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  1. Wife Is Upset

    how is ur situation now bro. Did you and your wife make up. Please refrain from hurting her feelings again.
  2. What Do Modern Muslims Think Of Child Brides

    i am against child marriages in this day and age.
  3. Delete Or Not To Delete Facebook Account

    hmmm me in same predicament
  4. Broken Heart/ramadan Ruined!

    dear sis i hope you are ok. I have been through the same and it took me nearly a year to recover i even needed antidepressants. Keep praying to Allah. Whatever he has planned for you is the best for you.
  5. is haemaphroditism only when there are body parts of both. What if this brother/sister has the body of a male but there is a hormonal imbalance which makes him want to be female?
  6. Help To Cure Jadu By Qur'an And Sunnah Fi Sabilllah

    where are they based and is it a free service?
  7. Taweez / Jadu / Magic / Is Ruining My Life

    Also have you tried consulting a a gp for depression. I was suffering from that due to marriage problems and i needed medication. I used to cray at all times too
  8. Did We Get A Bill From Allah?

    subhanallah. I think we forget alot of things that Allah allows us to do. Bt we forget to show him appreciation
  9. Jinns And Black Magic

    which town are you in? consult another imam/exorcist
  10. Converting To Islam For Girlfriend Right Or Wrong?

    if you are thinking of converting just for marriage atleast the notion and thought is in your heart. Maybe deep down you feel you'd also like to convert? how religious are you to do with sikhism. How would it effect you leaving your religion?
  11. Love And Marriage

    And also think of the children from both sides how will it affect them? I'm not sure which country you are from. but i know in the uk it would have great impacts.
  12. Love And Marriage

    Bro i know you're in a difficult situation. But please remember you are going behind your wifes back. I know what it can be like to lose the one you love and to remember them forever but you shouldn't do it by doing injustice to someone else. when taking a second wife you have to ensure that you are being fair to both. And do you think you can be fair to both if u loe one more. I know if i was in the position of your wife how deeply hurt and upset i would be. Maybe she can accept her husband having a second wife but i don't think i ever could. You need to tell her what is happening and get her opinion on things too. But firstly you need to ascertain whether you really do want to spend you life with the sister you had a relationship with. Why don't you do ishitkara prayers if this is right or not. i'm sure one of the more pious bros and sisters on the forum can advise you better.
  13. Newly Married Couple Problems