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  1. "I am the roar of the ocean. I am a powerful ox. I am a hawk on a cliff. I am a salmon in pools. I am a lake in a plain." - from the Song of Amergin (a Celtic poem)

  2. Another beautiful day granted by God! May we all keep our selves open to doing the will of God in all that we do.

  3. Seems like spring might finally be on its way. Sounds like the snow might start to melt this weekend. Can't wait to see green grass and hear birds singing in warm air.

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    2. The Shrew

      The Shrew

      It is trying but we appear to have another small cold snap below freezing yet to come.

    3. dot


      Subhan Allah, here in the Arab states kids dream of seeing snow even once in a lifetime!

    4. The Shrew

      The Shrew

      The snow is beautiful. It would be a real treat for one who has never seen it. I guess though spring is here. Hope to plant some food by the end of the month. If the warm up stays. :-)

  4. May we allow God to work through us today. May we reflect God message and will. May God bless all.

  5. Today we give thanks to God for the rain. God knows what we need.

    1. ParadiseLost


      Indeed. Life without rain wouldn't be good.

  6. May God bless and keep all safe.

    1. ParadiseLost


      And may He guide us to the straight way

    2. The Shrew
  7. To those who celebrate it. Happy Saint Patricks day. Another great saint!

  8. It is Friday! Another beautiful day given by God

  9. Time to enjoy a homemade tea and sit in the cool night air.

  10. Hello and welcome to IF Brother in Christ.

  11. Hello and welcome to IF. I hope you have questions answered here that you have and may God guide you. By the way good post in the Holy Eucharist thread. Our theology may differ but yet has alot more in common. God's peace and blessings.

  12. Hi Catholic Christian and Welcome to IF. I to am a fellow Catholic. It is nice to meet another Catholic on IF.