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  1. Très chers frères et très chères soeurs, voici un nouveau site Islamique tout neuf qui vient d'apparaître at auquel je vous invite. ce n'est pas un forum mais juste de la da'wa et du 'ilm avec une future page politique insha Allah Et ca va cartonner vous pouvez me croire! On est pas des pros et si vous voulez aider faites nous le savoir Wa salamu 'aleykum [using large font size is not allowed]
  2. Of course brother just joking .... What about a green aghan or arab tea with mint, some peanuts, zlabiya and other ikram?
  3. Assalamu aleykym wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu I am a graphic designer and I am looking for 1GB Islamic webhosting. I can pay no problem. Islamic website about Islam in french. ha already something here : alfatihounedaama(contact admin if its a beneficial link) Jazakum Lahu Kheyra for reading and answering Wa salam
  4. What Surah Of The Qur'an Is It?

    Al Qassas (23) Az-Zuhruf (43)
  5. I don't drink alcohol why welcome for a drink ? So I am deeply perturbed now and I don't know what I should say... You cannot change this thing and in place something classic such as present yourself ?