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  1. To Convert Or Not To Convert?

    Salam I recommend you take things slowly, and put most of your effort into your health. Learn the Quran at your own place, and remember that Allah does not want to cause undue hardship. However, it often takes radical change to confront and defeat obesity. A friend of mine a few years back was pretty overweight, it took about 8 months to get to acceptable levels. Just stay consistent, and don't get discouraged. All progress is progress. I was a Christian, and I only reverted to Islam three days ago, all I can say is if you love God and want to please him you are heading toward the right path.
  2. Fort Benning Georgia, 11B. Also I'm from the west coast, not the mid west.
  3. Salam I have decided that despite the hectic schedule and trials I will soon face, I would rather face them as an ignorant Muslim than an unbeliever. I have a good grasp of basic Sharia, an earnest desire to learn how to pray, and above all a renewed love for the one God. It was very sudden honestly. I have been preparing my body over the last few months for boot camp, studying for my job, and at the same time reading the Quran. My faith in Christianity was slowly ground down by the hypocrisy of almost every "Christian" I encountered. I still considered myself a believer in God but I was lost, I had read a large portion of the Quran when I was younger but this was mostly out of a scholarly interest, not actually taking it seriously. Given some fundamental issues I have with Judaism, I decided to approach Islam with the respect the true faith of God would deserve. I have of course had reservations, but I have been astounded that all of my questions have had a just and reasonable answer that I could not help but accept. As my time to ship kept coming closer I kept finding excuses not to revert. You won't have time to learn to pray, halal is impossible where you live, ect. Then it hit me like a blast of cold water. Delight in the struggle to please Allah! It's not about me, it's about God! My own illusions were the enemy, not Allahs commandments! Given I have been watching many videos on reverts here in the west and all the hardships we face, I have had the shahada memorized in Arabic and English for a little while now. As I jogged contemplating all this and my continual improvements, I figured Allah was clearly showing me the straight path, and I would not wait a day longer. I went home, bathed, read a little more of the Quran, then happily pronounced the Shahada. I intend to do this at the local Masjid here soon, and insha'Allah I will be able to please our Creator while establishing myself as a good Muslim and productive member of the Ummah. I want to thank everyone who took the time here to answer my questions, and while in a few weeks I will be offline for several months, I will remember you in my prayers. When I am able to get on again I shall keep you all updated, and once again a thousand thanks.
  4. Greetings all, I was looking for some official fatwas on the subject of mixed martial arts and Islam. The information I have found online has not been conclusive. Some interpret a verse in the Quran going along the lines of dont harm yourself or the like as meaning not to fight. There was also a Hadith that claims Muhammad stated that if you were to fight to avoid punching the face. I may be wrong, but either way, there have been some excellent Muslim athletes that have included fighters. Muhammad Ali to name one. Given that it is a consented to sport, have there been scholars of a certain Madhab that have supported or at least tolerated the sport? Recently, some investors from Abu Dhabi bought 10% of UFC, so it must have some support in the Muslim world. I have been leaning towards reversion, and while I still have some reservations that I am addressing, I would be incredibly depressed if I had to give up my favorite hobby. Thank you all in advance for your help.
  5. Well I would have to say 2:255, Allah! La ilaha illa huwa is very prominent, but the whole verse is rather profound. 2:256 is also excellent at showing the tolerance that Islam showed to the other monotheistic faiths under their rule.
  6. Is Jesus God?

    My parents are atheistic but my grandpa instilled in me some pretty fundamentalist christian beliefs. I'll definitely check that out though. Thanks much.
  7. Is Jesus God?

    That is quite a test Rahimi. Even though the Romans did a great job inventing their new religion, enough of Jesus true intent got through. You may just have convinced me. XD
  8. Quran 2:251 "If God did not make men deter one another this earth would indeed be depraved. But gracious is God to the people of the world.
  9. Greetings all, while I'm still reading the Quran, when I finish I will probably want more to read. Given I'm not a scholar and a large exposure to Hadith could confuse me, would it be best to start with Bukhari? Perhaps Muslim? Given these are the only two sahih Hadith, I'm leaning towards Al-Bukhari simply because his story and efforts are very inspiring. Thanks in advance!
  10. Islam In Secular Society.

    I have regrettably devoted little time to any kind of prayer these lasts months. Perhaps I've held God responsible for the lax faith of the Christians I deal with, when they are the ones at fault. I firmly believe that Islam and the military can coexist. There are Muslims in the military who do a great service of making sure US foreign policy does not cause more damage than it already has, and while reversing the wars is impossible, making sure the people serving understand and respect Islam is an important goal. It's also a big family tradition, a male of every generation in my family has served. In the end I refuse to be censured or silenced just because some servicemen dislike Islam. I've always been very confrontational and I wouldn't tolerate unanswered biggotry around me any more than you would let someone insult a Muslim without coming to their defense. The USA is experiencing a large growth of Mulsim immigrants and a much higher Muslim birth rate, so this is something people will have to deal with eventually. Spreading understanding and tolerance can go along way towards making peace between the various communities living here. I appreciate the discussion. It's given me plenty of food for thought and I look forward to going down to the Masjid. I'm sure they can find me the best translation of the Quran possible and set me on the right path to reading it.
  11. Islam In Secular Society.

    Haha, it's hard to get off topic when discussing important aspects of the religion I'm trying to learn more about. I think the best route will be to start reading the Quran, perhaps even bring it with me to boot camp. I'll worry about all the specifics later on. I agree that attempting to reconstruct a religion simply because society changes is wrong. Well I hope to be active on the forum until I ship out, and I'll be sure to tell you all about the experience. Thanks again!
  12. Islam In Secular Society.

    Thanks for all the responses. It's true I don't have to believe in the supernatural to have morales, but as a culture I have yet to see integrity flourish without keeping God in mind. Not to mention, while I'm very dissatisfied with christianty, I still believe in God. It is very true that being in a Muslim country makes staying Islamic easier, but there are Muslims in the west who do an excellent job living with the constant saturation of sin and bearing it with an iron devotion. However, secular society can corrupt as well. The trend I see is that the majority seem to strive in the struggle. I couldn't imagine being a Muslim and a chef on Ramadan, having to be around food and people eating all day! That man deserves a pat on the back at least. There is also the fact the a growing number of the imams are coming from Muslim nations, so while some liberal groups of Islam are around, orthodox is still by far the most represented. The only Masjid in my town is salafi, would this be a good place to ask questions and perhaps buy a decent copy of the Quran? Again, thank you all for responding
  13. Greetings all. I am just curious as to how all the Muslims I have met seem to be so resolutely dedicated to their faith in western countries that are increasingly secular. I'm astounded that in a country (I live in the USA) that seems so opposed culturally to Islam you continue to thrive. From non halalic foods to sinful television and music, Muslims in the USA stay Islamic and their children do as well. Most Christians I meet can barely even qualify as Sunday saints. They go to church, then the next day are out chasing the girls. I hardly identify with Christianity any more, but I still keep the morales diligently. Most don't even do that! What's keeping you from following this road? I worry the country I'm soon going to be serving in the army is losing any kind of love for integrity, and there may be a lesson to learn from our far too demonized minority. Sorry for the personal vent, I leave for boot camp in a month and have been pondering where my life is going and what exactly I can or should be doing for myself or humanity. Thank you for reading, and I appreciate your input.
  14. I'm interested in learning Arabic so that I can eventually read the Quran in it's original language. What would be the best form of Arabic to study for this?
  15. Christianity Simplified

    This was one of the many reasons I couldn't accept the legitimacy of Christianity. The infinite, perfect creator would hardly need to jump through hoops to redeem humanity.