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  1. Czech President Steals Pen

    I am not subject
  2. Czech President Steals Pen

    Maybe he has a problem with kleptomania :no: Hang :sl:
  3. Help

    "O my sons, go and find out about Joseph and his brother and despair not of relief from Allah . Indeed, no one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people." (Qur'an, 12:87)
  4. I Like You When You Give Me Cookies

    Honest kid :sl:
  5. The 10 Word Story!

    and then it was The End
  6. Maybe he likes the idea because of the: "The High Priestesses and Folk Mother shall wear the same short white tunic as all other priestesses, with the addition of a white cape (as shown), as a symbol of office." I saw a picture of a lady in uniform and it's :sl:
  7. :sl: If they rule the earth, mankind would be extinct
  8. Aha.I see and on the Palestinian example
  9. You are scared just like there are billions and not millions, and just like we do radiate :sl:
  10. Plus, you have to forbid talks about Islam, because some could like the "word" so you will have new Muslims after you get rid of them
  11. We have millions of Muslim converts is western world, living in their homelands. If you want to stop expansion of Islam in the west, you have to drive them out, or kill them because either they wouldn't renounce their faith :sl:
  12. I know you are ready to fight. And here, in my country, are again talks about war. Our fault is because we are Muslims. Sorry about that-kill us, drive us out (from our homeland!), do whatever you want but we will never renounce our faith :sl: And still I'm happy :sl:
  13. Poor boy...Someone forced him to hate someone :sl:
  14. Should Halal Food Be Banned?

    It's not cruel. Please take a look!
  15. Do nasty in the west without marriage is ok for kids (parents advice them only to use preservative), but when it's about Muslim MARRIAGE, it isn't ok. Interesting :sl:
  16. e.g. little Benedict XVI :sl:
  17. In Islam marriage isn't valid if someone force a girl to get married. So, even if she is 10, and already has a period, if she wants to get married, it's ok( in Islam, girl becomes mature with her first period). But she can not be forced if she doesn't want.
  18. Faceook

    Who?? Me? If you're asking me,I use to have, not anymore :sl:
  19. Reciting Aayatul Kursi After Every Salaah

    It's an ayat and a hadith. Allah :sl: knows us more than we know ourselves so He gave the best answer. According to my knowledge, yes, you have to do something sincerely in name of Allah and that something have to be in accordance with Islam to be accepted. One example about sincerity from everyday life; if you're reading a book and think about some Porsche, what you have of that reading?? -Nothing. You actually didn't even read it, your mind was somewhere else. Or, you do charity, not to achieve Allah's love, but someone to see how nice you are, I do not think you have anything of it except why did you do that.
  20. Reciting Aayatul Kursi After Every Salaah

    "And recite to them the true tale of the two sons of Adam; when both of them offered a sacrifice each - hence the sacrifice of one was accepted and not accepted from the other; he (the other) said, “I swear I will kill youâ€; he answered, “Allah accepts only from the pious." (Qur'an, 5:27) "It may be that a person fasting will receive nothing from his fasting except hunger and thirst and it may be that a person standing (in Salaah) will receive nothing from his standing except staying up late." (authenticated by Ibn-ul-Mulaqqin, Al-Albaanee, Shu`aib Al-Arna’oot ...)
  21. Parents In Islam...must Watch

    :sl: , :sl: great videos
  22. Veil

  23. Islam In Serbia

    At first, Serbia isn't my homeland, but I do know something about Islam there... In Bosnia, there are people born here and their previous "20 generations", but they are called Serbians because they are Orthodox. Just like that, in Serbia there is a part called Sandzak where live our Muslim brothers and sisters, and they are called Bosnians. I know some people from there and I simply love them. They all stick together and love each other, have nice manners and are really nice. Just like I said, I love them :sl: Serbia mostly doesn't like them (nothing new) and isn't interested in the development of this part so many of them leaves seeking job. They come and in Bosnia, even though neither we are developed :no: Also, lot of students from that part come here to study. They have one great mufti but political elite in Serbia attempted to set another one to divide people. I hope they will never succeed :sl: