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  1. Noone has anything?


    It happens every few years. Dalai Lama said the last time was recently with a Gelug monk Khenpo Achung in 2004. Many lamas and townspeople have witnessed rainbow bodies over the years.


    According to buddhism there are two main results:


    If one finishes the the thogal process before death, one obtains the light body before death. They look normal, BUT other peoples hands would go through, because there is nothing material in the body. This has not happened in centuries.


    The other more common result that occurs even today is when the person does not finish the thogal process before death. Then at death the corpse shrinks to the size of a small child or dinner plate. The practitioner is a Buddha at this point anyway though just like above.

  2. I am an amateur scholar of religions, and have studied it at the bachelor's level (only).


    Hello everyone..


    I respect Islam as something which historically was very important to the world.