muslims must only fight to protect the lives, property, and freedoms of people, especially their freedom to worship Allah when that freedom is forcibly attacked. They are never allowed to attack innocent people, even when they are themselves attacked by the countrymen of those innocents. Any people that go against this established principle of Islamic Law and murder civillians are fighting against Islam and everything that it stands for. It is ludicrous for them to call this fighting a jihâd, a word that means striving in the cause of Islam. They are in fact murderers in the light of Islamic Law and should be treated as such.
  8. Which Madhab Do You Follow?

    I was wondering something about madhabs. I follow the Shafi'i madhab, but i practice some things in the Hanafi madhab. I was wondering if this is allowed because I heard you have to stick to only one madhab. Do you guys know anything concerning this?
  9. But when you tell that to some non-Muslims, they call it a lie. They'll believe everything against Islam, even when it isn't true, and say the truth is a lie because it doesn't support their opinion. Trust me, I've been there.
  10. Islamic Jokes :))

    got these from ######islamcan(contact admin if its a beneficial link)
  11. What Do You Like About Islam?

    it's got answers to everything to achieve in this life and in the Hereafter
  12. Islamic Jokes :))

    Two men were on a plane on a business trip when a Muslim couple boarded the plane and were seated right in front of them. The two men, eager to have some fun, started talking loudly. "My boss is sending me to Saudi Arabia", the one said, "But I don't want to go...too many Muslims there!" The Muslim couple noticeably heard and grew uncomfortable. The other guy laughed, "Oh, yeah, my boss wanted to send me to Pakistan but I refused...WAY too many Muslims!" The first man said, "One time I was in Iran but I HATED the fact that there were so many Muslims!" The couple fidgeted. The other guy responded, "Oh, yeah...you can't go ANYWHERE to get away from them...the last time I was in FRANCE I ran into a bunch of them too!" The first guy was laughing as he added, "That is why you'll never see me in Indonesia...WAY too many Muslims!" The Muslim man turned around and responded politely, "Why don't you go to Hell?" he asked. "I hear there's not very many Muslims THERE!"
  13. Islamic Jokes :))

    The incident took place in South Asia. A man was offering salah in his house, praying as fast as he could as many of us do. All of a sudden, he heard the door behind him open. Since someone entered the room, he started making his ruku and sujud longer. Upon completion of the salah, he looked back to see who it was. To his amazement, it was a dog!
  14. Islamic Jokes :))

    An elderly lady was well-known for her Iman and for her confidence in talking about it. She would stand in front of her house and say Alhamdulilah "Allah be praised" to all those who passed by. Next door to her lived an atheist who would get so angry at her proclamations he would shout, "There ain't no Lord!!" Hard times came upon the elderly lady, and she prayed for Allah to send her some assistance. She would pray out loud in her night prayer" Oh Allah! I need food!! I am having a hard time, please Lord, PLEASE LORD, SEND ME SOME GROCERIES!!" The atheist happened to hear her as she was praying, and decided to play a prank on her. The next morning the lady went out on her porch and noted a large bag of groceries and shouted, "Alhamdulilah, Allah be praised!." The neighbor jumped from behind a bush and said, "Aha! I told you there was no Lord. I bought those groceries, God didn't." The lady started jumping up and down and clapping her hands and said, "ALHAMDULILAH WA SHUKRILLAHâ€. He not only sent me groceries, but he made the devil pay for them!" An Imam was selling his horse in the market. An interested buyer came to him and requested if he could get a test drive. The Imam told the man that this horse is unique. In order to make it walk, you have to say Subhanallah. To make it run, you have to say Alhamdulillah and to make it stop, you have to say Allahu Akbar. The man sat on the horse and said Subhanallah. The horse started to walk. Then he said Alhamdulillah and it started to run. He kept saying Alhamdulillah and the horse started running faster and faster. All of a sudden the man noticed that the horse is running towards the edge of the hill that he was riding on. Being overly fearful, he forgot how to stop the horse. He kept saying all these words out of confusion. When the horse was just near the edge, he remembered Allahu Akbar and said it out loud. The horse stopped just one step away from the edge. The man took a deep breath, looked up towards the sky and said Alhamdulillah!
  15. Islamic Jokes :))

    Suddenly he sees a little girl being attacked by a pit bull dog . He runs over and starts fighting with the dog. He succeeds in killing the dog and saving the girl's life. A policeman who was watching the scene walks over and says: "You are a hero, tomorrow you can read it in all the newspapers: "Brave New Yorker saves the life of little girl" The man says: - "But I am not a New Yorker!" "Oh ,then it will say in newspapers in the morning: 'Brave American saves life of little girl'" – the policeman answers. "But I am not an American!" – says the man. "Oh, what are you then? " The man says: - "I am a Saudi !" The next day the newspapers says: "Islamic extremist kills innocent American dog.[/color] Here is the story of an Imam who got up after Friday prayers and announced to the people:"I have good news and bad news. The good news is, we have enough money to pay for our new building program. The bad news is, it's still out there in your pockets." An Imam shocked his community when he announced that he was resigning from that particular Masjid and moving to a drier climate. After the session, a very distraught lady came to the Imam with tears in her eyes, "Oh, Imam, we are going to miss you so much. We don't want you to leave!" The kind hearted Imam said "Now, now, sister, don't carry on. The Imam who takes my place might be even better than me". "Yeah", she said, with a tone of disappointment in her voice, "That's what they said the last time too . . . " True Incident: During a Jumah Khutbah in a small town, an Imam talked about the significance of saying "Insha Allah" (which means if Allah wills) when planning to do something in the future. After a few days, a man who had also attended the Khutbah was going to buy a cow from the market. On the way, he met a friend who asked him where he was going. He told him about buying the cow but did not say Insha Allah in the end. His friend reminded him about the Khutbah and told him to say Insha Allah. However, this individual said that he had the money he needs and the energy to go to the market, thus, there is no point of saying Insha Allah as he will certainly buy the cow. He thought that saying Insha Allah will not make any difference. When he reached the market, he found a cow that met his expectations. He bargained with the seller and came to a reasonable price. Finally, he decided to pay for the cow but was dumbfounded when he discovered that his money was missing. A thief had stolen the money while he was walking through the busy market. The cow seller asked him whether he was going to buy the cow or not. "Insha Allah, I will buy it next week," he said. When he reached home, his wife inquired about the cow. He told her about how he forgot to say Insha Allah, and also added, "Insha Allah, I wanted to buy the cow. But Insha Allah, my money was stolen. Insha Allah, I will buy it next week." His wife clarified to him that we should say Insha Allah for things that are yet to happen, not for those things that had already happened. He never forgot his "Insha Allah" again.Once, the people of the city invited Mulla Nasruddin to deliver a speech. When he got on the minbar (pulpit), he found the audience was not very enthusiastic, so he asked "Do you know what I am going to say?" The audience replied "NO", so he announced "I have no desire to speak to people who don't even know what I will be talking about" and he left. The people felt embarrassed and called him back again the next day. This time when he asked the same question, the people replied "YES" So Mullah Nasruddin said, "Well, since you already know what I am going to say, I won't waste any more of your time" and he left. Now the people were really perplexed. They decided to try one more time and once again invited the Mullah to speak the following week. Once again he asked the same question - "Do you know what I am going to say?" Now the people were prepared and so half of them answered "YES" while the other half replied "NO". So Mullah Nasruddin said "The half who know what I am going to say, tell it to the other half" and he left![/color] True Incident: A young man in a village refused to believe that Allah has total control of everything. He claimed that Allah cannot make him eat food if he didn't want to eat. To prove his point, he decided to stay hungry for a day and see if Allah can make him eat. His mother tried her best to stop this foolishness but he paid no attention. Annoyed of his mother in the evening, he decided to climb a tree and isolate himself there. Being compassionate, his mother decided to leave the food under the tree incase her son finally gives up and wants to eat. When the night fell, a group of robbers were passing by that tree. They noticed a plate of delicious food placed under the tree. They looked at each other in amazement and thought that someone must be playing a trick on them. May be someone is trying to poison them with good food. They looked around to see if there was anyone nearby and noticed the young man on top of the tree. The robbers got him down and told him to eat the food to see if it is poisoned. But the young man refused to eat as he is still carrying on his challenge against Allah. The robbers became suspicious and started beating the young man to eat. He gave up and started eating. Seeing that the food was not poisoned, the robbers left him and went away. Finally, the young man admitted that yes, Allah has total control of everything! An old woman came to the Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam) and said: "O Messenger of Allah, pray to Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala) that I will enter Paradise." He said jokingly, "O Mother of So-and-so, no old women will enter Paradise." The old woman went away crying, so the Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam) said, "Tell her that she will not enter Paradise as an old woman, for Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala) says: (We have created [their Companions] of special creation, and made them virgin-pure [and undefiled]) (Qur'an 56:35-36)." Reported by al-Tirmidhi, it is hasan because of the existence of corroborating reports.