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  1. Hadith

    Reported by Abu Hurairah (RA): Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “When you wear your clothes or perform your Wudu', begin with your right side.” [Abu Dawud and At-Tirmidhi]
  2. Prayer Times

    Nice information about the prayer timings. read quran, learn quran
  3. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    Afghanistan is a muslim state. But all their earnings come from smuggling weapons etc. How one can justify is their earning according to Islam?
  4. Fifty Things To Do In Hajj

    Great post. Very helpful to knowledge.
  5. What Do You Like About Islam?

    Islam is the only religion which gives us the right path to live our lives. We should pray to Allah and keep fast.
  6. Islam in Egypt

    I am proud to be a muslim.
  7. What Do You Like About Islam?

    The best thing about Islam is that it teaches us MUSAWAT, AMAN, and a peaceful life to live.
  8. What Do You Like About Islam?

    I am proud to be Muslim. Islam gives us freedom. We pray five times a day. Allah forgives us whenever we make a dua and do taubah.
  9. Who Is Allah?

    Allah is the one and only the all mighty who created the world and is the lord of the earth and the universe
  10. Regarding History Of Quranic Text

    i dont thing that its the correct history that you are reading and feel like there are to many changes in it
  11. How To Learn To Read Arabic.

    i think there was a site understand quran or so i is a good site go on
  12. Hoors Of Paradise- For Men Only?

    mashallah nice post interesting to hear that as well
  13. Shahada

    there are thing which are prohabite to say and if you do so then you have to do tooba from heart and say Sahada again
  14. Words Of Wisdom From The Quran

    Believers, why do you say what you do not execute? It is most offensive in the sight of Allah when you say what you do not practice! -Qur'an, As-Saff, Surah 61:2-3
  15. Hadith

    Narrated / Authority Of: Yahya bin Yamur that when Mabad discussed the problem pertaining to Divine Decree, we refuted that. He (the narrator) said: I and Humaid bin Abdur-Rahman Himyari argued. And they carried on the conversation about the purport of the hadith related by Kahmas and its chain of transmission too, and there is some variation of words.