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  1. Continued: Discussion About Jesus

    Yes but trying to hold every word to legal exactness is not going to end well. Lots of it was written in a more poetic manner.
  2. Do You Muslims Really Believe This?

    If I was walking and an alien apeared and spoke with me I would not know if it was the product of design or evolution. It might be made of flesh and blood. It might breath, it might even reproduce. Still I would not be able to say weather it was the product of design or not. If it was examined (by cleverer people than me) and it's anatomy had useless vestigal remaigns of lost bits of anatomy such as our remnant of a tail or apendix which could easily be designed out I would begin to head towards evolution. If the creature was badly designed, with inadequate skeletal stucture leading to back problems and huge difficulties giving birth. I would think that if there were a designer he is crap. If the creature used systems of needless complexity to do simple jobs such as needing 5 protiens to clot blood when 1 would do, I would say evolution. If the layout of say it's eyes were obviously done right with the final aim in mind from the start I would say it was designed. So why do we have the blood supply to our retinas in front of the light sensitive cells. And why take the nerve impulses all the way to the back of the brain to change the signals into a picture of the world? If I was able to vist the world of it's origin and see how it was made that would help. Here we can see that the processes which continue to cause species to diverge and give rise to new species over time are a fact of life. If we extend this idea back in time it is obvious from an external glance at the apes that we are related to the just as a horse is related to a zebra or donkey. When this is confirmed in extriordinary depth detail and certainty by the trail of evidence let in our botched-up reproductive infromation system then the evidence of evolution is utterly overwhelming. Leanardo Davinchi thought about airplanes 500 years ago. It has take science to make them happen.
  3. Japan Was Warned... "zionist Induced Earthquakes"

    Earthquakes have vastly more energy in them than the biggest hydrogen bombs. They are utterly beyond the capability of humanity to control and probibly allways will be. And that is coming from me, I can discuss how to stear the whole solar system around. Earthquakes are too powerfull to start or stop. We may one day be able to predict them.
  4. Weather Warfare - Cause Of Japan Tsunami

    OK, To understand what utter gargage this is you must consider the ammount of energy needed to heat the upper atmosphere. Once heated how quickly would it give off heat given it's vast area? If this happened it would be obvious to all the climate scientists monitoring the micrscopic changes in the temperature of the upper atmosphere. If you are going to talk about something you should know al least a bit about it. If you do and you don't you are a [censored] Please do not use offensive terms on Gawaher. This is a family forum. -Redeem
  5. The Egyptian Uprising 1432

    I have just listened to a radio program, well caught the last 5 minutes, about the revolutions of the Aribic world. The historian pointed out the mimumum expectations of the impact of these events will be to transform the whole ajenda of the region's politics and indeed since the flash points of the world are located there the worlds international politics. Also he said that the west should expect to pay some price for our support of dictators. This may well be the time when China becomes more powerful than the west as it aligns the oil exporting nations within a new trade empire. Good luck to us all.
  6. Continued: Discussion About Jesus

    A book written 1700 or 1400 years ago should not be expected to be word perfect and analysed to death. Especially if the thing has been translated via 3 different languages. Why do you expect any such book to be written to the same level of exactness as a legal or scientific document?
  7. We Need Help!

    Hey man I would like to help but I need to know what the trouble is. What is it?
  8. Should The U.n. (u.s.a.) Create A No-fly Zone Over Libya

    SaracenSoldier, Yes the west backed the dictators of the middle east. That was during the cold war. We had no choice. We were facing the Soviet block with declaired ambitions of destroying us and the means to dod so. So today, now, the decision facing us now is weather to intervien in the civil wars of Arab land or not. We (the west) would appreciate a clear answer to the question of weather you think we should do it or not. If you want us to do this will you support us? I think the answer is "America go home" so we will not help. Good luck the people of the Islamic world you are on your own.
  9. Should The U.n. (u.s.a.) Create A No-fly Zone Over Libya

    I think and hope that the conclusion of thinking about interviening in the Libyan civil war looks like being that the west will not go in. It might half heartedly impose a no fly zone..... So good luck the people of the Arab world you are on your own in overthrowing your slave-masters. When you want somone to blame for that look to Zain Al amonget others who said that the west should stay out.
  10. Should The U.n. (u.s.a.) Create A No-fly Zone Over Libya

    From the perspective of the USA the military difference of interviening in Libya to support democracy or to invade Iraq to support democracy is insignificant. The Iraqi army (4th biggest in the world) was not even a speed bump. The political difference is huge. It is the opinion makes of the Islamic world who will have to decied if you want Libyans liberated by the USA or enslaved by a dictator. If you do not choose now do not them blame the west for your political/ecconomic problems in a years time.
  11. Should The U.n. (u.s.a.) Create A No-fly Zone Over Libya

    Thanks Freed-slave for the clear reply. It is disapointing to note that without external assistance the people of Lybia will be en-slaved by their evil dictator. Unlucky.
  12. Random Incoherence

    I'm off down the pub, fancy a pint?
  13. Should The U.n. (u.s.a.) Create A No-fly Zone Over Libya

    We find that out afterwards. Should the west create a no-fly zone in Lybia? Answers after this week will be considered worthless. I don't have an answer.
  14. Do You Muslims Really Believe This?

    The killing of witches is stoped as soon as somebody says this is stupid. Without the interlectual support of thinking people such as yourself thugs do not succeed in doing their evil. You are important.
  15. Should The U.n. (u.s.a.) Create A No-fly Zone Over Libya

    Is that a yes or a no?